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Charisse Militia Christy  19 years young 🌸 👄 | @littlebeautyshop

Halo! Namaku Christy dari Jakarta👋🏻
Indonesia adalah sebuah bangsa yang begitu kaya dan begitu beraneka ragam dengan segudang potensinya. Sebagai generasi penerus bangsa, aku dan kamu akan menjadi kunci untuk membuka potensi tersebut demi kemajuan bangsa.
Aku ingin kita bersama-sama mencapai visi yang besar bagi Indonesia. Bersama @icn_id, aku ingin melangkah bersama kalian semua untuk mewujudkan seluruh aspirasi kita demi Indonesia yang lebih baik.
Hai generasi muda, siapkah kamu untuk membawa perubahan?

Greetings Musicophile!
GEMA is back!
Imagine how much easier and fun your life would be if you can amplify your favorite music anytime, anywhere without even worrying about charging or plugging in.
GEMA is a non electrical bamboo amplifier that can increase your phone's regular sound to 20dbs.
Each piece of GEMA is made out of 100% bamboo and 100% handmade by local Indonesians.
So, what are you waiting for?
Grab your GEMA amplifier right now!
Check for more updates.

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you're having a great one xx // btw, my versatile basic grey top is from @chicandmon

My current go to bronzed rosy blushing makeup look for @getthelookid's makeup challenge🤗
---------------------------------------------------- My #1 makeup enemy is my oily skin and Jakarta's burning hot weather which melts my makeup and makes my face look super cakey at all times. In this picture I'm wearing L'oreal Infallible 24hr stay fresh foundation and setting it with the L'oreal stay fresh pressed powder + Infallible Pro Spray Set — this combo gives me a long wearing base which automatically allows my blush, bronzer and contour to stay put all day. And did I mention that the setting spray also makes my eye makeup stayed on for a full day?
---------------------------------------------------- I'm tagging along @alyaignaciakam @vanessaaevelynn @nathaliaahalim @melisatiohalim @angelikahalim to join this challenge!

Can't believe yesterday was our 29th monthversary already. Time flies whenever I'm with you. Thank you for this beautiful box, I'm eternally grateful for you ❤ #philipchristy

Going through the first week of college be like... can I rewind my holiday pleaseee 😂

Happy birthday twinnie! If we had a dollar for every time someone in uni said we looked so much alike, we'd be friggin rich now 💸💸💸 I hope we can be best friends 'til a really long time cause you definitely know too much about me 😏😏😏 have a blast xxx

People around me and my family often gave us a strange glare every time we passed by. It's probably because we look a lot like locals but we speak in Indonesian, a language they've probably never heard of before 😂 my favorite Chinese phrase in this small town is: "hao le, xie xie ni" and "wo bu hui jiang guo yi" because I don't really know any other vocabulary 😅😅 #shameful #fakechindo

In a state of tranquility 🌫

The scenery of this place is unreal #guillinlovin 💖

Mandatory tourist shot in the happiest place on earth 🤗 #basic

Where childhood dreams were made out of, especially mine!✨✨

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