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Self Love☼Health ☼Travel  ❈ Creator ☾ Dreamer ☼ Wanderer • giving through the ♡ of @projectlyf - - - - - - - - ॐ 🌱 Plant Based • How To | Be Happier :

the most beautiful gift you can give yourself , is love. but I know that it's not always the easiest thing to do.. so even if the only love you are able receive today is through the energy of these words..
just know, that you are deserving, you are worthy & you are loved.

all that really matters is that you surround yourself with LOVE | ♡ •
whether that be.. • × self love × things you love to do × other beautiful souls like family, friends & soul tribes. •
LOVE is the thing that will guide you towards internal & external happiness. •
In every moment , you have the choice to choose LOVE over fear.. if you give yourself a few moments to do so.. that doesn't mean it is always the easiest thing to do, but it will ultimately shift you into a higher vibration , allowing you to attract more abundance into your life. •
so start surrounding yourself with those that ignite the love within you, do the things you love to do, as often as you can.. but most importantly, begin a self love practice & make it a lifestyle. •
Choose LOVE. I promise you it will change your life.
Just like so many others, it changed mine. ✴♡

lust on my lips
wild in my hair
a force within returned & this time
she will not be tamed ❊
Happy Full/Blood Moon in Leo Wild Souls 🎑 It's time to step into our magic & release ourselves from shadows that have been holding us back. Take note of things that appear in your external reflection.. what emotions are they bringing up? which areas could you place more of your attention in? what is no longer serving your highest self? this is a great time to be asking yourself questions like this.. with all the intense energy at this transformative time, I hope it brings you a journey of miraculous unfolding 💛🦁
📸 @onlinedesigner2

it is important, not just to surround yourself with people who support you -- but surround yourself with people who INSPIRE you. ✴

it's much easier to stay motivated on the journey towards your dreams if you are surrounded by people who make you want to reach for them.. ✴

manifesting all the beautiful souls I can this year, I feel a year of great connection is among us

travel is so much more than adventure, it's a feeling.. ✴
I miss eating veggie patties on a beach in the Caribbean with my local homies.. eating freshly picked mango & drinking fresh coco 🥥

I miss floating under palms in the warmest of seas, catching rays to Bob Marley's greatest hits. I miss befriending locals, taking adventures on boats to cliff jumps & deserted beaches..

Yes, my soul is calling for new adventures & yes, I miss travelling so so much. But I know it's like a second nature to me.. ✴
Sometimes we must take a break -- to recharge, reflect & bring ourselves home.. it doesn't mean it's the end.. on the contrary, it's always the beginning.. ✴
of new adventures, new places, new souls to connect with ..

I wonder the where the winds will blow me this time.. 💭🌴 #throwback

• V a l i d a t i o n •

we seem to spend our lives always looking for validation from others, whether that be our parents , teachers, friends, colleagues etc -- just wanting to feel appreciated for all we do & who we try so best to become.. but after years of this I have finally come to realise something.. ✴

How can we expect people to validate us, if we don't validate ourselves? ✴

Too much time spent on seeking external validation, is too much time wasted creating our own. You -- the creator of your life are supposed to feel validated within. No amount of external love will validate your heart more than you can. ✴

We must realise how important we are in our own lives. Nothing is more important than the validation you can give to yourself. You are living for you, as is everyone else. If you wish for validation, give it to yourself.. because if we can't cultivate it in ourselves, how are others supposed to? 💛🌱🙏🏼

- full post on the @projectlyf website • link in bio

If fear had its way , I'd settle in the mundane..

but you see,
my soul was not sent here to settle in comfort , I am too connected to the stars to live a life without wander -- I feel to deeply to stand still in one place for too long

my toes are itching for adventure.
my soul longs for connection -- drop me in the sea of uncertainty, let the currents pull me where I need to be pulled, together we'll chase the sunset and dance under the moon..

I will not settle for fear, but fear will settle for me.
for I can not grow in comfort --
so I will not let it grow in me. •♡

one of my main focuses for 2019 : Empowerment.
I've sat & pondered over this upload for such a long time -- mostly due to fear.. but you know, one of the things I have begun to teach myself over the past couple of years is empowerment over my own body & learning to love all those parts of me that for so many years I didn't. •

truth is I've worked hard on my health for a long time now, especially over this past year -- changing my diet, my fitness regime, growing internal confidence, learning to speak more positively about myself to others, with less negative self talk & more appreciation for all that my body does every day to keep me functioning at my best •

it's time we stop worrying about what other people think of us & start taking ownership of all we are. it's beautiful to be confident & hopefully it ignites inspiration in others to cultivate their own empowerment.. I love this photo & my talented friend @nomad_habits that took it. I had an amazing day this day, it was so much fun. •

so hell yeah I'm going to celebrate all my hard work -- & own it. besides, my purpose goes way beyond all that is seen to the eye, if I can ignite the light within & share that with the world, hopefully it can overflow & help you recognise the light of your own, the one you have always had flickering -- beyond all the fears about yourself that your mind trys to cultivate😄🙌🏽🌱

new year, more health 🙏🏽🙌🏽✨ I'm so excited to take my health journey further throughout this year. starting with a nutrition course & creating lots of new meals & recipes to share with you all. •♡
over the past two years I adapted my health by paying attention to what feels good in my body. Creating beautiful meals is something that keeps me excited about food & has installed in me, a desire to always wish to eat healthier. If you are looking into adapting your health also, I highly recommend first looking into your diet. So much changed for me when I started to eat healthier.. Food is energy, it is the fuel that feeds our bodies. Feeding your body foods that lift your spirits, make you feel light & give you bundles of energy, is the best way to keep you functioning at your highest
I can't wait to travel this year & discover more incredible foods 😍 who's with me?! @projectlyf

"work hard in silence, let success be your noise" 💪🏼🙏🏽 -- I'm ready for you 2019. Time to elevate & create more magic. Wishing you all a year of abundant health, prosperity, growth, inner development, love & joy 🙏🏽🌱 thank you for sharing this year with me, whether through the screen or in person, I love you endlessly. Namasté beautiful souls 💛

stay in your magic baby ✨🌱

Wishing You All Love, Light & Every Happiness 🙏🏽💖✨ especially to those struggling today, you are loved more than you know. Happy Christmas Everyone 🎄☃️

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