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#charliesfight  Join our fight to save Charlie and fight for his parents rights to take him to America. Facebook-Charlie Gard or Charlie's army twitter-@charliesfight

We will be gathering for an SOS (show of support) against the decision by GOSH and the uk courts to deny Charlie the right to travel to America for treatment.
Charlie's story is now global and he's has received support from around the world, including the pope and the President of the USA! They all agree Charlie deserves a chance to live and he deserves a chance to be treated. 
This includes the WORLD EXPERTS who have come together and published new scientific information that shows the treatment could be even more beneficial to charlie than we thought - AND A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN GOSH'S OPINION OF 'FUTILE'!! Charlie deserves to go to America and GOSH need to release him from their care.

We invite anyone who wishes to join us to show their solidarity, many of you have wanted to show your support in person and now is the time for you to do so. We weed to show the world how many people believe charlie still deserves his chance at life! Charlie's voice needs to be heard and the only way to do this is through support and unity from his army of followers!

If you can attend then please do so, your support will be most welcome and is greatly needed. We thank you in advance and hope to see you all at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL at 10am on Monday 24th July. **WE WANT TO RESPECT THE FAMILY'S PRIVACY, SO WE ASK THAY NO MEMBERS OF CHARLIE'S ARMY GO INSIDE THE COURT, WE ARE NEEDED OUTSIDE TO SHOW EVERYONE THAT WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED** 💙 Please also look out for our event for Tuesday 25th July.

Some of the world's most incredible landmarks have been illuminated blue to show support for one incredible baby boy. This is amazing! The world is with you Charlie xxx #savecharliegard

Charlie has support from all across the globe. If your country is not included here please let us know but we'd still love to hear from everyone where you are supporting from #savecharliegard

This incredible doctor is the man who wants to treat Charlie and believes there is a significant chance of improvement. He is a world renowned doctor in this area of expertise. #savecharliegard


The US Top Expert Doctor in Mitochondrial Diseases will be coming over to see Charlie next week.

A clinicians’ meeting will be held on next week, with the US doctor in attendance. This will be attended by Connie and be chaired by an unnamed medical ethics expert.

The case will then be heard in full on July 24th and 25th - when the judge will make his decision in the case.

We as always thank you for your support it means so much to Charlie's family.


This just shows how much the general public support Charlie. Is it strange that beeping cars make us emotional but it really does feel great to have so much support. We would just like that same support from Judge Francis and the justice system. #savecharliegard

Chris and Connie walked out of court after being misquoted by the Judge, he later apologised. Thank you to The Guardian for reporting the positive evidence: At the high court on Thursday, the parents’ lawyer, Grant Armstrong, quoted an expert in the field as saying there was a 10% chance of Charlie, who is critically ill as a result of a genetic defect inherited from his parents, experiencing “meaningful improvement” as a result of the treatment. “There is likely to be muscular improvement, there is likely to be an effect whereby the treatment crosses the blood-brain barrier and it’s likely the treatment will have an effect on the mitochondria,” said Armstrong. He said the effect on the mitochondria would include “meaningful brain recovery”. According to an expert there was a 90% chance of the treatment crossing the blood-brain barrier and a 56% chance of it generating muscular recovery in Charlie, the court heard. Another expert has put the chances of the treatment crossing the blood-brain barrier at 100% and the chances of increasing mitochondrial DNA at 60%, according to Armstrong.

Doctor called Chris & Connie a "spanner in the works" Why? Because they are living parents who didnt accept everything the doctors said. Just like Art Junior in America, his parents were also a "spanner in the works" for not accepting that they should let their child die. Arthurito now is receiving treatment and improving all the time. CHARLIE NEEDS THIS TREATMENT!

Live Sky News Feed. Link in bio.

Charlie must get this chance, let us all pray that Judge Francis can see through the hospital's statements and see the truth. Full Dail Mail article available through link in bio. #savecharliegard

Please can everyone head over to CitizenGo at and sign Charlie's petition we need as many signatures as possible before court commences tomorrow. Also please take a look at this excellent interview with Fox News, link in bio. #savecharliegard

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