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charity: water  We're bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world.

Water covers 70% of our planet. Yet, for 663 million people, it’s still hard to find. Today is #EarthDay, and we can change that. Donate at (link in bio). 100% of your gift brings clean water to people in need.

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We can end the water crisis in our lifetime! This #EarthDay, give clean water and help transform futures for families around the world.

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It turns rocks into sand, erodes land, and carves valleys. It’s precious, beautiful, and refreshing. But for 663 million people on this planet, it’s also a source of disease. This #EarthDay, you can help.

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It’s strong enough to power cities, shape shorelines, and transform lives. It’s one of life’s most basic needs. But for one in ten of us, it’s still a need today. This #EarthDay, we can help change that.

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It can be beautiful and brutal, cleansing and contaminated, lethal and life-giving. Water is essential to life, yet for 663 million people in the world, it's still hard to find. This #EarthDay, help us spread the word.

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This is just one of the hundreds of tap stands you've helped fund to provide complete clean water coverage for families in the Rulindo District of Rwanda.

Girls like Mandira in Nepal get to dream about better futures today because they have better health and more time for school. That's what you give when you give clean water!

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Less time spent collecting dirty water means more time spent collecting knowledge at school. Here's to a future where every kid has the opportunity to dream bigger.

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Baby Siena is weeks old and already changing the world! She's helped fund clean water for more than 109 people so far (link in bio), and we have a feeling that this little kindness-spreader is just getting started.

One of 663 million reasons to give clean water.

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Our team visited a water project under construction in Rwanda last month and found a group of women who had been coming each day to watch -- eager to see clean water for the first time. "I never thought I'd see this day," one woman shared. "This next generation is lucky."

Our incredible local partner in Rwanda (@waterforpeople) is working hard to reach every community, household, school, and clinic in the Rulindo and Gicumbi Districts. Thank you for helping to make their work possible!

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