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♛ Charlie London ♛  🌏UK FITNESS MODEL🌎 ✳️Beyond Genetics -CHARLIE10 📱Snapchat: charliepaul680 🐥Twitter-@charlielondon_ 🔴Bookings 📝

It’s going to be a tough line up and I’m not going to be the biggest guy in my class..... but I’m still coming for that pro card 🥇

Carving shapes 🕺

Just reinventing myself, shifting gears and staying focused 💯 13 weeks @2brospro_events 🥇

13 weeks out 💯🥇

Just wanna take my physique to the next level 💯

It’s your energy and aura that makes you beautiful or ugly to me 😇

Down 3 kilos in three weeks putting me down to 93kgs morning weight // current shape 🦁

Anyone competing in the @2brospro_events Amateur Olympia in 13 weeks..... you better be ready for war ⚔️

Wearing multicoloured boxers so this post doesn’t get reported 🤣 Today consisted of an arm session and sunbathing with my dogs 👌🏽☀️

Being humble doesn’t mean you can’t be confident 🥊

Genuinely think this teddy-bear gets me better than 99% of humans 🐻

I like people who can eat two large pizza’s by themselves 🍕

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