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knock me down 9 times but I get up 10.

Posty 😘 Whether you think I have a good or a bad voice, I do not care. I have moved people and I will move them again. 🎶

Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too. ✨


When da booty lookin extra full🌚

I’m not going to let anyone tell me, or make me feel, that I’m somehow too high maintenance, just because I choose to take care of myself. I’m not going to let anyone tell me I’m too fussy, too picky or that my standards are too high, just because I know my worth and what I deserve. I’m not going to let anyone tell me I’m crazy, just because I spend a lot of my time working on myself, and my goals. I’m setting myself up for the years ahead.
I don’t want to belittle myself to make others comfortable. I am passionate, I am strong, I am determined and I am deserving. I understand not everyone will be attracted to this, and I may in fact, scare people off. I know I won’t be for everyone.
As much as I struggle to believe them, the ones who love me tell me this is a very good thing indeed. I hope they’re right. ❤️

Woke up this morning with extreme glute DOMS thanks to Barbell Bulgarian split squats with a 4 second eccentric and FULL range of motion 😩 sooo currently I’m at the 32 hour mark and my walking looks funny 😂 I haven’t been in a surplus for a while but I’ve always kept protein on the higher end of what my body requires. Thing is, you gotta do this consistently to change your body composition. You can’t just eat a few of meals now and then with a shit load of chicken and hope for the best lol.
Be strategic and work smart. 😘


When I went away from my home, I got the chance to experience new feelings. I got to vibe with new, goal-driven people. Strangers would come up to me in the street and in the gym and ask about my legs. A lot of people thought I was competing. Never have I had this happen before! Here, at home, I often feel slightly out-of-place, and at times misunderstood, especially by small-minded people. Yet I don’t conform. I choose to do things that are going to bring me closer to reaching my personal, health and career goals. I do what I do because I know how much potential I have. And I believe that in order to reach my greatest potential, I have to experience life in different places. Although living in a small town frustrates me at times, I am so very blessed to have such a beautiful, supportive family with me. I know my time will come eventually - I’m trusting the timing. I will continue to work hard and be patient. I am so excited to get out there and help those who want to be helped - those who have big goals of their own to reach. I can’t wait to work with minds similar to my own and experience life in all its colours. I am fueled and full of passion. I am ready. 🌎

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