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Charles Auclair 

Country boy back at home for the long weekend. Nature was good. The deeper the roots, the less affected by the wind.

Happy 375th Montreal ๐ŸŽˆ

Spent the most beautiful morning here with my mom. She came all the way up from the farm and brought me daffodils. Miss how you could feel the seasons change day by day out there. All this small talk about how everyone is unhappy with the weather when in reality I'm dying to be one on one with it. To my mother and her best friend Mother Nature x

"The more the marbles wastes, the more the statue grows." -- Michelangelo

But none of it matters.

My version:
Deeply unsatisfied, sensitive, self-loathing artist in search for purpose/identity in a world of appearance through shedding walls of what is moraly expected from me. Testing the limits of my existence. Not fighting my impusles. Having no armor. putting myself out there.

Your version:
Attention seeking whore, self-centered, relying on the validation from others.

You'll find me at the back of the bus. Arrived just as I got to the stop ๐ŸšŒ #truehappiness

Awake but still dreaming.

Today will be extraordinary.
I may not have control over my circumstances, but I have full control over my attitude. And I choose to have an open mind, a light heart and a warm soul.
Today I am confident and courageous.
I know my goals and I am determined to achieve them.
I think kindly of myself and others.
I have a humble disposition and value the time and energy invested in me.
I have the strength to hurdle any obstacle.
My body and mind are powerful and capable.
Limitations are self prescribed, and I consciously choose to avoid them.
I am beautiful, regardless of my imperfections.
I am unique, BECAUSE of my imperfections.
I allow myself the ability to feel, openly and honestly.
Emotion is a gift, and I don't deprive myself of that honour.
Being sensitive does not make me weak, it makes me human.
I am a man, proud and confident in his skin.
I am blessed to have arms to hug, legs to move and a tummy that holds the food that fuels my adventures.
I love my body for what it allows me to do and what I am capable of because of it.
I exercise because I respect my body and I want to celebrate it, not punish it.
I am gentle.
I think positive.
I give love.
And I am worthy of being loved in return.

Because this lit up my day.

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