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Chantelle  30 • Melbourne 🇦🇺 ❤️ @orpheen VSG - 09/03/15 ETT & BL/BA - 09/02/18 Lost 101.7kg 🔬BsFN- Latrobe Uni Frigg’in casual Friday 👇🏻

Date night this month is being celebrated very differently. @orpheen treated me to the AFL members dining experience for semi finals at the @mcg prior to tonight’s game between @collingwood_fc and @gwsgiants ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️ I’ve got a two hour drink package to sink as much free piss as I can do I thought I would do this now before I can’t function. I’ve had a hard couple of weeks.

I didn’t realise how full on uni was going to be but I stuck to my guns and on my exam on Thursday I nailed it. I got 86% which is a HD for that particular unit so far so I’m stoked. Gotta remember the end game and the goal I’m aiming for. Dreams and aspirations have to be Moulded and made, not handed over on a silver plate, I will continue to work hard and keep my priorities in line And in my life, I said I would make some major changes and I have, I just gotta keep at it.

Back to today, I ran 10km this morning on the treadmill, ran errands with grant, I got to dress up a bit, do my hair and make up and feel quite “important” being able to go in before general admission.
My fingers and toes are crossed that we can win tonight. If we don’t then we hold our heads high that we have had a great season. If we do win... next week will be very interesting! Happy Saturday Lovers 💕
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Every time you feel tired, remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing and keep going. I’m exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically but I got goals and I can’t let the ball drop. I have to work my way around it logically and in a way that works for me. I’m still finding my feet and balance to my new schedule but I’m getting there.

I’m in maintenance mode which I’m happy with because my body is doing what it’s meant to be doing however sometimes it feels strange to no longer be fixated on a number on the scale, praying the numbers have gone down or trying to reach a certain number. My goal has been reached, I fit into “normal” clothes, I’m alive and breathing, I can’t and won’t let some expectations of numbers beat me down. BMI is a load of bullshit anyways in my own opinion, and some of those measurements are far from reality for me, so I’ll soak in what I’ve done so far and what I’m currently doing.
I’ll never be In the low 70 range and that’s absolutely fine by me, I’m happy where I am which is anywhere between 79-83kg. I eat a well balanced range of foods, I work out, I can fluctuate anywhere between 1-3+kg which is completely normal and I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Since starting my uni course I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how my body works. I’ve gained some muscle back which I’m proud of. All changes aren’t physical, a lot are mental.

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and this resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. Keep building yourself up and writing your chapters. Love yourself before and after, now and then because you have that person to thank for giving you the willpower to be where you are now.
Look back at where you came from, thank that person and let yourself feel proud about your progress and remind yourself that you are killing it 💪🏻 and don’t forget to thank yourself.

I am proud of the woman I am today, because I went through one hell of a time becoming her.

I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim.

I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve.
Ps, boobs are poppin 🍈 🍈
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Join @bariatricdad , myself and many others for some tapas and drinks at @friggcafe the night before the @auswidewlsmeetup on the Saturday.
We are calling this is a great opportunity to slide into the proverbial DMs and break the ice with your internet imaginary friends before the rush of the official event on Saturday night.

After discussing with the twins at @friggcafe We have decided to make this a ticketed event, the reason is to ensure the girls know the overhead and supplies they will need, they don’t want to have an indication of 40 people coming and only 20 People turning up or having 20 people say yes and then 40 turn up and they don’t have enough food, also so we can ensure there are limited numbers to make it more intimate. Frigg also are huge supporters of the #wls community offering the secret menu, they know how much our tums can tolerate which is a bonus!

Your ticket includes complimentary alcoholic beverage on arrival which can include a cocktail (valued at $13) or a mocktail can be sorted for those who don’t drink and access to a variety of tapas platter taster plates. Frigg tapas plates usually start off at $10 so we got ourselves an absolute bargain!

Tickets are limited to 50.
First in best dressed.
You don’t have to be attending the official auswide meet to come. Just ensure you are an active member of the community.

