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Charles Dharapak (ชาลี)  Bangkok via Washington, Jakarta, New York. Associated Press journalist. Saxophonist. Dad. Mostly📱iPhone 7 Plus; other cameras 📸 will be specified.

Friday night. Hotel entrance. Bangkok, Thailand

Spirit house. Thais believe that the land has protective spirits which must be appeased to maintain peace and harmony. An auspicious spot is chosen outside of a house or business and takes the form of a shrine or altar with votive images of people and animals and offerings are made daily. This spirit house is one of two outside of a hotel. Bangkok, Thailand

Alley cat. Bangkok, Thailand

Fruit basket, commuters. Bangkok, Thailand

He's pretty good. ⚽️ 👦🏻Bangkok, Thailand

7:35am - Starting line. Bangkok, Thailand

Lunch crowd. Bangkok, Thailand

7:38am - Morning exercise. Bangkok, Thailand

7:21am - Morning walk. Bangkok, Thailand

Parking lot conversation. Bangkok, Thailand

Building renovation. Bangkok, Thailand

5:42pm - Fare collector on the Saen Saeb canal boat. Bangkok, Thailand

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