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Chantelle  29 • Melbourne • ❤️ @orpheen Cat Lover 🐱 Anxiety Queen VSG - 09/03/2015 ETT - 09/02/2018 BL/BA - 10/02/2018 ⬇️ 100kg ⬇️ Click for plastic surgery eval

Date Night done right, spending it with billy as he celebrates his #300 - let’s go @storm !!!! Time to protect our house from the tigers 🐯 ⛈ p.s if you are a tigers fan we cannot be friends tonight... also if you are a manly supporter I need to terminate our friendship immediately 😂😂😂 LETS GO @b1slater !!!!!!!!!! 💛💜💛💜💛💜

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How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Before plastics I had to have a really stern talk with myself and relay over and over again regardless of the result that I would love myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body. This included acknowledging stuff could go wrong in the theatre room, I may wake up with complications and I had to prepare myself for that. My expectations were kept low by #drangkana purely based on the fact she relayed over and over again this was reconstructive and not cosmetic.

I believe her words and the @destinationbeautysurgery team who took me through the plastics phase really enabled me to fully understand that I needed to embrace me for me for going forward. You have to have a realistic expectation, I never thought I would get the results I did. Roll on 5 weeks and I’m in a happy place. Yeah I have a crease roll on my back still, yeah I can see my jiggily thighs more, and I’m noticing “flaws” now the skin has been lifted but this doesn’t phase me. I’ve come so far in my journey, I need to credit and pat myself on the back for not giving up and continuously pushing through, I have the wonderful #wlscommunity to thank for that. Thank you for enabling me to get this surgery, thank you for pushing me and thank you for always having my back regardless of the circumstances.

Im proud of my body, what I worked for, what I did to nurture and respect it before I changed it physically. Emotionally I’m still coming to terms with the changes however I'm finally in a good place and learning to love me for me, and not somebody else's standards.

There are 3 C’s of Life:
•Choices • Chances • Changes•
You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.
Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

4 weeks post op, scars are starting to settle really good. Fluid that was building multiple Seromas I think has stopped. I’ve learnt that weather is a huge contributor to how my body is going to react during the day. In a morning I’m a lean piece of streaky bacon and on a night time I am a pregnant Teletubbie

When it’s hot and warm I swell up making restriction with my sleeve difficult to put in solid food and I’m often finding it makes it’s way out one way or another. It’s all about re learning what my body likes and what it wants to do.
Last 4 weeks I’ve been on fluids and soft food diet, Saturday I was able to introduce some solid foods which have stayed down

The scarring on my boobs has changed dramatically, considering I had my nipples cut off and moved im so stoked with the results. I have a little steri strip still just because the healing isn’t 100% on one boob when they removed the stitches last week. That will be looked at tomorrow when I check in again with my GP.
I’ve started scar treatment which consists of dermascar and micropore tape, I’ve been doing this for nearly a week now and I’m already seeing results, thank you to #Drangkana and the @destinationbeautysurgery team!

Scale has stayed put which I’m happy with, I’m no longer hankering to lose weight, I just wanna be lean, strong healthy, fit and comfortable and I get to go back to @jettsclydenorth in 2 weeks!!!! I cannot wait, time to get back into it and bring back the #getupandmove challenges!!!
P.s - the marks on me are not all scars, compression creases are real LOL

If I can be completely honest, the last 24 hours have crushed me, I have been anxiety free for 4 weeks until yesterday, I felt sick to my stomach, I actually threw up after letting anxiety take over my body, I’ve upset people who I’ve known on here for over 2 years, was told people are too scared to speak up to me because of fear of backlash.
I have never once name and shamed anyone, if anything I believe I’m the less intimidating people on IG. Not playing the sad story but quite honestly seeing people withdraw from the Aus wide event and delete their accounts or unfollow or starting arguing over my opinion has really shaken me up. This is not what I wanted, I’m a raw open book and I say how I feel at that time. I would love a world where we can have a discussion without people jumping down other people’s throats whether they agree or disagree and just discuss.
I’m so passionate about this and evolving our community, I am aware people are worried about the identity of secret sleevers being revealed... the thing is most of them are already interacting with some of these people. I’m not saying be friends with every non surgery person.
I’m saying please include them if they want to come along to something locally like @nochubchels or @balancedmama__ and @chiller_putting_in_werk and @transforming_mary not just some random joe blow guy we don’t know. We support these people presently through Instagram in the online world but offline it’s a different story.
I feel my message has been misinterpreted and now “unnecessary” drama has occurred from one persons opinion, Majority of people understood but some others haven’t. I’m more upset at the fact I can see stuff being written or comments being made but no ones actually coming to me to say “I appreciate your opinion but this is mine”. I’ve contemplated disabling my account, I can’t do this because I’m here to support you all, I’ve contemplated deleting my post, but I can’t because this is something I feel strong about, I’m not a monster, I am approachable, I am an adult and I can talk and I’ll never backhand anyone.. The only thing I can say is... I’m sorry. this is the last comment I’ll make on the matter.