Link to buy tickets is in the bio.

#auswidewlsmeetup #auswidewls2018 #goldcoast #supportlocal #aussiebariatric #weightlosssupport

Transformation does not start with someone else changing you. Transformation is an inner self reworking of what you are now to what you will be.
Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward - get real with yourself.

Not all transformations are visible, we need to give credit to our mental, emotional and spiritual transformations along the way, mine in particular connect with my body and ground me in ways I cannot explain. For so long I’ve put myself and my body down for the way it looks and that it’s not like what I see in magazines or on the tv, I have cellulite, I have scars, I have stretch marks but you know what the best thing is? These are the things that make me unique in my own way and make me more beautiful than those airbrushed photoshopped models I used to looked up to and compare myself against... totally different playing field.

Transformation is more about unlearning than it is learning.
Love your body and teach your mind to respect it 🙌🏻💕 remember your body hears everything your mind says.

I’m healthy, im fit, im alive, I own more activewear then real clothes, I can tie my own shoelaces, I can go to the toilet unassisted, im “athletic”, i fit in regular clothes, I can run, I’m maintaining weight, the number on the scale no longer defines me or what I can and can’t do.
Just listen to your body and it will tel you where it wants to be.

Apologies I’ve been a bit MIA with posting stuff, Uni orientation is finally done with me fully diving into 2 units this coming Monday. I wanted to say a huge thank you to this beautiful human being. (@orpheen is another one but he will get a seperate post later on HAHHAHA) 💕💕@lifting_leah , thank you, thank you for being there when I’m having a bit of a rant and also for you and Steve making me a “starting uni” survival kit.
Leah was one of the first people I told when I was accepted to Latrobe and she made me the cutest little survival package with notebooks and pens and stationary things from @typoshop .
✏️ She’s been pushing me and constantly getting in my head ensuring I know what my priorities are and what they will Be with full time uni coming up, making sure I’m aware that I have to shift my change and focus from distractions to myself and my future, she’s also been teaching me different lifting techniques so I’m pretty lucky Hahhahaha.
I’m so very greatful for you coming into my life, and I’m so blessed to have you as one of my best friends. Thank you for having my back, always. 💕
Back to uni...
Am I scared? Yes
Why am I scared? Because I have a thing about failure and rejection that’s basically followed me around since I can remember.

Do I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew? - maybe, full time study and full time work is going to be a juggle but I’m a determined individual.

Will I fail? No...
Along my own journey I’ve come to realise there is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences. So time for me to knuckle down a little bit and concentrate on myself and my needs.
So again I apologise for not posting as much, I’ve just been trying to keep afloat get through orientation, get myself set up so im ready to go, I’ll put some gymflog stuff up soon to show off my prep for @melbmara and to keep up with @adz_in_control and @aliceblows but most of my stuff will be visible through stories.
Thank you everyone for your love and support.
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I have endured, I have been broken, I have known hardship, I have lost myself. But here I stand, still moving forward, growing stronger each day.
A tough week it has been but yet again I’ve managed to pull myself through the shit and screw my head back on. Yes it’s a vicious circle, but we are all human.
I have my friends, family and this wonderful IG community to thank for continuously for propping me up when I feel im falling down. This community enables me to be me and tell you how it really is.
Let’s continue to water each other and watch each other blossom amongst this garden of life, so we can grow and not be afraid and show those wonderful colours off when things get a bit dark and grey.
Let’s continue to uplift one another when life gets us down. Everyone’s human and everyone has emotions and some of us are better at handling them than others, it’s all a learning curve.
Let’s continue to be this community which not only grows by numbers daily but the heart keeps getting bigger and bigger. ❣
Let’s continue to work on being the best possible version of ourselves. 🌻

I’ve been quiet all weekend and wanted to say thanks for those who checked in on me, I could lie to you and say that I just needed some time away from social media or I was too busy enjoying my weekend to open Instagram up or I could be honest and tell you that I had 2 major anxiety SH episodes over the weekend. One on Friday at work and then again Saturday morning, i cancelled all my plans this weekend to look after myself and also grant as he’s been unwell, I don’t want to go into discussion about it nor do I want my friends tip toeing around me, with anxiety disorders it doesn’t just go away.... it lies dormant until you least expect it and BANG here’s Johnny.... I’ve taken my steps provided by my psych when im having these episodes and put them into practice which has since tidied my head up, triggers, selfcare, identifying and overcoming my own cloudy judgement.

