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Miss Gat  1st Phorm ELITE ATHLETE 🔺USAF Veteran-Medic 🔺Future mom to @Babyyygat 🔺Masters degree in Healthcare 🔺#IAM1STPHORM 👇🏼Founder of @little.gat

I’ve heard and read so many opinions on whether to work out pregnant, which exercises to avoid, how I need to keep my heart rate low, etc. And quite honestly it’s frustrating, even my OB isn’t for it. So I’m just going to do what feels right and not over exert myself.. gotta still make some gains other than this belly 😉 1P shirt, hat, and bag by @1stphorm #iam1stphorm #22weekspregnant #5months

Who’s excited to see Jurassic World today? 😀🦖🦕

Wonder if the other moms will want to car pool 💁🏻‍♀️

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and stop trying to be someone you think people want you to be 💁🏻‍♀️☕️💭 #22weekspregnant #pregnant

Disclaimer: I’m pregnant it’s not a beer belly 😛 Ok now that that’s announced, training update: I stopped lifting weights the past month because of that severe abdominal pain I was having. Good news though, no pain for week and I’m back in the gym and it feels great 😀 praying my body allows it through the rest of my pregnancy. Side note.. is it just me or does my armpit look like a butt crack🙈 Any recommended exercises for armpit boob butt fat? Lol // Workout apparel by @1stphorm of course. Checkout their new apparel that just dropped 🙌🏼 #pregnant #21weeks

Rise and shine ☀️ Today’s going to be awesome... today’s challenge: give a stranger a compliment.. you’ll be surprised how much it can turn their day around and put a smile on their face 😀

Just got in my next new gun... FN 509 by @fn_america 😀 Has anyone shot this gun yet? #fnfirearms #sponsor #badass #gun

This is one of my favorite pictures lol it’s not glamorous, sexy, edited, or fake. It’s just me. I feel like most people including myself only show the world the perfect, organized, edited, healthy side of ourselves. Which I get, but it gives others a false sense of reality. I too get sucked in wishing I looked like other women, or had their perfect life. But guaranteed they have just as many problems and insecurities as us and have days where they stuff their face with junk food lol So fuck it, here’s the real me, nice to meet meet you 😉🍟

I don’t think golf is my sport 🙈 lol

In the world we live in I’d rather be over trained (no such thing) than dead. I can’t solely rely on other people to protect my family. I’ll be ready just in case. And of course it’s fun as shit 🙌🏼 Shirt @1776united
Ear pro @walkersgsm

Pool party at @andyfrisella with the @1stphorm crew 👙 Oh and there’s a cold stone station so you know I’m happy 😛 Bikini by @daremebikini #5months #pregolife

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