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Here’s an old jam to an @insta_chops loop (forget the name now). Insta has been super weird with my engagement lately, and then with the issue the other day I wanted a reset before I start posting all the new stuff I’ve been doing. Their (and obviously FB’s) algorithm is such a joke. I’ll have videos get 200k views with 25k likes and one a few posts later get 15k views with 3k likes, with both videos just being random jams nothing much different from one to the next. It’s not about the numbers to me I couldn’t care less about that, I’m just trying to share ideas with people that follow me. I’ll have people message me like “why aren’t you posting?” because the videos just straight up aren’t showing up in their feed. It is what it is, I just find it a little suspect that I’ve never spent a dollar to promote anything, maybe this is their way of trying to entice me...

So I had to play quietly today, which truth be told I need to do more of anyway, and these were a couple patterns I came up with that I dug. I just got @nativeinstruments Komplete so I threw some synth on top of it to fill it out more and develop my workflow a bit with that. I can’t wait to dig into the catalog of sounds it’s awesome! These @evansdrumheads hazy EC2s are killer, I’ll hit them hard next video and show what they are made of when you really lay into them.

It’s the MN state high school hockey tourney week, one of my favorite times of the year! I’ll be hanging around down in Saint Paul enjoying the action. Here’s a jam with a heavy pattern intro/outro and a fun groove in the middle. I enjoy busy patterns that actually repeat and bring some context, but still sound pretty improvised.

This is called “Run Away” from the @strangerthingstv soundtrack. This is a really fun one as the first minute is a great open drum solo type section leading to these straight ahead grooves here. I came up with a ton of cool ideas just didn’t get a take I fully liked, but I’ll do that this weekend and post it in my YouTube. Have a good weekend everyone!

I was practicing some right hand/foot combinations today trying to come up with some catchy patterns and work on cleaning up the space between the notes, if only I could stomp my left foot through this pattern at this speed and add something cool with the left hand, something to practice. The middle groove is just a take on the first pattern in groove form, because who doesn’t like the feeling of jamming on the hats and floor tom right?! Then the ending is just a fast little triplet pattern that I always enjoy the sound of. I’m taking off for like 4 days, see you next week.

Here’s an improvised jam I put in my story the other day, figured I’d post it here too. Have a good weekend everyone, a broomball championship game and some ice fishing lined up for me.

Don’t forget to just have fun sometimes, it’s easy for musicians to overthink everything they are working on and lose sight of the fact that what we are doing should be enjoyable (talking to myself as much as anyone else, but many others can relate). These are the types of jams I enjoy playing when I just need to clear out the mind and shred. I’ll put a more laid back improvised jam in my story if this isn’t the attitude you’re in the mood for today lol.

Sometimes if I’m feeling uninspired I’ll put on a loop (this one from @nativeinstruments “Massive”) and that will help get some creativity going. Came up with two grooves to this I liked, the second one is a 3 against 4 thing that’s actually pretty tricky! I marked the 1 of the groove with the china so you can follow where it comes back together a little easier.

Here’s a swung jam for the weekend. The second pattern I liked a lot, the first was very topsy turvy feeling and I wanted to make it somewhat musical with accents, but it’s kind of odd so I didn’t elaborate on it, I just didn’t want it to go to waste. Everyone enjoy the weekend!

I am very pleased to announce that I am now playing @evansdrumheads and @promarkbydaddario! I’m so excited for this next chapter working together, there is so much that goes into a relationship with companies, and this was a long time coming for me. I’m jamming to “Dispatch” from the @strangerthingstv soundtrack here. I might actually write some cool parts to this one it’s fun! Today also happens to be my birthday, 34 😳 man time flies...

My next post is going to be a pretty special one for me so I want a little more time tweaking some things in the drum room, here’s a jam from last year based around a pattern I thought was cool.

Here’s a chunk of “Cosmic Crown” from @scalethesummit featuring a wicked @jeffloomis1 solo. Check my story to see the @jnivanyi solo that precedes this, it’s sick but their 2 solos together are over a minute, and I can’t just post part of it you need the whole thing, full version coming soon anyway. Testing out how my tones mesh with an audio track to see what I need to adjust for some full play throughs I’ll record ASAP! Still haven’t gated or de-essed anything so it’s a bit noisy still, but I’m waiting on that @slatedigital gate to really fine tune things.

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