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Charity Witt  📍ATL @Reebok Trainer ⚬NASM CPT For online coaching: 📧cw_fstrength@outlook.com ⚬Int Elite PL ⚬MW Strongwoman


Sunday ritual back in effect since the sun decides to come out of hiding. 🌤 I can’t be the only one ready for some warm sunny days! #spring #whereareyou #readyforwarmweather #vitaminD #sundayfunday #sundaze

My body is done and everything hurts. A tale by Charity Witt. A little dramatic, but legs definitely weren’t happy to squat today after sprinting yesterday. 72% felt like the whole world. Time for some hot+cold treatment. ❄️🔥 #skwaats @mbslingshot sleeves @reebok legacy lifters #imdyingandeverythinghurts #mybodyisbroken #whyudodis #girlswhopowerlift

I made a post earlier this afternoon with me shooting a gun (a hobby i take pride in) and it caused quite a bit of controversy amongst you guys.
1st-i never mean to offend anyone with my posts. Comparing me to the Cruz shooter in Florida is not something I want to resemble or bring into your thoughts. As a HS strength and conditioning coach, an older sister and a mentor to many-I love my youths. The news on the shooting crushed my soul and there is not a single thing more wicked in this world than someone preying on the innocent and helpless.
2nd- yes, i am against gun control for various reasons that are my own. HOWEVER, i do not wish bashing to be on my page directed toward those who disagree or towards who support my beliefs. Ultimately, both parties want safety and security and that CANNOT be obtained by attacking one another. My only suggestion is that before you accuse, insult or speak out of anger-try to understand where the other person is coming from. Everything that I say and do will always (i really do try) be done out of love and passion. Pray for our leaders and pray for our future. #GodBlessAmerica #protectourschools #nohate #BeMoreHuman #BetterThanYesterday #eyesup

403lb (80%) for 5x3. 315 for 2x10. Slowly crawling back to where i need to be. Aiming high this year. In all things. 🙌🏼🏔#eyesup #deadlifttillimdead @girlswhopowerlift @mbslingshot #stronger #betterthanyesterday

Mood: French Montana. Lift: chest and shoulders. My own hybrid powerlifting/bodybuilding style training today. 175lb for 10x3 followed by 3x10 @ 135lb. #bechpress @mbslingshot elbow sleeves and @reebok classics #itsaclassic #betterthanyesterday #happyhumpday #meetmeatthebar #valentinesday

Pause squats for sets of 5 today. Slow and controlled. @mbslingshot knee sleeves and #STrong belt. @fleoshorts all American 🇺🇸 shorties. #skwaats #8weeksout #charitystrong #betterthanyesterday #bemorehuman #pausesquats

Huge shout out to everyone who competed at today’s North Georgia’s Strongest Man contest! But, also really really happy i got to catch up with this gem today. It’s been too long 😭 #cometoATLmoreoften Hope everyone has a great Saturday! 💕
#compday #babysis #wittclan #witty #shessopretty #happysaturday #girlswholift

Caption 1: Cue “shine bright like a diamond” oh wait...I’m just pale...
Caption 2: Steve “attention, attention, attention, attention”
One of those will work. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 😘#tgif #allthepuppycuddles #timetorelax #theweekend #happyfriday

5x3 @ 175lb If you polled “push-press” you were right. Finally getting some strength/power back. Still need to engage my glutes more in the top of my press. #pushpress #building #betterthanyesterday @mbslingshot

6x4 Trying to focus on technique and patience out of the bottom. 73% (365) for deload. #sumodeadlift #betterthanyesterday #deathbyvolume #charitystrong

I don’t know where my eyes went, but my bicep is still here thankfully. I’m posting this to be 💯 #REAL with you guys. I’m not perfect by any means or super lean or “small”. But, what I am is a testimony of how a dark life, unfortunate circumstances and a series of split second decisions didn’t hold me back from health or purpose. And that will look differently for everyone. But, the key is to keep working hard, be grateful always, and have a little revelation in how far you’ve come every now and then👌🏼#BeMoreHuman #psalm56v4 #betterthanyesterday #charitystrong

10x5 later... ☠️... #allthevolume #nowittycaptiontoday #stillwittytho #getit @mbslingshot sleeves and gangster wraps. @reebok keepin it fresh as always with the kicks. 💯

Keeping it simple this week in preparation for my competition weekend. 6x4 with last 3 sets @ 295lb. #skwaats @mbslingshot sleeves @reebok lifters #lessthanaweek #strongmancorporation #georgiasstrongestman

