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Charlie Thuillier  @OppoIceCream founder/creator, TEDx speaker. Startups, triathlon, occasionally posting Oppo secrets pre-launch. TEDx talk here:

Throw back to my first time running off the bike in Lanzarote on @robinbrewsports triathlon camp. Forever chasing @tombrew1234 and never getting close!

Holiday time!! Ciao England. Hello Amalfi. Only problem is we don’t sell @oppobrothers in Italy yet! And this really is a problem I’m not taking lightly. Pretty please don’t eat all the Oppo whilst we’re gone because we’re going to have some serious withdrawal symptoms to contend with upon return! Ciao for now (Yes I know this pic is Gibraltar and I’m recycling a photo from 2 years ago, but would you really prefer to see a picture of Gatwick?)

Almost 10% of each tub is cookie dough chunks. Jog on halo top with 6%. @breyerseurope haven’t even joined the party yet because they are too busy reconstituting powdered skimmed milk as the primary ingredient.
How did we pack so much in there yet keep the kcal and sugar low? Well it’s all about not buying a standard ‘off the shelf’ cookie dough but going back to the drawing board - rolling our sleeves up and spending an entire year creating a high protein low calorie cookie dough with natural ingredients and very low overall sugars. Oppo doesn’t compromise. Oppo will always be about Taste first. We care about this - we are on a mission to create the worlds best ice cream and thus temptation you never need to resist. Help us get there.

Screw the incumbents. They have become lazy thinking we will buy anything, even when it is unhealthy and let’s be frank... doesn’t taste that good (as their reviews show). Oppo is on a mission to create the worlds best single serve Puds - we want to taste the best, be the healthiest, and be the most sustainable. We aren’t there yet, but we are making progress. Available exclusively in @sainsburys for the moment #OppoPud #sainsburys #cheesecake #GoodTemptation

My top 3 favourite drinks at the moment / best NPD. @jimmysicedcoffee for a chilled one in the sun and to remind me to #kycu, @tenzing for a morning pick me up or boost pre-workout, and @innocent you have outdone yourselves with his innovation - bonkers in cereal, hot coffee or to going straight from the bottle as I have here! There is one other I don’t have a pic of (as I’ve already downed it and it’s at the bottom of the bin) @uglydrinks every time in between the above and a refreshing unsweet option for when there are just too many sugars/sweeteners in the world. 👏

Ah shit I knew I was going to miss people out. 😂🙈... @mojudrinks are the cold pressed juice KINGS! Had their shots recently!? 💥 #sarksomething

Comment below - who else have I missed out?

Repost from @oppobrothers -
BREAKING 🌟 Our customers often ask why we've only ever given ice cream the #GoodTemptation treatment. The honest truth is, it's hard. We will only release a product when we feel it has that perfect mix of taste, health, and indulgence. Now, after a lot of time in the kitchen (just ask @charlieoppo) we're ready to unveil Oppo's game-changing take on desserts. We kick-off with Lemon and Vanilla Cheesecakes. Both are under 160 calories per pot with all the healthy indulgence you'd expect from Oppo. Now available in @sainsburys (check out our store locator online to see if your local has hem) and we think you're going to love them 🤩 For too long people have thought of dessert as the naughty, guilty third-wheel of any meal. We believe that our puds will put starters in their place and dessert back on plates across Britain 👊 Want to be the first to try? Tag five friends in @oppobrothers post to be in to win one of the first 15 pots!

Cats out the bag!! Tag someone who needs to see this. Introducing Oppo Puds in selected @sainsburys stores across the UK, launched today. Madagascan Vanilla and Sicilian Lemon cheesecakes. True to Oppo form these are Temptation you Never Need To Resist: around half the calories of traditional cheesecakes, a fraction of the sugars, and natural ingredients. Plus..... they taste epic. These took 18 months of development, and I am chuffed #TeamOppo’s hard work is rewarded with a successful launch. Well done team! Now we just need some (fingers crossed) positive feedback. If anyone finds them let us know what you think! .
#puds #cheesecake #goodtemptation #sicilianlemon #madagascanvanilla pic courtesy of @gibneygram

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🕵️🕵️‍♀️ #GoodTemptation

It’s grim outside and my legs are tired from London>Brighton yesterday - but tonight’s track session won’t get done by itself! 8 x 1000m, 8x 200m sprints. I’m going to be relying on trusty @tenzing to get me through!! Building the pace for my next age group qualifier!

When I see a tub of @oppobrothers cookie dough and think no one’s looking...

Team of the CENTURY! Just missing Razina, Kat, Jibril, Anne-Marie, and Maria. #goodtemptation #Oppoteam #legends #thankyou

RACE DAY! Today was my GB age group qualifier race (and first proper triathlon!) Massively let down by my swim (fastest guys came out in 3mins ahead of me!). I see why they call it the washing machine - 2 elbows to the face, a few kicks and being swum over multiple times meant I had to stop to sort my goggles out which was a pain. However I made good time up in my bike (great fun! 45km/hr so fun and fast) and my run (18mins so ok); therefore finished 6th overall. We won’t know if it is enough to go to the world champs next year but fingers crossed! MASSIVE thanks to @robinbrewsports & Rich Bull for coaching and @beawesome_tim for teaching me what front crawl is! Wouldn’t be here otherwise.. powered by @oppobrothers @activeedgeofficial @jimmysicedcoffee @uglydrinks_uk @spooncereals @lululemonuk

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