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Charleston & Harlow Candle Co.  #charlestonandharlow Luxury soy wax candles hand-poured in Brandon MB🇨🇦 Featured in the 2018 Oscar Nominee Swag Bags. Concept store @itscharlowdarling

It's not easy looking this damn good. Sometimes it takes an army, am I right? Aelea at @loveinspireschange and the army of talent at @wellcuratedco always stun with their work.

If you're not slaving away to build your own empire you're a slave to someone else's. Passion is a gift: use that fuel.

Standing guard over the crew while we prepare the next phase. Whats on your wish list from us for the future?

What a weekend it was, and this is how you've left us feeling! 😍 So happy Westman and the Parkland got a taste of @thirdandbird and you haven't let off the Wasagsmazing gas at ALL! We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend festivities up at RMNP and we look forward to doing it again next year hopefully!

H U M B L E B R A G A L E R T / /
Yesterday was our Brandiversary, and in typical Charlow fashion we flew under the radar and sprinkled a little free stuff your way. The second birthday is not a huge milestone so we didn't want to make a massive affair of it. After the crazy first year we had we thought it was going to be tough to top, but despite some hurdles Year Two was a smashing success all around I'd say. We expanded into new markets, did a number of fantastic collaborations, dialed in the machine, did some serious future-proofing and planning, and there were all the fun and exciting things of note also. We brought you bigger and badder displays, went to Hollywood and are now sitting on the mantles of Hollywood's elite (we can only assume, right?), twinned with the delightful Margot Robbie, received press attention from numerous international publications and networks, and turned down far more events of the likes than we would have ever dreamed of entertainment!

Year Two saw us forge a number of fantastic partnerships, make so many new connections, and hear sooooooo many of your stories of how our products have impacted your life in the most magical of ways. We finally did away with those wooden wicks and put it in high gear with the development of dozens of new products and lines that we've started to drop over the summer. Without those connections and stories from you all, none of the rest matters as it's you that drive this bus! So for all that you say and all that you do, we thank the hell out of you.

Last but not least, Year Two was basically entirely consumed with our working toward and realizing our goals of opening a brick + mortar location where we could showcase our brand as well as a wealth of other fantastic Canadian talent that we truly believed in. It was a long wait, and more work than we could have ever dreamed of but it's so worth it to see it all come to fruition. That dream certainly couldn't have become reality without all of your encouragement and support. The fact that since day one we've had about a quarter of the people who we've talked to at every market, show, or event ask us not IF we have a storefront (more in comments

Seriously, though... The power of belief is real. Just do you.

If anyone ever tells you there's a magic bean or pill, I hope you've learned enough in life to this point to realize it's all rubbage. Beard growth products have been around over the years and usually promise thick flowy manes but rarely deliver.

Unless you're a Chia Pet, no product will magically sprout a wizardly wave from your face overnight; this one is no exception. What you can do, and what our Growth Exilir will do, is reset your skins chemistry, giving your cheeks their best chance possible. Many commercial beard products contain oils that actually inhibit growth by inhibiting a hormone called DHT. So this process starts with oils such as black castor, rice bran, sunflower, and jojoba, and olive squalane to set that stage and promote DHT. From there a blend of essential oils (eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, and loads of grapefruit) work to repair damage at both the surface and cellular level, killing bacteria and free radicals. The key benefit of this blend though is its ability to promote targrted circulation and follicle activation, and THIS is what allows for not only rapid growth but new growth! Get that blood pumping!

For years I had a patch under my chin that was a smooth as a baby's bottom. Chalk up the dead zone to an old baseball injury where I lost a battle with a base plate, but the application of these oils has solved that issue and now it's just as full and thick as the rest. If you've seen my beard (it's the one on the bottle in case you missed me) you can attest to it's fullness and health. Does your beard need help?

Available at @itscharlowdarling along with the entire Charlow Men's Grooming line, including the Great Beards of History Range of beard oils.

Oh! Hello there, weekend. We didn't see you there. Time to get out and explore! What shenanigans do you plan on getting up to?

Whatever we do (it'll definitely involve work and ciders), we will most definitely be ballin': roller-balling. With Blushing Magnolia back in stock, it's a safe bet that'll be both of our weekend jams. Whats your go-to scent? 📸 @lhantiques


Put more stock in what people think of your character than your appearance and the rest won't matter. #goodhumansarethrprettiest

Fall seems like it's coming waaaaaay too quickly on the calendar. And yes, that means the onset of fall colours, fashion, and of course your favourite candle seasons, but it also means good bye to this sensational group! These four have flown off shelves this summer. There's one last big restock coming this week on The Juice Bar, as well as a short pour of a couple of your absolutr favourites from last Summer's Range. Keep an eye on our stories here and at @itscharlowdarling for the drop.

People of all walks of life need a little push usually. Don't be afraid to be their Leonidas and Sparta their ass over the edge of contemplation. Speak your mind and help people see their strengths, but also to work on their weaknesses.

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