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Anjashi  Writing is my cardio: Reproduces book(s), blogs, articles, content Google Anjashi Sarkar *not kidding* Just so you know,I DON'T DATE 👻sarkar_saheb

The kind of fascinating things I can't keep my eyes away from. A fellow participant couldn't help laughing at my wide open eyes and disbelief. The paper presentation by a Literature Professor had us cheering for more.
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Part three. .
Oh. My. God. It was an unbelievable experience. You might ask what is so special about it? It is indeed really special. A room full of about a hundred people and brimming with ideas, intellectually stimulating, brainstorming and animated, what more could you think of. Not everyday there is a chance of meeting people who are so learned, yet so humble with absolutely no air about them and absolutely encouraging. The venue, oh yes. It isn't ordinary. It holds a special place in history and its significance is reiterated even till this day. Beautiful people with unique ideas, why would someone travel all the way to help people like me discover potential? But they did. It didn't matter if I was a learner, a beginner, a student. They were just too happy to listen to what I had to say. UK or India, simply had no boundaries then. They wanted to know more about the hills, the place I come from, what makes me specifically interested about the same. And of course, what I intend to do with the oh so 'interesting' topic hereafter. I didn't know it was that significant in the first place! From discussing economy, to heritage, to language, to ethnic identity, to urbanisation, to preservation it was surreal. I looked on with wide open eyes. And when they said, "please keep in touch,dont become a stranger", honestly, I don't want to be one anymore.
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Some friendly networking happening in there. I swear I have never managed to introduce myself to a handful of people at a go. But, it was beyond fun and games, I learnt something and expressed my ideas. It's nice, when people think you are worth.
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So, part two of the meet. It was amazing to meet so many new people, how swiftly we exchanged pleasantries at the blow of a whistle, discussed agendas, spoke of personal interests and had coffee together. Also, there is a unanimous love for bursting bubble wraps and with a souvenir underneath, the joy just doubled.
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My Big Day. Part one. .
You know it is an inexplicable feeling when you are youngest in a room filled with intellectual people and who know your subject better, interdisciplinary aspects better. People ask me if Icleared a national level is examination. No dude, I was busy preparing myself for a day like this one. A day that seldom comes to people who are trying to make a mark in their respective subjects of study. I have never been invited to a five star hotel before. Except for a few minutes where I didn't even bother to look at the food, the services or the guests. It's unbelievable when people recognise you(for nothing really, I am not famous), appreciate you for your work, your research and your ideas. Most importantly they want to know more about you and give you a chance to analyse man environment relations. There are stalwarts in the same. Your opinion matters, the vibe just shouts out loud. So here I am, Anjashi Sarkar, resident of Darjeeling district, WB, speaking/networking on British Interactions with Himalayan People, Tourism plus Urbanisation.
P. S. ICHR once rejected my proposal. I am glad Research Councils UK and ICHR want me to be a part of their UK India meet, NOW.
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Let me just say, "It's too hot to have your hair grow so long, when there is a possibility of growing it some other time"

P. S. It's much shorter than what it used to be. My shampoo will probably last longer.
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You gotta prove your mettle again and again till they tell you there couldn't have been anyone better to speak of a philosophy that you believe in. .
Youngest contributor in the Dhaka Edition of Asiatic Society Journal, check. Only Indian amidst the brilliant minds who wrote for the same, check. .
P. S. An article on the philosophy of paternalism of the British Government towards coolies in the 20th century. Essentially a patron client relationship that speaks of an alliance based on a religious belief.
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Love, and only love, teaches you to stand alone and bear the storms. While many would vouch for the weakness it brings along, some would talk of it in the most delightful way, highlighting how it empowered them. They tell me if water is continously poured upon a rock, there are chances of denudation. If love overflows, there are possibilities of a difference. Sooner or later. If they acknowledge, good. If they don't, someone else will. Everyone wants to be taken care of, everyone wants a friend. Everyone wants to share their bit of sorrows and express joy. When you harbour a loveless mind, a heart that knows no compassion, you are perhaps missing out on something very important. The opportunity to offer a part of your soul. Now you can be selfish and keep it with you. But what if you decide to open up and offer the little bit of kindness you can. A wretched heart doesn't stay happy. A lot of times, your love shall meet ridicule, mockery and disrespect. You just need to remind yourself, there will always be someone who craves that heart of yours, so full of love. Because you see, you can find hatred and negativity everywhere, people who can give you happiness are rare.
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It is a lot more than "Move on". It is a lot more than "Life is unfair at times." It doesn't stop at "Better luck next time." What you need to know is, rejection happens because there is someone better. But, that doesn't make you insignificant. It doesn't make you less capable. It doesn't even try to tell you that you are good for nothing. The problem is, we think rejection is not acceptable. We are conditioned to believe that rejection is always a negative thing to happen to anyone. Let me give you an example. Let's say you applied for a job and they rejected you. You gave your best but failed. The word 'fail'is not valid at all. You didn't fail, it is just that at that point in time there was someone better. And trust me, there will always be someone better. Let's look at love, my favourite and most romanticised. Let's just say you have been rejected a lot of times by people who you dearly admired and thought you couldn't do without them. They said no because they didn't like you. How about thinking, what if they thought you were too good? What if your personality and charisma intimidated you? What if your proposition put them in a spot because they clearly thought they didn't deserve someone like you? They said you weren't worthy enough, but how about thinking, how can they even judge you without giving it a try? See, people say a lot of things. They will tell you how ugly you are, how low your grades are, how dumb you can sound sometimes,etc. The query is, how do they gauge your potential? Is there a parameter? May be yes, may be not. Or you might believe there is one. Two years ago, a research proposal of mine was rejected when I applied for a travel grant. The same proposal plus paper won me an international recognition. I cried because I needed the money. But then, I developed it and it got accepted in a much larger platform. Just imagine what if I had dissed the idea of developing it. That incident taught me one thing, you don't get rejected, you just don't get selected. And that applies for every arena, admissions, jobs, love, society.
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We are all broken. That is where the light comes in.
Our hearts are repositories of hope, admiration and respect. The problem is every one of them is taken away, leaving us with nothing. Now that you don't have anything, you can either fill the space with everything or pretend that nothing can fill that up. Or maybe, WAIT. Till someone comes along to give you that was once lost. Hope is a terrible, terrible thing. It gives you reasons to live, love and laugh. And it also causes despair. Because there is too much of unspoken love as there happens to be less hope, heavy hearts are not uncommon. No matter how good the heart is, no matter how deeply it can love, or render the most empathetic consolation, there is always a likelihood of breakage. And when it breaks, it hurts more because nobody can hear it breaking.
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