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Charles Dharapak (ชาลี)  Bangkok via Washington, Jakarta, New York. Associated Press journalist. Saxophonist. Dad.📱iPhone 7 Plus, other cameras 📸 and lenses will be specified.

7:13am - Sidewalk food vendor (takeaway only). As seen on my morning walk. Bangkok, Thailand

Tiny food carts. Bangkok, Thailand

Children get dressed before a Thai classical dance performance at a shopping mall. Bangkok, Thailand

Antiques shop, Chinatown. Bangkok, Thailand

Records and cassette shop, Chinatown. Bangkok, Thailand

Vintage camera repair. Twin lens reflex Yashicamat 124 (not mine). It comforts me to see new life breathed into these great cameras by dedicated repairmen. A new generation of photographers will have the opportunity to slow down and contemplate the 12 chances per roll that have to make a picture (as long as there is 120 film). Bangkok, Thailand

4:21pm - Charoen Krung Road, Chinatown. Bangkok, Thailand

Scooter. Bangkok, Thailand

7:55am - Pigeons, laundry. As seen on my morning walk. Bangkok, Thailand

7:51am - Four pairs of pants. As seen on my walk to work. Bangkok, Thailand

7:24am - Buddhist monk on morning alms rounds. As seen on my morning walk. Bangkok, Thailand

#throwbackthursday Staten Island, New York 1988 - That's me on saxophone with my high school marching band. Those heavy polyester uniforms were "all-season" -- summer and winter, rain and snow. Thanks to @carynleighphoto for the photo! #tbt

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