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charlotte  🌭🍔🥒🍜🍩✌🏻

Monday morning mantra courtesy of @charlinebataille
#charlinebataille #10kgiveaway #tattoo

celeriac; absolute rooter of a root

potato purée, soft egg and salmon roe

crêpes taste better when doused with flaming booze

potato latkes with crème fraîche and salmon roe on the cutest printed paper ever @ brunch yesterday 😋

this woman gave birth to twins and literally runs marathons for fun, i wish i could give her 10 million brunches. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MA ❤️❤️❤️

ok i promise to stop posting about mushrooms after this but i'm just really stoked about this ramen

pine mushrooms dehydrated overnight, ground finely into a powder and mixed with salt makes a good seasoning for p much everything tbh. i am using it to season my ramen broth and to sprinkle on crispy fried potato chips 😋

I MADE ANOTHER RAMEN SPESH 😋🍜 this time featuring preserved pine mushrooms that i foraged with my mum last weekend, as well as soy pickled shiitakes both nestled in a bed of crispy fried pine needle potatoes and rosemary + slow caramelised sweet potato and hazelnut brown butter broth 🍠🌰🥔🍄 DINNERS ONLY, THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK AT @rising_sun_workshop :: ps this ramen is vegetarian but if ur vegan lemme know and i'll hook u up 😉

✨ catch u again next mushie season, pals ✨

the poison ones are also the most beautiful 🍄

just a couple of gals with a self-timer and a forest full of mushrooms to explore 🍄🌲🌿

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