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Alex Watts  Nashville based cosplayer/model/actor/photographer/crafter/dork. Co-creator of Dweeby Damsels. Avid napper. •Next con: Heroes and Villains Nashville•


I believe it was 19 years ago when I was in the book store with my mom. She looks at me and holds up a book asking if I wanted to try this one since the second book was coming out soon. I said "Sure, I love magic stuff."

Flashback to high school, before I really knew what cosplay was but after I knew I wanted to be these characters that I grew up with. I was a redhead. She was a redhead. It made perfect sense to me to feel like her in this sweater.

10 years later, I do this for a living. I may not cosplay a Weasley anymore but I've been considering making a better costume for the event. Happy anniversary Harry Potter. Thank you for being my most consistant friend.

#harrypotter #harrypotter20thanniversary #cosplay

Yesterday I walked down the cosplay contest runway dressed as Stocking while eating cotton candy. I got maybe 3 laughs. It was worth it.

@avocadoclo made me this hecka rad edit!! Spider-Gwen picture is by @wheres_devin.

I just love this picture so much because it makes us look like an indie band 'bout to drop our newest single. Thanks @checkpoint_photography.

Check out our together IG @dweebydamsels for more cute pictures of me and @mswinchestercosplay, convention coverage, and (if I have my way) stupid memes!

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If me and @mswinchestercosplay are not your best friend goals, you should really re-evaluate your thought process. Photo by @checkpoint_photography.

Some awesome cosplayers from Hypericon! If you know any of them, please tag them~

#cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #hypericon #hypericon2017 #hypericon12 #nashville

I got to hang out with some amazing people this weekend.

#hypericon #hypericon2017 #hypericon12 #friends #cosplay #cosplayers

This might be one of the top 3 cosplayers today. #hypericon

I've been a little quiet lately while I buckle down on finishing not only my own but also commissioned costumes. My nights are spent sewing and plotting patterns. It'll be worth it though. This stuff is going to be awesome. I'll see some of you at Hypericon this weekend! Stay golden.

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Welcome to the family, Ash 2D Metz. (Name pending)

I hit 600+! First of all, that's crazy. I love every one of you. Secondly, this has been in the works for like a month now. So, what we've all been waiting for...
-"Batgirl" A special color of nail polish made specifically for this giveaway by @DragonswornCosmetics
-A Wonder Woman makeup case made by the lovely @just.a.dream.hi (Just in time for the movie!)
-A signed copy of one of my favorite pictures that @wheres_devin has ever taken of me
-You must be following me (I'll check. Just saying.)
-Follow the two shops that donated to this giveaway! @dragonsworncosmetics and @just.a.dream.hi deserve all the love for helping me with this.
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-You must be in the US and over 18 that way I can send it to you and all that. If you're under 18 and would like to enter, I'll gladly take parent entries. :)
Giveaway ends on 6/17/17 so you've got some time to do this! Thanks again for following me~!
PS: This giveaway has no affiliation with Instagram or DC.

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