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charity: water  We're bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world.


We ran into technical difficulties with our season two launch of The Journey today, so we’re postponing until tomorrow! Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's a little sneak peek in the meantime...

A new season of The Journey launches for our monthly giving community tomorrow! Can you guess what country story we'll be digging into?

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"People who make the world better for other people are some of the best people" - @iamkidpresident

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Here's to you- the helpers, the doers, and the givers. Together, you funded clean and safe drinking water for 1,183,926 people in 2017. Thank you for making history with us!

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Join The Spring, our monthly giving community, to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our work in Cambodia (link in bio). Already a member of The Spring? We've got Season 2 of The Journey launching next week!

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It takes a certain kind of person to make a difference in the world. To choose to help others. To fight for good. Thank you for being one of them.

Act of Love 14/14: The community in Ethiopia that beautifully celebrated the legacy of Rachel Beckwith. After Rachel passed away in July 2011, people around the world responded by donating to her 9th birthday wish campaign. Together, they raised more than $1.2 million for clean water in Rachel’s honor.

One year later, we got to take Rachel’s mom, Samantha, to Ethiopia to see the impact firsthand (if you haven’t seen it, watch the video in our bio now). The way the community paid tribute to this incredible girl was heartfelt, emotional, and absolutely unforgettable. It’s still one of the most powerful expressions of love that we’ve witnessed today. #💛cw

Act of Love 13/14: The family in Cambodia who sacrifices time together so they can help people in need. In order to serve communities in rural Cambodia, Sarik and his team live and work out of a remote field office. They spend the entire week away from their families, working 12-hour days, so they can help as many people as possible. For Sarik’s wife Thou, it means taking care of the children alone. But the beautiful moment came when we asked Thou about the sacrifice. “His job with the communities is what makes him happy, and I am happy as well,” she said proudly. “His conviction is my conviction.” #💛cw

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Act of Love 12/14: The heartfelt goodbye we received after spending a week in Nepal. When our team first arrived in Ambote, we were greeted with welcome banners, flower necklaces, scarves, and a spot of red dye for our foreheads (a tika) -- as a blessing. And that was just the start. We spent the next few days getting to know this incredible community and seeing the impact of clean water there firsthand. We shared meals together. We drank tea together. We even danced into the night together. When we finally reached our last day, everyone came to say goodbye.

This time is wasn’t just one tika. All of our new friends lined up with baggies of red dye and marked our foreheads over and over again; each person getting to share their own final blessing. It was a beautiful sendoff from a community that we’ll remember forever. #💛cw

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Act of Love 11/14: The mom in Ethiopia who beamed about her brand new baby boy. The first time we met Berekech, she was seven months pregnant and collecting dirty water from a stream. Months later, our local partner brought a drilling rig into her community and changed everything. When we revisited her, Berekech had given birth to a healthy baby boy and couldn’t stop smiling. She proudly introduced us to Asefa, one of the first children in Adi Etot who will never be exposed to illness from dirty water. “What’s your favorite thing about him?” we asked. “I love everything about him!” Berekech replied. #💛cw

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Act of Love 10/14: The farmer who spends his free time fixing water projects for communities in Malawi. Paul Botoman was lucky. At the age of six, his village received the very first borehole in the entire region. He got to see clean water change the lives of his family and friends, and it changed him too. Paul went on to become a mechanic so he could repair and maintain water projects for other villages in rural Malawi. And he doesn’t do it for the money. “In order for me to be where I am, someone had to help me,” Paul told us. “In turn, I want to help others.” #💛cw

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Act of Love 9/14: The wife, mother, and #charitywater ambassador who’s doing everything she can to raise money for clean water in Oregon. One of the first times we met Jennifer, she said something about her family that stayed with us: "We are increasingly uncomfortable with our comfortable life." In response to that feeling, Jen and her community have spent six years working to transform lives for people in need. Today, they’ve funded clean and safe drinking water for more than 2,800 people around the world! We have so many incredible supporters to be thankful for, but @totesforwater, you are one-of-a-kind. #💛cw

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