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Chanita Foster  Documented Millionaire/Philanthropist/Author/TVPersonality/AmbassadorOfTourismZimbabwe/PJSGlobal/KBN @BeyondTheGameOrg @kbnsouthafrica #TLC🇺🇸🇸🇿🇿🇦🇿🇼

I've had my share of ups and downs
Times when there was no one around
God came and spoke these words to me
Praise will confuse the enemy
I've had my share of ups and downs
Times when there was no one around
God came and spoke these words to me
Praise will confuse the enemy
So I started singing, oh, oh (I started singing, I started clapping)
(I started dancing) people were laughing (people were laughing)
They knew my problems, they knew my pain
But I knew God would take them away, yeah


Dear God....
The last few days have made me feel at my lowest. In 48 hours MULTIPLE MAJOR Life Altering events have taken place that will effect me, my family, friends and even my business. At times I have felt like I was going to have a heart attack. At times I fell asleep hoping I would wake up with a different outcome. Last night I moved my gun. Because I have been through it before thinking a temporary pain needed a Permanent solution. Through all the good and mercy you have shown me I still question the Pain! No one can talk about Pain like I can. No one can talk about survival like I can. But God....
People continue to hurt me. It always takes for something to happen to see who is really down for you! The same people you give your heart and soul to can be the same people that won’t even give you a benefit of the doubt or even a conversation. The world is so quick to judge, accuse and celebrate PAIN! It takes a certain kind of person to feel good about someone else’s pain.
But God........
You are the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. No weapon formed against me shall Prosper. I shall LIVE and Not DIE!!!! I shall Live and not Die!!! I shall Live and Not Die!!!
The pain I may endure for a night but Joy will come in the morning. Besides Kim gaining her wings I am in a fight for my life! Who’s report will you believe?!?
God you are birthing a Story in me so big that my enemies will fall before you....
But God....
My prayer Oh Lord is that my Pain takes me back to my Purpose! My love for people! For widows and orphans! For Africa. Forgive me oh Lord for the times that the world led me away from what you birthed in me. Forgive me oh Lord for not showing the world that Unlike most I know why I walk this earth.
I can’t breathe..... But I am living.... Use me Lord.
It’s my public cry to you.
In Jesus name. Amen

This photo just reminds me of the Day my Purpose was revival to me when God whispered in my ear....

You know how to reach me.......

I haven’t slept because I can’t stop thinking about YOU.... To know Kim was to know YOU! A bond and a Sisterhood like no other! The echo of you screaming my name and your hurt won’t allow the tears to stop in my eyes. You have to be strong for so many reasons. But for those kids! For the girls! When we talked Wendy prayed Peace and Strength. It’s time to be strong my amazing Friend! I LOVE YOU! I Love you! I Love You!
#Unexplainable #ILoveMyFriend #EB #JustDifferent #Tears #ButGod #ImLostRightNow #Prayers

It was just special.... I never posted photos when we were together... I guess that I just held close the special sisterhood that @ebonielektra @ladykp had. Moments of no make up and chill. I never felt left out or not included. The word I can use to describe it is SPECIAL!!! So many laughs and memories! I thank you more than words.... #LastPost #Tears #EboniAndBonnie #Them #TheyLetMeBeTheCreamToTheBrowGirl #SilentMemories #Laughs #TheTalks #SleepWell #Unbelievable #BrownGirls #Bonnie

You have no ideal how hard it was to listen to @ebonielektra CRY Screaming my name! I don’t even know how to began to process her emotional state right now. I don’t know what is going to happen during the flight she is on.... BUT GOD!!! We were so Excited about all 3 of us being in South Africa together! That was the talk EVERYDAY! South Africa! Even last night. Eboni said “Kim is calling, let me call you right back!” Then we text and I fell asleep. The events that transpired next feel like a movie....
All I can think about are the KIDS!
@ladykp you have your wings....
#Speechless #PrayForEboni #PrayForTheKids #PrayForTheFamily #MyHeartHurts #TheSoundOfEboniCries #Jesus #RestInHeaven #TheSoundOfKimsVoice #Bonnie

I have always had on my Vision Board to meet and work with @akon
I am so inspired by all his work in Africa! I remember praying with @beyondthegameorg that he brings LIGHTS to our orphanages....
God Timing... Congratulations @akon
#Inspired #Him #Africa #Philanthropy #Giving #Blessed #BeyondTheGame #IWillWorkWithHimOneDay #PurposeWork

This is Me all day....
I’m cut from a Different cloth and they don’t make this fabric anymore!

Whew Chile....
There was a day when everything a person said about me mattered! Like everything! Even if it was a complete Lie it would bother me! But God!!! Now I have learned no matter what a persona says about you, it can’t stop your destiny!!! It may HURT Your Feelings, but it can’t stop your destiny! What God has for you will always be for you!
Good Morning America/Good Afternoon South Africa!
Don’t be rude say it back!

Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.....

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