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charlesboyles  Is this thing on?

Blue really isn't my color.

I don't like birthdays (or being in pictures, so this is the only one from Monday) but this day was so great. Tons of red-faced laughter, affirmation, and to top it all off, a roast. I don't wanna be too sappy, but I love my friends. They're the best people I know.

Another year down at UGA. This school, this community, has an incomparable spirit, a drive like no other. These people, my family, never fail to make me feel loved and inspired. S/o to the long nights at Tate, the long tables at Bolton, and the long walk to Peabody. I don't have a long time left at UGA, but if the rest is as good as this year, I'll be perfectly okay. ✌🏻🖤❤️🐶

There's no point to this picture.

Just a weekly nap on North Campus

A journey begins. You might see this picture more than once. #atlantaunitedfc

Crisp, cold, air.

2016 was pretty cool I guess. Might post some more stuff like this before the years over but enjoy for now.

Just spilled hot chocolate on my feet. It's Christmas and I'm happy about it.

Drinking @reformationbrewery and watching planes. Not bad.

Gang, gang, gang.

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