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The most beautiful season😍😭 #fall

Progress progress progress💪🏼🙊

Hey beautiful people!
There’s a question or some questions I get asked almost every day now, which I totally understand😅😘 The people who’re following me here on Instagram, knows that I’m usually posting pictures every day. But now I haven’t posted almost a damn thing in a few months and why is that? It’s not weird many of you are wondering what’s going on😂🌸
“Why are you not posting anything on Instagram anymore? What is happening? When are you going to start posting regularly again?”.. ❤️
The answer to that is: there’s A LOT going on these days. Why I’m not posting is because I really don’t have time to take pictures and focus on it at the moment. Why? 😱 Because I’m working full time with fitness and I’m at the gym all the time, every day. (It’s so much fun!!!!). I’m also taking up my last year in high school on my own, which means- A LOT of home reading. I’m ALSO working on a project AND... I use the time that I have left on my family and my closest friends. This fall, winter and spring is not going to be my “Instagram” time. I’m choosing to focus 110% on: 1) my fitness goal until next summer/fall 2019..💥💪🏼 2) my school reading until my first exams in May.. 📖📚 and 3) my project. 😏 // I’ll of course post something here and there, but I’m taking Instagram as it comes for now till my goals are completed and things are more calm. Just know that I’ll go back to the usual and regularly Instagram Charlo when the next spring/summer is here. 😍💪🏼❤️

On Monday I’ve lost more than 17,6 pounds (8 kilos) during 6 weeks and 3 days. In 2-3 weeks from now, I’ve lost over 22 pounds (10 kilos). I’ve totally fallen for fitness! I’m going to lose 60 pounds (27 kilos) during this winter and within next summer/early fall... I’ve become the very healthy and muscular version of myself.💪🏼💥🤓 How? With HARD work 6-7 days a week. I decided to completely change my lifestyle and life in general in August. I didn’t live healthy in any way and I just felt my daily activities got harder and harder to do. I felt tired most of the time and I felt dirty inside because I ate so much unhealthy food all the time. Like literally, I didn’t take care of my body in any sort of way, which in August I understood that if I want to live a sporty, easier and happier life (for me), I had to do a drastic change. I then contacted my AMAZING personal trainer @ptparisa to really help me get started on my fitness journey and help me reach my goal within next summer/fall. I’ve already come so far with losing weight and becoming so much stronger. People say it’s very hard to keep yourself motivated all the time during your fitness journey.. but for me, that’s not the case at all. Even if it’s heavier to exercise sometimes, it’s still awesome and so much fun if you decide to look at it as awesome and fun! You control your life, nobody else. You can’t start on something, if you mentally aren’t “there” yet, to take you to your goal. You have to be able to push yourself positively towards your goal- because your mind has to be in the right place before you can achieve and complete your dreams. My PT is just incredible and pushes me every day to stay focused on my goal. If I can do this, so can you who’s reading this right now 😍💪🏼💥

(annonse) Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my favorite bottle that I literally use everyday all the time, from @shy_fashn 😍 Why is this so amazing? Well, because!—> It keeps the drink you have inside either super cold or hot during your whole damn day. If you put a super cold smoothie in it, it will stay super cold the whole day. If you put really hot chocolate or coffee in it, it will stay really hot the whole day. It’s sooo practical and incredible to use in your daily life. To workouts, hot holidays, winter trips and so on. They also have many different and cute designs. Use the code CHARLOTTE20 to get 20% off your purchase😍💥🤟🏼

Hey my beauties! I hope everyone is having a great day! So this is my beautiful personal trainer Parisa @ptparisa ! She works at Sats Elexia gym center, nearby Colosseum cinema. (She will start posting exercise videos soon and food tips! So go and follow her and show her your incredible love my beautiful viewers!) When I first met Parisa I thought after just a few minutes: “Omg, this woman is so amazing”. She’s not only beautiful, but sooo positive, motivating, wise, kind, loving, caring and passionate about her work and for you reaching your lifestyle and body goal. I never thought having a personal trainer would be so amazing and I’m so damn thankful for have gotten Parisa as my PT! She pushes me and makes me so happy not only when it comes to training, but in my daily life too. Her sunshine personality makes all stress and negative thoughts go away. She makes me see how incredibly much fun fitness is, how amazing it makes you feel and how awesome it is to see big results every week.
Ps‼️ Many of you have asked me “how do you do it? How do you get so huge results over just a few weeks?”.. Well, it comes from hard work! It’s important for me to say that I don’t / you don’t get my results so fast as I’ve done it, by just walking 30 minutes every day and eating 70% healthy. I exercise 6-7 times a week. 3 days with Parisa and besides those 3 days I go to the gym or exercise home almost every day. If you just want to lose some weight over time and become more healthy (😍🤗), then walking 1 hour every day + eating just healthy food will ofc give you results! But just over more time. If you want to get really fit with a lot of muscles as I’m working towards within a year, then you have to work 10 times harder and do a lot of different stuff + eat less and more of curtain foods, since building muscles need more and less of curtain things🤗💋 Hope this answered your question.

(annonse) Love this polaroid camera from @instaxnorge 😍🌸

Miss this place 😩

Have you seen the crazy new YouTube video of me and my little sis @cecilie_boe answering your questions? If not, click on the link in my bio👆🏼😂😝

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