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When I’ve had a shit day, I go straight to the gym for a booty pump. This one was massive. Try this circuit style for 3-4 rounds with 2 minutes rest in between fun each. Absolute 🔥🍑 1. Barbell hip thrusts x 12
2. Reverse barbell lunges x 10 each side
3. Dumbbell sumo squat x 10
4. Banded b-stance hip thrust x 15 each side
5. Seated abductions x 30

Ohhh and yeah, that’s my undies line lol. Can’t wear a g with hip thrusts cos it’s just not comfortable 😅

This year, it was one of my goals to be as social as possible, so I signed up to @mainefitness. Thank you to all the staff and members for brightening my day. It’s like my second home now and I am so grateful. 😘

we dream + we stumble + we pursue. .
Losing followers like there’s no tomorrow 😂 but I can’t afford to care. I got real life to focus on. Time to work harder than I ever have before.


Sometimes the anxiety in me tries to tell me I’m not good enough - not good enough for this, for him, for anything really. But then I catch myself and I’m like, whoaaaa. hold up👋 you a badass bitch. You got more drive, intellect, passion and heart than most people you know. Get a hold of yourself. You’re doing amazing.
And then I just go. I keep grinding. I don’t complain.
At the moment I’m working harder than I ever have before - in every aspect of my life. I plan on being the best version of myself as possible. And I’m building thickness in all the right places as I do it. Imma gonna keep getting better. 💁🏻‍♀️💕

What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was yes? 🗝 .

Looks like I don’t have any hamstrings here. But trust me lol I have allll the ham 😂
Currently drowning in uni work. We did spinal manipulations today🙌 I’ll be back next week with some cool new shit 😈
Happy hump day babes 🍑😘

yes 🙂

This is up there with chocolate and sex for me. 🤤 #pizza #homemade #food

Here’s my top 4 ass building exercises: .

1. Barbell hip thrust and B-stance hip thrust - I’ve been playing around with this one for a while, but a big thanks to @bretcontreras1 for making it an actual thing. It’s allowed me to isolate the lower fibres of each glute max muscle and hit them both so much harder than if I were to just do a single leg thrust.
2. Bulgarian split squat - slight torso lean and push through your heel 👌

3. RDL and B-stance RDL - ya need to learn how to extend your hips properly for these ones. They’re gold once mastered. Hammies have gotten way better since I started incorporating the B-stance into my program
4. Dumbbell sumo squat - push through your heel and squeeze your ass like crazy at the top. I love dropsetting these 😍

Happy hump day lovelies 🍑😘

Don’t mind my top just hangin out there on the side lol it’s cos they’re all too big around the midsection 😅legs and booty getting real thick but my waist getting smaller😏 All the walking, deloads, sleep and CARBS are paying off 🙌
I’m gonna keep grinding. Keep learning. Keep getting better.

I don’t know how insta foodie people make their oats look pretty. I tried that once and never again lol. I just blob that shit right on top and get it in ma belly 😈 need all da carbs for leg and booty fuel. Btw that’s like half the jar of almond butter which I just felt like eating cos #thickness 🍑

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