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@davidevolve353 that was fun! Wasn't there supposed to be some rest in that class? #evolve353 #evolvetogether #londonfitfam

Born and raised in the NHS. I'm the person I am today because of the NHS. I have spent my entire adult life working as a nurse in the NHS. There have been days of great sadness and of joy. Many of the patients I have cared for would not have been able to afford the treatment they received had they been living in other countries. I bloody love the NHS. #NHS70 #ProudToCare #Nursing #greatbritain

The obligatory look I'm wearing a pair of shoes shot. 11 weeks post achilles rupture and boot weaning has begun. Allowed out of the boot at home and hopefully fully out in next couple of weeks. #achillesrupture #londonfitfam #ladieswholift

Dorothy and the Tin Man 🦁 and 🐯and 🐻 oh my.

Today I was told I could start to try to walk on my healing achilles rupture. Trouble is that boot and my treatment wedges mean my left leg is about 4 inches longer than my right. Until more appropriate footwear gets delivered this is my solution.
#fitfam #ladieswholift #achillesrupture

When you're injured and feeling blue and your lovely gym @evolve353 send you flowers. My day has been considerably brightened, Thank you.😘 I might do my own workout of the week which details the workout involved in getting these beautiful flowers in a vase whilst on crutches. 😀

Single leg deadlift to get vase from cupboard.

Some really advanced balance work and controlled kicking to get vase into place

Shuttle 'runs' to fill vase.

That's real functional fitness. #evolvetogether #evolve353 #ladieswholift #londonfitfam

Really disappointed by the service I'm being offered by @virginmedia when they installed my neighbours service they damaged mine. Apparently I won't have to pay for the phone whilst I don't have it. Wow thanks. Way to go the extra mile. If only there were other providers. Oh wait there are.

I'm injured and I'm grumpy as all hell. It's finally dawned on me that I'm going cold turkey from endorphins. I miss working out, I miss being excited by what my body can do rather than being exasperated by its current limitations. #fitfam #bodypositive #ladieswholift

I've ruptured my achilles! Not exactly Jimmy Choo is it. And my training was going so well. I hit a deadlift PB on Monday. Now I have weeks of enforced rest. There was a time when being told I couldn't exercise would have been the best thing ever. Now I'm gutted! #evolve353 #evolvetogether #londonfitfam #ladieswholift

Spot the difference. Equal protein, extra veggies for me, extra spuds for him. If I'm honest sometimes as I'm serving up I feel a bit envious of his plate. But I'm full it was yummy and my plate has about 300 calories less.

About a week ago I almost begged to have this goal taken off the members wall of @evolve353. Today I did it. A valuable lesson in not quitting on yourself. Admittedly I'm now a bit scared what @davidevolve353 @ashtonevolve353 or @ollieweguelin_pt might try to persuade me I'm capable of next. #evolvetogether #evolve353

An amazing experience this afternoon practising yoga on a tennis court in the Royal Albert Hall. #breatheitallin #lululemonlondon

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