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charity: water  We believe in a future where everyone has clean and safe drinking water.

Huge milestone for the @charitywater Facebook community this week-- who've now funded clean water for over 30,000 people around the world! Unbelievable. Thanks to all of you who’ve shared your bdays and worked hard to change lives. You're making an incredible difference!

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Beautiful story from two members of The Spring (@laurennngr and @sthiel21) who are changing the world... along with their relationship status. Swipe right to read their post!

Today, thousands of moms, dads, and kids in the Rulindo District of Rwanda have time to attend school, earn money, and dream about the future-- because of donors like you. Thank you for giving clean water!

Clean water is breaking a cycle of poverty and promoting social equity for women in Odisha, India. You can help: (link in bio)

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"Caring makes us all more human."
- @SethGodin

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No @charitywater project is complete until we’ve also educated the local community about the importance of sanitation and hygiene! Thanks to our local partners, kids around the world will gladly teach you how to properly wash your hands today.

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You can help change the world this #BookLoversDay! Pre-order @scottharrison’s #ThirstBook and forward your receipt to right now to unlock a donation and give one person clean water. Details at: (link in bio).

For the past few months, 700 individual dental offices have been hard at work fundraising for clean water. That incredible group is now going to serve 19,000 people in Ethiopia! And what's even more impressive-- is that it brings their lifetime impact to 150,000 people served.

@smilegeneration we continue to be in complete awe of your community. Thank you for making clean water part of your story and sharing it so well. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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Our incredibly generous monthly giving community, The Spring, is now bringing clean water to more than 25,000 people every single month! If you believe in a world where no one drinks dirty water, come join us: (link in bio)

The highlight of our day: reading the story of this incredibly selfless 10-year-old girl!

Little T heard about the water crisis from our founder @scottharrison in church yesterday morning and instantly decided she wanted to help. She turns 10 today, and even though she thought it meant forgoing all of the fun birthday activities she'd been looking forward to for weeks, she told her mom, "I need to give kids clean water."

Today, she's asking friends and family to give $10 and help bring clean water to 10 people in need. But we were thinking that it might be more fun to exceed her expectations and give Little T a birthday she’ll never forget.

Click through to read the beautiful story that her mom wrote, and then let’s show this young hero how good it feels to change the world: (link in bio)

"In the past, we didn't have access to clean water. My children used to get sick all the time. Dirty water caused lots of diseases here. With clean water, health of the entire village has improved drastically." - Sanjita, wife and mother of two

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We could not do our work without incredibly talented and determined local partners. These women and men are some of the best in the world at bringing clean water to people in need.

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