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• Charlotte Skogrand Bø •  ☀️19 • oslo • influencer • snapchat vlogger • youtuber ☀️snapchatvlog - charlos_vlog ☀️ ☀️12.05.18 ~ Brian❤️ ☀️YouTube👇🏼

•MOOD• Just thinking about how lucky I am to have @brianmt6 as my boyfriend. He’s truly my other and better half and my one true love. It’s weird how your life can change so fast. That you suddenly just feel totally complete because of one special person. It’s like God just hits you in the head with a baseball bat saying “he’s the piece you’ve been missing in your heart your whole life gurl, and he’s your reward for being strong through all of your battles. So don’t doubt it or keep having your wall up, because this is the real shit”. Brian is always encouraging, supporting and believing in me. He truly loves me for exactly who I am. He fills me with a love I know it’s rare to find and to feel. We live in two totally different countries and we haven’t met (yes guys, we haven’t met), but we knew from the start that ‘this was it’. Many people will doubt and are doubting what we have since our story and our situation is really different from how other relationships start out and works, but as long as we know what we feel and what we can accomplish, nothing else matters. We fell for each other over FaceTime, texts and phone calls all the time. Every day. It feels like I’ve known him in my heart my whole life. His personality and soul is like a -one of a kind diamond. He has a light, kindness, humbleness, respectfulness and intelligent in him that I know comes from heaven.
I want you to know Brian, that I love you unconditionally and I will always fight for you and us. No matter what. —————————————————————
I will tell you guys EVERYTHING about our relationship in a YouTube video soon, so you can be a part of and follow this exciting adventure with us. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DAY ME AND BRIAN ARE GOING TO MEET EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THE AIRPORT ONE DAY, AND YES! I’M going to VLOG THE WHOLE THING! I want to thank every single one of my beautiful followers/viewers for always supporting me and making it possible for me to do what I love. You guys are showering me with love every day and it’s so touching to hear how much my Snap-vlog means to you. You’re amazing and I will be forever thankful for having every single one of you... -Charlo

Palms everywhere 🌴👙🌴

The beauty of this place😍 #mallorca

Yo estoy disfrutando mi vida ahora ☀️🌴

My new cute friend😽


I want😭☀️#feed

(Annonse) Thank you so so much @lorena_rose_jewellery for this gorgeous necklace! I love it!!🔥😍

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. 🌴☀️🌊

Enjoying this beautiful place #mallorca 🔥

This is truly paradise🌴🌊

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