Don’t compare your life to others, There is no comparison between the sun and the moon, They shine when it’s their time 🌓 🌞

You are unique, Dont compare yourself to anyone else.

You should compare yourself to who you were yesterday and always try to be better than yesterday.

Other people have different ideas, backgrounds, childhoods and upbringings and a different life just like you.
Just be yourself and be happy with it And remember you are very special.

Everyday, try to show the best version of you. Respect yourself and your time.

#selflovesunday #postive #comparisons #stopcomparing #startsupporting #unapologeticallyme #flawsandall #beyourself #selfcare #communityovercompetition #communityfirst #communitylove

Recently i got thinking about the word #wls. In our community as a whole WLS is referred to as Weight Loss Surgery. With so many people in our community who have come from a variety of different paths it seems alot of people we have brought into our community are starting to feel excluded from us. WLS doesnt mean you have a fast track ticket. I want to include everyone regardless of how you are losing or how you have lost weight.

For so long we have been excluded from social events, Jobs, Activities and society as a general for being overweight. We know how it feels to be excluded. I try to never exclude people because i know what it means to be left out.

Keto, Paleo, LCHF, lifting big weights, Surgery, Weight Watchers, Lite & Easy, Natural, Slimming World, Jenny Craig, Clean Eating, Unicorn Water... We all found each other and the IG community as a whole is so much more supportive and loving and i would love to continue to do what we do best.. which is... Support. If you support me, I will support you!

I really want people who are on different paths to feel like they connect and are included withus all. Having events with “surgery” classification make people within our community who might not of had surgery feel like they arent allowed to partipcate or feel excluded.

i hate this because ive experienced it first hand for so long. Moving on from today when i use the term WLS... it will mean #weightlosssupport. Anything to do with my surgery will be related with tags such as #vsg. •
❤️There is too much unnecessary divide on IG. ❤️
Im hoping you can see my point of view and will agree with me, some people wont and thats okay.... Its easier to reach our potential when we learn the value of including others in on our quests..

We are all on different paths heading to the same location, there isn’t a race or a magic map.... just assistance from others to get there.
Im not looking to exclude people.... im looking to include them. To my friends in the community who havent had surgery, i love you, i respect you and i will always include you. S is not for surgery, S is for support.

As I look back on my life, I realise that everything I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better

Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.
In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning... your ass is perfect, your are flawless, you are a queen (or a king) and your smile lights up the room 😁

Your mind is insanely weird and Cool, you are way more than enough, you are smashing goals regardless of how small you think they are and you are doing an amazing job at life ✌🏻

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day
• Positive Mind
• Positive Vibes
• Positive Life
Happy #faceofffriday 💋❤️ Have a wonderful Weekend
2015 > 2018

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.. I will advocate, I will teach, I will mentor, i will advocate, I will take feedback onboard and most of all I will continue to embrace and love myself along the way.
On this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate all of the fearless women who fight for their rights and the rights of others.
To my #wls tribe I thank you, I love you, you empower me and inspire me, you always have my back, lets continue to rally together, uplift each other up and erase stigmas in our community. Let’s talk more about mental health, let’s talk more about after care, let’s stop being silent and let’s pave the way for success. A strong woman builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down. Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back! • I love my tribe and I love how powerful we are 🧜🏻‍♀️ #internationalwomensday #goodvibes #womentribe #march8th #internetfriends #wlscommunity
#IWD2018 #iwd #whoruntheworldgirls #girlsday #stronggirls #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen

