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Charlie Smith  🏠 Steamboat Springs, Colorado 📍 Aspen, Colorado

Excited to ring in another New Year in a little place called Aspen 📸:@jrockcityfish

Voted in favor of Mother Earth🌏 #protectourwinters

Biked 40 miles, went over the handle bars four times and got to hang with Hoki. Don’t let him foul you he’s a monster but one of my favorite reasons to visit @martinbradleysmith and @jbrow234

The tug is the drug 📷:@chappyg

Doesn’t look real and definitely didn’t feel real. Got to ride a camel named chuck around the Great Pyramids of Giza 🇪🇬

Biking 100 miles in Canyonlands National Park did not disappoint. Can’t thank @noahwetzel enough for making the trip happen and for capturing all the good times. #yoursuppoosetogetnakedinthedesrt #iseveryonedoingit

“One more beer and I’m gonna have to put a life vest on” @larry_fishman

Fishy weekend with the boys.

Vietnam 🇻🇳

Springtime fishing on the #yampariver

Spent most the day untangling my line and watching @emilystarer catch all the fish 📸:@vivalaham