These incidents tend to happen when I’m overloaded, I’m overloaded from life in general, I’m a people pleaser and usually let people just use me as a dumping ground for emotions and thoughts and venting and I honestly can’t do it anymore because I myself don’t have an outlet (well I do but I only see her twice a month).
My anxiety works in a way of putting issues into a filing cabinet in my head to deal with later... I’m a bottler...I always tell myself I’ll deal with it later.... we all know that doesn’t happen and eventually the file explodes leaving shit and debris everywhere.
I took a step back this weekend to refocus on what I want and I think it’s time I start to get selfish.
Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else. I cancelled my plans to stay at home in bed, slept for 8+ hours to recharge my batteries also to keep an eye on grant, when we are both not feeling good whether is physical or mentally we usually rely on the other to pick each other up and this weekend was tough but we did it.

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need, If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit 💕 •
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Happy Anniversary to my soul mate, partner in crime, my lover, my husband but most of all my best friend💕

Who would of thought a random rendezvous in the car park at stud park shopping centre at 11pm at night would of brought us what we have now.

6 years together, 4 years married...

Sometimes people search their whole lives for that perfect someone to spend their life with. I’m so lucky that I have mine.

With you, I became a better person. Without you, my life will never be complete. Thank you for choosing me as your better half.

Happy anniversary to my🐄 🐄 @orpheen
Love you always
Infinity xoxoxo
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There isn’t just one path that represents success- there are hundreds of possibilities, and they all look different! 🌱✨
#tuesdaythoughts #chibird
#growth #bedifferent #bloomtogether

Happy Friday Instafam 🌻
What a week it’s been! Still coming off my high from Sunday with @runmelbourne and already got my name down for 2 more events coming up including @missmuddyaus and @melbmara 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ I was also awarded member of the month at @jettsclydenorth 💕🙌🏻
Sometimes this all feels a bit like a dream, just over 3 years ago I struggled to walk without crying in pain, struggled to breathe, struggled to breathe on my own at night without my sleep apnea machine. Struggled to put my own shoes on and tie them without assistance.
I realised only j can change my life and no one else can do it for me.
As confronting as it was I had to believe that my life would only change when I became more committed to my dreams and goals than I was to my comfort zones.
Fast track 3 years after my #vsg I have become someone I don’t know. I love the new things I’m finding out about myself, I love the fact I have started to enjoy exercise and challenges, I love how I’ve adapted mentally to making better choices regarding food.
I like the person I’m becoming... the things I’ve gone through the last couple of years have nearly made me a better person.
3 years ago I wouldn’t of dreamed of running in events, getting medals or awards from the gym and being where I am now which is alive, healthy, tying my own shoelaces, breathing on a night with no machine, and running around opening my lungs rather than before where I would make any excuse to get out of anything regarding exercise and how much more aware I am of what I’ve worked for.
I’ve learnt to always go with the choice that scares you because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.
Have a great weekend guys and thank you @jettsclydenorth for the pick me up this week 💕💕💕

When it seems impossible like nothing is going to work, you are usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen.
Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they are going to tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period

So much love felt yesterday, so many emotions, so many words I can’t explain. I’m glad I didn’t throw in the towel and kept going, my hip is angry at me today but you know what it’s worth it and some TLC and recovery will put it back in place. I have to admit this shiny piece of metal has got me looking for more, @fatgirldoesstuff @thelongweighdownwithjess what have you done to me...... huge thank you to @costpricesupplements for sorting me out pre and post race, so much love for you guys xoxox 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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