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星期二 9pm 《#分界线》 #BetweenTwoWorlds
印度--孟加拉飞地 (第九集)
#threesixzeroproductions @threesixzeroproductions

#NationalFlavours 《民族味》:

Episode 3 (Hong Kong)
Efficient and relentlessly in their pursuit to tantalise taste buds, Hong Kong cuisine like Polo bun, dim sum and cart noodles have wowed generations of residents. Discover with Darren Lim, the efforts of Hong Kong culinary stalwarts to preserve the best wonton noodles in this fast paced city.

National flavours episode 3 tonight at 9pm!
Catch up here: http://bit.ly/NationalFlavours

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根据最新的电台收听率调查,新传媒的三大中文电台 #LOVE972#YES933#Capital958 再度蝉联全国收听冠、亚、季军!能够连续23年稳坐全国三强的宝座,有赖所有中文节目听众的支持,真心感谢您! #Top3ChineseRadio #Top3ofSingapore #SingaporeRadio

Tonight 8pm 《分界线》 #BetweenTwoWorlds
27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin faces a new watershed in ideologies with the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees. Refugees crossed the oceans fleeing war and political persecution. Germany accepted more than a million refugees. How do the refugees overcome language barriers and assimilate into a culture foreign to them? What do Germans think of these new immigrants?

今晚 8pm 《#分界线》 #BetweenTwoWorlds
柏林围墙被推倒的27年后,随着中东难民的涌入,德国再度面临一个新的分水岭。因为战乱,难民们远渡重洋流亡到欧洲寻找生机。德国就接收了一百万个寻求庇护的难民。面对全然陌生的环境和语言,难民们要如何重新再来?德国民众对于蜂涌而至的难民,又抱着怎样的心态?难民们要怎么样才能融入这个欧洲城市? #threesixzeroproductions

#NationalFlavours 《民族味》: Episode 2 (Brazil)

Heavily influenced by Portugese colonial masters and African slaves, discover the roots to Brazil's national flavours! Also, why is a barbecue a must for Brazilian family meals and national feasts? Belinda Lee uncovers the flamboyant side of Brazilians through iconic dishes like Feijoada and Moqueca!

National flavours episode two tonight at 9pm!
Catch up here: http://bit.ly/NationalFlavours

Scarlet Heart, weekdays 10pm on Channel U. 😊 #moonloversscarletheartryeo

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