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Charity C  Fitness and health enthusiast🏋️🏾‍♀️💪🏼 ------------------------------------ Also, I make YouTube videos.

When the best lighting is in the bathroom and I'm actually not wearing gym clothes for once😂.
Hope you're all having an amazing Sunday so far💕

Happy Friday people!!
Got an upper body workout in with the brotherrr and we basically combined both of our routines into one😝. It's always nice to try out other people's workouts and be able to learn from them as well and you bet we made a video on it!📹 _______________________________________________________The link is in my bio if you have a few minutes to spare!💕

Here's some upper bodyy💪🏻!
Swippeee right👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻.
Been a bit tired of the bro split, so I've been combining my upper body workouts into one day and I have to say I've been loving it so far! 💕
Also, baby tri's finally coming throughh(if you zoom in to full potential😆)
The workout:

1️⃣Bent over rows

2️⃣Bicep curl to shoulder press

3️⃣Tricep kickbacks

4️⃣Single arm bent over rows

5️⃣DB chest flys

What's your fav upper body workout??😁😁

Y'all the weather is finally warming up here in SoCal and I def had to take advantage with this full body workout on the beach! It's definitely a little more challenging on the sand but feels good to get out of the gym for a change😁🔥
Swipeeee👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻_______________________________________________________The workout🌤😎🏖:
1. Jump squat to lunge
2. Side lunge
3. Reverse lunge to kickback
4. 180 squat jumps
5. Push ups
6. High knees

Sunday Funday with one of my best💕 #bathroomselfie

Here's a few ab exercises to try out on your next ab day!🔥🔥
Definitely a lot more challenging than my usual ab workouts that don't require you to hold your weight up, but been really enjoying these ones lately!

Happy hump day y'all!
I think it's important to remember that what people post on social media is 9/10 the highlight reel of their lives. Take me for example: I look for the best angles, lighting, and flex until I'm out of breath for majority of my pictures😂. I'm def not going to post a pic after eating a butter crumb donut from Randy's donuts. (Best donuts in LA, don't @ me) So try not to get discouraged if you see someone's highlight picture because most likely that's not what they look like 24/7.
_______________________________________________________*Meant to post this in the morning and thought my wifi was falling me😂. Who else freaked out that IG was down today?

Here's a few amazing glute builders you can do all on the Smith machine! (Unfortunately, this one doesn't give a wide range of motion, but still felt the burn 🔥🔥🔥)
Try some of these out if you're trying to switch up your workout routine!💪🏻💪🏻
*Also, super important to remember to squeeze the 🍑 in each exercise to help wake up those glute muscles!

1️⃣ hip thrusts (a new staple for me that's a game changer for your 🍑!) 4x10
2️⃣ kneeling squats 4x10
3️⃣ split squats 3x7
4️⃣ one legged deadlift 3x7
5️⃣ side leg raises 3x8

Happy Mondayyyy🌸🌺😁
Here's to a fresh start to the new week!

Here's a FULL BODY WORKOUT with just dumbbells💪🏻😃
You can do this as a finisher after your workout or maybe you just want to be in and out of the gym that day. (Also a great workout you can do at home as well!)🔥🔥 _______________________________________________________The full body exercise:
1. Bicep curl to curtsy lunge (BICEPS/LOWER BODY)
2. W Shoulder press to squat (SHOULDERS/GLUTES)
3. Tricep kickbacks to reverse lunge (TRICEPS/ LOWER BODY)
4. DB hold to side lunge (BICEPS/INNER THIGH)
5. Reverse DB flys to romanian deadlift (BACK/HAMSTRINGS)
6. Chest fly to step up (CHEST/GLUTES AND UPPER HAMMIES

How I performed the workout⁉️
* Started with three sets of each exercise
* Then did a circuit of each exercise (one set each)
* Finished off with another circuit using a light weight dumbbell!
* ( I used 12lb., 10lb., and 5lb. dumbells depending on the exercise!) *Use whatever weight you're comfortable with!

Happy International Women's Dayyy! 💕
Btw, my SummerFine Lean series is live on my Youtube channel📺. If you haven't checked it out, feel free to give it a watch if you have a few minutes to spare! Link in bio🥰

Here's another bomb HIIT workout for you to try!
SWIPE 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻
This one got me good!🔥💦
Save it for the next time you're tryna get that cardio in! (I like to do two or three rounds of these circuits)🔖
*Side note: the second to last workout I got from Kevin Hart's #whatthefit series on Youtube, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to go watch it! 👌🏻 ____________________________________________________ 🎽: @alphalete 👖: @alphalete 🎵: "childish" by awaike

Let's talk about the importance of stretching. I used to be pretty lax about warming up. I would just jump right into my workouts but having that habit makes you more prone to injuries and results in a poorer performance throughout your workout. I've recently learned the importance of DYNAMIC STRETCHING before your workouts and STATIC STRETCHING after your workout. Dynamic stretching is important because it increases your range of movement and also provides better blood and oxygen flow to your muscles. Static stretching after your workouts can help prevent muscles from getting stiff (Also, foam rolling has a number of benefits as well!)
*Tbh, I used to dread putting time in to do a few stretches but now I'm realizing it's important to prevent injuries and decrease recovery time!

Happy Monday guys! Let's get itttt💪🏻😁

Happy Friyay y'all! 💕
Hope you guys have a great weekend🤗____________________________
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