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Charlie Johnson  Portland, Oregon Original 🌧🌲 [Mover of Iron] 🏋 [Designer of Graphics] 👨‍💻 [Bowhunter] 🏹 [Owner of Pitbull] 🐶

I figured it would be in good taste to share some inspiring leg training shit from The Quad Guy @smith.julian since my leg day falls tomorrow. 💪
I first met @smith.julian a few years back at my old stomping grounds @the_gym_fg where he graciously let me shoot him 📸 for a school project (Yes, I got an A bro!)
Got to hand it to him for really showing the benefits of time under tension exercises and the use of new and unique movements to really make those muscles grow 🙌
Truly inspiring man, keep killing it out there. •••••••••••••••••••••••••
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PC: @smith.julian

Talk about Inspiration?
Every time I see @the_indestructible_bulk deadlifts videos, it makes me want to rip some shit off the floor! 🤨💪
I seriously slack on deads but I’m looking to start changing some things up. Ive watched @the_indestructible_bulk on IG work his ass off (literally booty shorts and all) to get a lot of lower body strength in both deadlift and squat and it’s freakin fantastic.
Cheers to you dude. You fucking rip!🤘
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PC: @the_indestructible_bulk

Rub-a-Dub Dub.. Pittie in the tub! 🛀

I got a late Inspiration post here but definitely not least.
I just wanted to recognize my boys over @letemflygear_com to creating a brand, holding steady and watching that brand rise! 🙌
Archery and bowhunting are no easy job to brand as a cool apparel line, but these guys are doing it, and doing it well.
Much respect fellas, your a true inspiration to not only graphic designers, but bowhunters as well! 🤟🏹
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PC: @letemflygear_com

When your #pitbull goes from handsome to strange in a matter of seconds. 😜🤪😆

Music motivates.
I always wonder how people can workout without some sort of good tunes in their ear. Honestly, music is one of my great escapes. There is something to be said about just focusing in on exercises and not talking to a soul the entire time while training.
Lately, these are some of the artists who are inspiring me to be better, push harder and live healthier. 💪
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I’ve tagged and recognized some amazing athletes and hunters, but i have yet to give any credit to some of the people who share the same day job as I.
This here is a little shout out to @danbradleydesignco @dbdesign for doing such amazing graphic design that not only is clean and simplistic, but also inspires the badass in me as well! 🔥🤘🔥
These are just a few of the awesome logos and branding collateral this guy has done, but you should definitely check out his work at @danbradleydesignco and take in the awesomeness.
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PC: @danbradleydesignco @theironunion.co

We were in Colorado over the past Summer. It was morning, and I was up having coffee and cruising through Netflix when I ran across this show @meateatertv
I quickly became consumed by it and by the interesting ways that @stevenrinella would not only hunt, but also how he would prepare big game by utilizing the most of every harvest.
As someone who is new to bowhunting, I find it fascinating and inspiring to see someone so informative on the whole process of taking a wild animal from the woods to the kitchen in the most ethical and merciful way possible.
If you haven’t seen this show or read his books, I highly recommend you do so. (Even if you don’t hunt!) You might find a new outlook on the way you thought what hunting was, and what it really is.
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PC: @stevenrinella

I always scoff at how many excuses I hear from random people about how they “can’t” workout cause of this little injury in their knee, or they pulled a muscle in their back.
I’m like, “did you even have some serious shoulder surgery bro?”
My better half ♥️ @little_terminator_pants Is a huge inspiration for the fact that she had to start from square one after a second major shoulder surgery and is now benching more than she ever has, and even more than some dudes I know!
This is a true testament of what putting in serious work and consistency can get you if you truly put in the effort.
I Love you 😘 Keep inspiring through your work and dedication babe. 💪 ( I told you it would come back! 😉)
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It’s that “New Year, New Max” bullshit. 💪

A huge shout to an old time follower of mine @mrdrayman67
I’ve never spoken to Dave, or met him in person, but without a doubt this dude inspires me to be better everyday.
I see how much of a positive guy he is in his day-to-day lifestyle and let me tell ya; that’s inspiring.
I can’t count how many times within a month I’m angry to the bone about nothing. I have a lot to be grateful for and i am, but having positive athletic people like this as an organic long-time follower makes me feel like I can try my best to be more of a better person.
Hats off @mrdrayman67 You’re a rockstar in my book.
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“Push Jump”

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