3 years have gone and I’ve lost 100.7kg/222lbs, my starting weight was 179.9kg, I was 26 year old, scared, nervous having reaccuring dreams I was going to die on the operating table, I did again at 84kg whilst I was about to go through Plastics, I had the most amazing support from my family and friends especially my wonderful gorgeous husband, it has not been easy, anyone who says it's the easy way out is dreaming. I am now happy at 79kg.
Food was my haven, Food was my baby, Food was my antidepressant, it was my go to whenever I was emotional,
I look like a completely different person to who I used to be, don't get me wrong I have my days of worthlessness and days I want to go and devour a Big Mac meal, but it passes over a short amount of time,
I have successfully lost over 100kg, through having a dedicated mindset and passion for making myself number one and ensuring my health is priority. Food is only 20% of the battle, mentally and physically you need to do the rest.
I passed the “number” my surgeon set as my goal weight. I no longer want to be defined by a number or my skin, the next part of my journey will involve:
* Learning to self love even harder and promote a healthy self image.
* Helping others with their journeys
* Maintaining and being accountable to myself
* Living life as Chantelle would want to
* No holding back, let’s get some NSV and bucket list stuff done this year!
* Getting toned and strong and enjoying being alive, the skin is no longer there so it’s no longer an excuse to use to get out of things.
To all my supporters, family, friends thank you for pushing me, thank you for realising how much better and stronger I can be.
@destinationbeautysurgery thank you for changing my life physically, My tiger stripes and scars I now show provides a story to tell later on down the track of the battle I went through to get my life back and breaking out of the cage I locked myself in.
Thank you Chantelle for pushing yourself each day and telling yourself that YOU can do this and YOU are the only one who can do this.
Happy 3 Year Sleeveversary Chantelle
Thank you for doing you
P.s my compression garments make me look like a sausage roll

Remember that Comparison is the thief of joy, it’s a dementor and will suck all the happiness and joy out of you... remember that this life is meant to be lived showing your true colours.
There is so much beauty within you that will be lost if you are not yourself 💕
Don’t strive for perfection or fool yourself in thinking everyone around you has their shit sorted out. We are all learning as we go and we must be kind to ourselves and others along the way. Be like me and just be yourself with no filter, it shows who you really are, people will appreciate it more.... Minus the swearing of course 😏 it’s time to strip back the layers of filters we have applied and for us to be who we are... which is just you being you 😘

#selflovesunday #selflove #appreciation #stopcomparing #everyoneisbeautiful #flawsarebeautiful #unapologeticallyme #loveyourself #beyourself #beautyiswithin #beautyisnotasize #beautyisnocolour #beautyiseveryone

Happy Friday! It’s been 3 weeks since I got the chop ✂️ Energy levels are starting to come back to normal (slightly, I haven’t got any sort of pain but just discomfort from being lied on my back in bed or the binder making me feel like jessica rabbit. Wearing these compression garments and binder 24/7 is a pain in the ass, just gotta keep reminding myself that it’s temporary. 💻 Back to work next week! No driving for another week, seroma seems to of stopped growing which is good (not gonna hold my breath). My final stitches will be removed on Monday. 🎉🎉🎉
🍈 The Girls 🍈 They are friends, not sisters, I’ve noticed that today one feels a little tougher than the other so when I massage them later I’ll ensure I give that one a little extra love. You have to massage the breasts and implants to ensure that you are enabling the implants to fall into the pocket and they start to drop and fluff and to avoid capsular contracture. ✂️ My ETT scar is healing nicely and today I’ll be looking into some scar treatment. Nothing fancy... I can’t afford the scar sheets... I’m thinking I’ll just use some silicone gel but I’ll speak to the pharmacist later and see what she suggests. Still in the same routine with Dettol and Betadine every morning. Everything is looking good, 👩‍⚕️ My GP is being a bit of a twat... she is happy with how everything looks, howver she is still very anti “overseas” plastic surgery... and has said in 3 months she’s making me do a HIV/AIDS and Hep blood test.. even though I had no blood transfusion... i only lost 200ml of blood...i rolled my eyes...I’ve seen my GP for 8 years... and this whole situation has really made me see her in a different light. I wish she would just be happy for me without me being made to feel guilty for going overseas to Better my life... I told her numerous times I couldn’t afford the prices here in Australia... sometimes you just can’t win... Anywho... happy Friday!
Hope you are smashing goals! I can’t wait to be fully back and in the gym so I can #getupandmove... I miss @jettsclydenorth a little too much 😢😢😢

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