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Casey Chan  Filmmaker. Foodie. Family Man. 👇New Video👇

Board-game-character Casey seems so much cooler lol. Kinda wished this was a cartoon show!! I’d watch the crap out of that show lol. The Kickstarter for @jkfilms very own board game goes live in 1 day!! Make it happen y’all so we can get that cartoon show 😂 Follow @shadyagentsgame for more updates! #shadyagentsgame

Since I partnered with Dove DermaSeries on my previous video, I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s from y’all about how I currently deal with my eczema.  Just like dieting and fitness, there really isn’t a short cut other than to keep a consistent regimen with applying lotions and eating a clean eczema friendly diet! My eczema is mainly on my hands now, so I rely heavily on Dove DermaSeries’ Hand Cream to help sooth my skin. In the diet department, eating fish rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids has drastically improved my skin and overall health! There is no one answer to soothing Eczema, but rather a complete lifestyle adjustment to finding happiness with our skin. Check out the new vlog for a recipe on Roasted Mackerel with Garlic! #ad #DovePartner #DoveDermaSeries

Cruisin’ through the Adriatic Sea with the wifey. I really can’t wait to show you guys the vlogs from our trip! I’ve had such a multicultural experience. Only two days left before heading home from paradise #shareistria

Learning about all the finer things in life in Istria! Thank you @shareistria for bringing us out and showing us all the beauty and wonders this region has to offer! What an experience... definitely coming back! P.S. them truffles tho 👌#shareistria

Big Ben didn’t want to get romantic with us. That’s okay... still had a blast in #London 🇬🇧

My noble steed and me strapping up for a mission across the Sahara Desert 🇲🇦 This vacation is definitely more of an ‘adventure’ - the most amazing time I’ve ever had abroad. This is my first time visiting an Arabic country, and I’ve realized I’ve stayed in my comfort zone for too long - often opting for Asian or European countries. Anyways my Moroccan experience is definitely ranked at the top! Can’t wait to share the vlogs from this trip! 😆#morocco #camel #desert #sahara

Adventures with you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for showing me the world! ❤️ #morocco #fez

Till we meet again Paris 🇫🇷

The first picture we took after getting home from our court wedding in LA one year ago today. We must have sat on our balcony for 2 hours straight just holding each other, looking back on our journey together. Happy anniversary baby! Thank you for taking a chance on a schlub like me. PS it’s dope we got hitched on May 19th, cause now the Royals are copying our steez 😂 #linkinbio #may19 #oneyearanniversary

Had the most epic day at Pixar Studios! Got to see a 30 minute sneak peak of Incredibles 2, listened to Director Brad Bird speak, fanboyed over some original concept art of Coco, stared at a showcase with the 15 oscars Pixar has won, and played obstacle course games all over the campus... Just to name a few perks of traveling with your wife on her brand deal trips 😂 #incrediblesday

Happy mother’s day to the love of my life! Your strength and courage carries this family so much, and I see these traits growing in Isaac everyday. My real life superhero! I love you so much!

Good times 😎#linkinbio

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