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CHARLES PAQUETTE  👏🏼God First † 🇨🇦I’m Devoted to #health #fitness #positivity🇨🇮 📝Concordia University 🥇X2 Muscle Men’s Physique @teamatlasmtl 🍃Q SCIENCES LINK BELOW ⤵️

@hemprove check it out! (19 y/o & over) CBD oil benefits: Maintain focus, Helps reduce inflammation, Balances blood sugar, can help with Insomnia, Regulates your immune system & much more. 🏔
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Sometimes you work your ass off and don’t get the trophy, that’s alright for me. As long as I know that I did it to the best of my ability ☺️ ...being said, the work isn’t done till it’s done and I still have an achievement that needs to be obtained, so I’ll be back! 🐺

Good times 😛

The last workout before I head back to Montreal is in. 9 Days out, let’s get it! 🛩 @fitbeny @daly9314

Selfi 🕺🏻How old do you think I am?

What an awesome vacation!! How great is it to hang around with like-minded people who enjoy life doing what they love while giving 0 f*cks❤️ It was great to catch up with @daly9314 a beast guidance for athletes around the world. #passion #photography #fitness

Time to take a shower after hitting the gym ⏱ @studiojenkins #sunsoutgunsout

Big thanks again to my bro @sebroy5 who took two days out of his time to help me out and took me to the hospital to happily make it out alive and well last week, it has been crazy! That’s the type of dude that you can’t replace, always there for the fam. Plus, my actual family, close friends and coach @apquebec Benoit Brodeur helped me out so much in that particular difficult time, I wouldn’t be here today without them, I can not thank them enough.❤️ For those of you who don’t know, I haven’t slept more than 5h each night for the last 2-3 months because I was so motivated; working on all my projects: website, prepping, training, dieting and my brand that’s coming out in the near future. I barely drank alcohol for the the last 3 months either (only 1-2 glasses of red wine here and there that I allowed myself to have) I gotta admit tho that I abused my sugarless black coffees lol but I was/still am eating so well that I was wondering what the heck was going wrong. Plus, I got unlucky and had a misfortune event that clearly did not help the situation at all... The importing thing though is that I’m here, very happy, healthy and working still! Now that I’ve got some sleep in, medication, I’m gonna be more careful now! 💪🏻 #letsgetit #positivevibes #stepup #hellnback

With the boooi @fitbeny

Photoshoot ready, let’s get it. @studiojenkins

Thank you @timex for the great watch, now it’s time to rest. It’s been a big day of shooting and still got some of that paint on me! 😛😴

What a pleasure to have gotten the chance to work with @luisrafaelphotography again. Those experiences become memories never forgotten, living life to the max 😃 I also wanna thank @daly9314 for driving around all day to make this happen haha! There’s much more coming 👌🏼 My boxers are still on lol, they just don’t show and I’m going classic so I’ll be in little undies on stage lmao #whocares #livinswole

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