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Alexander Wilson van Deurs👨🏼‍💻  Hi, I am a self-taught javascript developer working at a startup in Stockholm. Follow along💡#developer

I took a trip back to the office today. I have been working remotely a lot lately due to lack of time between stuff, but now since I have decided to take a break from football I have aquired some more time.⏲ School is closing in for this term. I have some more final assesments, but other than that it is pretty chill. I've also started an 8-week course in back-end javascript with NodeJS and Express. We're currently in the third week now (I think) and I'm loving it. As you could probably understand I am looking to become a full stack developer.💻 This was just to make a quick update for you all! Take care guys and have a nice evening!

I am officially not dead⁉️ To the point: I have not been posting simply because I stopped enjoying it. I did not feel like putting in the time and energy into taking the shots, writing the updates and responding to comments✏ I am not sure how I feel about it right now, but I felt it was time to post an update-ish. Enjoy my first ever timelapse, and please tell me wheter you like it or not 🕛 Have a great weekend guys, and hopefully you will hear from me soon💡💡💡

I have been working on remaking all the modals in the app into a single component that can be reused. It is pretty much done at this point, just need to swap out every existing modal with this new component now. Not the most exciting part of it, but it has to be done. What have you been working on lately? Let me know!

I have had quite a lot of people ask me why I still go to school. It may sound something close to: "You already have a good job as a developer, why keep attending school?" That person is right, so why do I do it? ----
First off, I do it because I have a bigger goal than just having a job. I want to start my own company in the future, and be the absolute best at what I do. For that to be possible, I need an education. Simple as that. And no, I am not talking about quiting university. I am talking about my first year of high school. I don't even know the basics of anything yet, except programming. And that is not enough, in my opinion, for me to be able to reach my goal. ----
The second reason is a simple one: I love learning. There is nothing better than learning something you are interested in. That feeling when you finally understand that one concept or thing is amazing.
So there is my answer to why I still attend school, and will continue doing for many more years. EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT!

I am going away to my grandparents in Dalarna tomorrow, and I'll be staying there for a couple of days. I really enjoy staying with them, it's so relaxing and really the furtherst away from a stressful enviroment. However I will bring my laptop and work remotely, can't stop the hustle - am I right?💡💡💡

I've spent this week sick, however I have still been able to complete a series of tasks. Hopefully my immunsystem won't let me down next week, time will tell. Have a good weekend all of you! 💡💡

I started a new mini (??) project for myself today. As some of you may or may not know, I am a big fan of the game CS:GO. So I have decided to build a website in reactJS dedicated to CS:GO tactics and strategies. I have nooo idea how it will turn out, but it will be a good learning experience for sure.

Another new busy week with new challanges ahead. That's how we like it. I can't get over how clean it feels to be using a macbook, it is simply amaaaazing.💡💡💡

I am now officially a part of the macbook familia. As I explained in a post a couple of weeks ago I need a macbook to be able to work on the IOS version of the app, even though nearly all of the code is cross- platform.💻 I really like it so far, the design is obviously a beauty and it took me less time with less problems setting everything up than it did on my DELL laptop 💡💡💡 You can expect some neat macbook-hipster-lifestyle photos in the future!⌨

Not a very productive sunday on my part. 🖱

We released the app today on the Play Store!!! Soon it will also be released on the App Store. The app is called "Woshapp", and it's basically a mix between Uber and a car wash. Our motto is "The car wash that comes to you." I have been developing this app since last September together with two other guys, and it is finally released! It is only available in Stockholm at the moment, but we are definitely going to expand. I can't wait to recieve all the feedback and keep improving upon the app.💙

Why have clean && organised cable management when you can have a messy and disorganised cable management?💡

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