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Here’s a swung jam for the weekend. The second pattern I liked a lot, the first was very topsy turvy feeling and I wanted to make it somewhat musical with accents, but it’s kind of odd so I didn’t elaborate on it, I just didn’t want it to go to waste. Everyone enjoy the weekend!

I am very pleased to announce that I am now playing @evansdrumheads and @promarkbydaddario! I’m so excited for this next chapter working together, there is so much that goes into a relationship with companies, and this was a long time coming for me. I’m jamming to “Dispatch” from the @strangerthingstv soundtrack here. I might actually write some cool parts to this one it’s fun! Today also happens to be my birthday, 34 😳 man time flies...

My next post is going to be a pretty special one for me so I want a little more time tweaking some things in the drum room, here’s a jam from last year based around a pattern I thought was cool.

Here’s a chunk of “Cosmic Crown” from @scalethesummit featuring a wicked @jeffloomis1 solo. Check my story to see the @jnivanyi solo that precedes this, it’s sick but their 2 solos together are over a minute, and I can’t just post part of it you need the whole thing, full version coming soon anyway. Testing out how my tones mesh with an audio track to see what I need to adjust for some full play throughs I’ll record ASAP! Still haven’t gated or de-essed anything so it’s a bit noisy still, but I’m waiting on that @slatedigital gate to really fine tune things.

Some jams around a tom motif. The new tones are coming together, I still haven’t done any gating and minimal work in the parallel compression, verb, or drum bus so I think all that will clean things up and give it some power. Can’t wait for that @slatedigital gate and verb to come out!

Here’s an old thrash jam. NAMM was a good time, always fun to see friends and hang! Now to spend some time on the beach before we head back to some lovely -5* weather at home...

Here’s a throwback jam to “Exhale” from @ideologyband since I’m out at NAMM this week. I would like to get full play throughs done for this album soon, and @mikesalow and I have a few new tunes as well!🤘🏻

So I’m completely re-doing my recording setup, ordered some new mics I desperately needed as well as another interface so I can do a “proper” mic setup, as I didn’t have enough pre-amps. Still waiting on those things, but I am using all @slatedigital plugins now and completely stripped my channels and started over, and this is what I’ve created so far. I’ve barely scratched the surface on everything so this is super raw, it’ll be a major learning experience, but I’m super excited about it as I can hear already that I’ll be able to achieve the sound I’ve always desired, so I’ll share the journey and we will see how the sound develops. I’ll be at NAMM this week, say hi if you see me.

Here’s a jam I did to the ending of the song “Hawkins Lab” from the @strangerthingstv soundtrack a little while back. I loved the build to this chunk, these tunes are always killer to create drum jams to. I actually lost this video file and re-downloaded it from my YouTube channel which I didn’t know was even possible!

Here’s an aggressive jam (notice a pattern lately?) that’s based around the first groove you hear, then I just threw some extra sections around it. I try to create mini songs where you could imagine other instruments over top of it, then at least I have a library of ideas that could possibly work in tunes or whatever. I’ll be at the @minnesotawild game tonight and Saturday so hopefully this one fires the boys up a little! I’m doing a sound overhaul with some of the @getgooddrums software so hopefully the next video I’m dialed in more to where I want with drum sounds! That new compressor they have, the smash and grab, is so sick already and I’ve barely messed with it.

Here’s a pattern I came up with today that I liked, (2-3 son clave on the hats) I just threw some other ideas in with it to give it some context. Everyone have a good weekend!

This one was a burner, took me far more attempts than I would have liked to get a clean enough take. It has a fun build in energy to it that I liked, that middle pattern was the energy killer though. Here’s to a great new year for everyone! 🤘🏻

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