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Charity Hestead  digital marketer + content creator in the PNW. 🌲 fan of @alaskangeles, coffee, dogs, kind people, & going outside (but also staying inside).

tbh I love running errands. even the lame ones - like this morning picking up my contacts 30 minutes away. maybe it's because I like being alone, or I love choosing which music to listen to in the car, or it feels productive - either way, I will always volunteer for the coffee run, or the lunch run, or the airport pickup. and I don't mind going 30 minutes out of my way for a boring errand, because it usually means trying a new coffee shop & spending the drive home thinking of all the meals I want to make this week or maybe calling my mom or planning wedding decor in my head. OTHER LITTLE BORINGS I LOVE: chopping vegetables, waking up & opening all the blinds + windows, watering plants, rearranging shelves, going to Costco, etc etc etc. life's exciting, guys. ✨

okay but those LIPS and THAT CHIN. 😭

how I'll be spending sunsets this summer. ✨

remnants of a good planning sesh. ✨

a really good summer memory: picking berries and veggies in a magical golden hour, sleeping in the fresh air, and waking up to watch the eclipse in the path of totality. ✨ good life.

my nephew is the cutest don't @ me

never not stopping to take photos of ferns 🌿

when everything's crazy but one thing's for sure. ✨

went for a walk yesterday. πŸƒ thanks @reneeroaming + @matthewhahnel for hosting!

bury me in this color palette. πŸ’ž

10 yelp stars for @hhestead as a San Diego food guide

get you a group of a friends that will come from 3 different states to spend 48 hours together, with cars and suitcases full of things to make you feel like a bride and a million laughs and toasts to share. I LOVE MY PEOPLE. πŸŒ΄πŸ’—

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