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9 August, Wednesday:
3.00 pm - 2017 China Music Awards 2017年全球华语榜中榜颁奖典礼
5.25 pm - National Day Message 2017 (R) 国庆献词 2017
5.40 pm - National Day Parade 2017国庆庆典2017 (Live)
8.30 pm - Life's Perfectionists Sr 7 生活达人
9.00 pm - Move On 放下 (新登场)
10.00 pm - Ghost Of Relativity 鬼同你OT

今晚 9pm《分界线》 #BetweenTwoWorlds
最后一集 斯洛伐克
欧洲最大的少数民族,罗姆人,也被称为吉普赛人。而中欧的斯洛伐克是罗姆人集中度最高的国家。在这里他们身份不受认可, 经济和教育程度普遍低落他们为什么在第一世界里,过着第三世界的生活呢?

#NationalFlavours 《民族味》:
Episode 8 (Greece)
Simple and healthy, Greece cuisine distinguishes itself with its Mediterranean flavours. Dishes like Feta cheese sandwich, Spanakopita, Lazarakia and Fasolada may sound and taste Greek- but they’re all-time favourites with a story to tell. Discover with Joanna Dong, Greek cuisine’s rich heritage.

National Flavours episode 8 tonight at 9pm!
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#NationalFlavours 《民族味》:
第 7 集 ( 缅甸 )

Episode 7 (Myanmar)
Liberalised from military junta’s rule, Burmese food is bursting into the culinary scene. What make the hundreds of Burmese salads so unique? What is Nga Pi- the flavour of Burmese dishes? Discover with Darren Lim, Myanmese pride in iconic dishes such as Burmese curries and Mohinga.

National Flavours episode 7 tonight at 9pm!
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#NationalFlavours 《民族味》: 第 6 集 ( 中国四川 )
川菜以其麻辣和24个不同风味,征服了各地中国人的味蕾,也在海外华人地区留下足迹。麻辣火锅、麻婆豆腐、夫妻肺片这些经典川菜背后有着什么动人的故事?一起跟随董姿彦到四川重庆和成都感受四川人发自骨子里头的麻辣《民族味》! .
Episode 6 (Sze Chuan, China)
The hot and spicy taste of Sichuan has captured the hearts of Mainland Chinese and spreading its influence overseas. What’re the untold stories of iconic dishes like Spicy hotpot, Mapo bean curd and spicy beef slices? Travel with Joanna Dong to Chongqing and Chengdu to relish the sassy flavors of Sichuan cuisine!

National Flavours episode 6 tonight at 9pm!
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#NationalFlavours 《民族味》: 第5集 ( 菲律宾 )

Episode 5 (Philippines)
Why is Filipino cuisine relatively unknown internationally? With more than 7000 islands, Filipino food is very diverse with cultural influences hailing from Spain, China and indigenous people. Follow Darren Lim to discover the beauty of their national flavours through Balut, Lechon and Adobo cuisine!

National flavours episode 5 tonight at 9pm!
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第八集 孟加拉 - 达卡(环境污染)

Ep 8 Bangladesh (Environmental Pollution)

Dhaka is named the world’s second dirtiest city. Air pollution caused by traffic congestion, piles of garbage and the existence of the toxic particles are the main causes of pollution in the city. Let us take a closer look at Bangladesh's pollution and environmental issues with Yi Feng and fixer. 《线人》“Fixer"
今晚 29.6.17 (星期四)

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Brand new Hong Kong drama coming your way this July! Ghost of Relativity 《鬼同你OT》- as the title suggests, let's talk about sharing the same office as the friendly brothers... are you game for it? Debuts 7 July, 10pm on Channel U.

星期二 9pm 《#分界线》 #BetweenTwoWorlds
印度--孟加拉飞地 (第九集)
#threesixzeroproductions @threesixzeroproductions

#NationalFlavours 《民族味》:

Episode 3 (Hong Kong)
Efficient and relentlessly in their pursuit to tantalise taste buds, Hong Kong cuisine like Polo bun, dim sum and cart noodles have wowed generations of residents. Discover with Darren Lim, the efforts of Hong Kong culinary stalwarts to preserve the best wonton noodles in this fast paced city.

National flavours episode 3 tonight at 9pm!
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