Happy #SuperBowl Sunday! How many of you are actually rooting for the #pats or #eagles? Unfortunately my team didn’t make it, so I’m hanging out for the food and company 💃🏼🌮 #happysunday #superbowlsunday #patsvseagles

Todd and I looking like a machine in sync with the keg loads today. Also still loving the sand bag medley no matter how much it restricts breathing 😅 #whoneedsair #1weekout @mbslingshot @growlersgym #strongmantraining @startingstrongman #strongmancorporation #charitystrong #strengthandconditioning

1 week out tomorrow 😬 and 10 weeks out from Europa in April. Lately I’ve gotten questions about what motivates me and honestly, the thought of never reaching my full purpose or potential scares the living 💩 out of me. I’ll also post a link to some of my favorite motivational speeches that I listen to if I’m feeling discouraged (*cough* doing cardio *cough*) on my story if that’s something you guys want to hear ✊🏼 #happyfriday #TGIF #1weekout #betterthanyesterday #BeMoreHuman #charitystrong

4x8 @ comp weight. Getting used to pulling conventional again, but feeling pretty confident about my strength coming back. I’m excited to be competing again 🤗 #deathlifts #hypertrophy #DNDL #strongmantraining #charitystrong

My major goal in 2017 was to build build build. In more ways than physically, but by building myself physically-i became stronger in many other facets of my life. Long story short, I completely started over in life in 2017. Just myself, the dogs and a purpose. There were definitely times that i questioned my sanity (i still wrestle with this) but faith, discipline and consistency have led me to a better life and a better today. If you find that you’re battling whether or not your health is worth the sacrifice, struggle or pain-i promise you that it is. You have one body. Take care of it. This goes for physically, mentally and spiritually. #betterthanyesterday #BeMoreHuman #bestrongandcourageous #phil413 #transformationtuesday

Last couple sets @ comp weight (165lb) for tonight’s #logpress. 2 more weeks!! #strongmancorporation #strongmantraining #betterthanyesterday #charitystrong @rogueamericanapparel shirt
@mbslingshot gangster wraps
@reebok nanos

5x5 @ 90 sec rest and back off sets 4x8 @ 45 sec rest. My body is tired, i am sore, still recovering from not lifting for 3 weeks, BUT YOU GOTTA MOVE. Worst thing you could do for your body in this state is be sedentary. Obviously don’t try to lift at RPE 9, but definitely get some blood flowing. #justmove #betterthanyesterday #skwaaats @mbslingshot STrong sleeves and @reebok nanos.

Looking at the weekend like 👀 Anybody have weekend plans? I’ll probably be just getting over being sore, to make myself even more sore again. So that’s cool. 🤙🏼 _____________________________________________________________
ALSO, If you wanna get sore with me, ask for me at @lifetime.life in Sandy Springs -I ‘m giving away comp sessions to new members! #ltf #lifetimefitness #lifetimetrainer

I get asked if i do accessory work a lot. My answer is always YES 100%. Not only will accessory work help aid in your main compound lifts (sqt, bench, DL etc) but it also helps to prevent you from injury by strengthening the smaller intrinsic muscles of the body. #themoreyouknow #trainSmart #betterthanyesterday #BeMoreHuman #charitystrong @mbslingshot hip circle

Been a HOT minute since I’ve touched kegs. So thankful for @growlersgym letting me come on a week day to fit my work schedule and just being the awesome human that he is. This contest is going to be so much fun. I am so thankful to be back at it and involved in #strongwoman again. @mbslingshot #kegloads #georgiasstrongestman #strongmantraining #betterthanyesterday #charitystrong

I got into a conversation recently with fellow #strongwomen competitors (@rebeccar_elevatedfitness and @b_dimez) about how we were all bullied growing up and how sometimes that can effect the way we perceive others and ourselves at times. There were a lot of personal factors playing into my young life that left me bitter, miserable, insecure and unsure of my future. I was by NO means an athlete back then. I was NOT confident. I did not make friends easily. And I don’t think I ever smiled much #tbh. But, what noodle-arms Charity and I have in common, is the same heart. I am passionate about life. I love adventure. I love my animals more than people. And I don’t like rejection. What’s different is the maturity, life experience, acceptance and CONFIDENCE that has grown within me. Those factors allow a level of peace and happiness to reside within me that no person can give or take away. Our self worth doesn’t birth out of others’ opinions nor does our value in this world come from what someone has to say about you. YOU are your own story. I decided to build myself and as a result I built a better future/present. Find your happy place and make it productive -translation- find something that makes you grow as an individual that also brings you joy. Latch onto that and work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. The results will be worth it. ✌🏼 I’m still workin 😉 #BeMoreHuman #betterthanyesterday #transformationtuesday

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