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Change Vadodara Campaign [CVC]  We are a team, desiring to bring some change! We are a Voice of effort!


•• Gorwa Camp's 1st Anniversary •• On 19th February CVC's Gorwa camp completed 1 year successfully and Camp head Manoj Jain organised volunteer appreciation function seeing the continuous efforts of volunteers throughout the year.
Entire journey of Gorwa camp was presented through video.
Each volunteer of Gorwa camp was appreciated with CVC's letter of appreciation and handmade picture box of their photos with a personalized message.
Before concluding the event, goal was set to admit 3 Non school going and deserving kids in schools in next 6 months.
#Gorwa1stAnniversary #Appreciation
#ChangeVadodaraCampaign #CVC

CVC is here with some savage events to add some awesome sauce to your day!! ➡ Open mike competition: Here's a chance to show that fab talent 🎸🥁🎹of yours!! ➡Ideas storming: Tell us your idea of change and the best one will be awarded! ➡ Slogan Writing Competition: Pour your feelings into a slogan and the finest of all gets a prize!
Also, some spontaneous fun 🤹‍♀with Spot Games🏸🏓 and CVC Photo-booth📷

Place: Prakarsh, SVIT
DATE : 21, 22 February, 2018

#ChangeVadodaraCampaign #Prakarsh2018 #OpenMic

CVC Waghodia Camp
Date: 18th February, 2018 ••Highlight of the day : 7-10th standard students were taught biology with the help of seckleton by a Volunteer•• Camp started with prayer and exercise with alphabets. A 5 minutes General knowledge session was taken by a senior student of the camp. Then they were separated according to their standard . Non school going kids were taught kakko and school going kids from their text books. Quiz was played at the end by higher standard students. Afterwards, biscuits were given to all kids.
#CVC #WaghodiaCamp

Date: 18th February, 2018

The regular study sessions continued. Students were taught tables and were taught to write it. 2nd standard students were taught spellings and rest of the students were taught English alphabets. Later, students sung and performed on a folk song.

#CVCBIT #SuratCamp
#ChangeVadodaraCampaign #CVC

CVC Gotri Camp
Date: 18th February, 2018 ••Art competition special•• A warm morning started by charms followed by exercises. All children grouped and taught by respective Volunteers.
While ending of studies lead to starting of an amazing Art Competition which blowed up the minds of children which was shown on piece of paper.

Camp ended by distrubtion of food sponsored by Vaishakhi Shah and prize distribution by our respected and honorable judges from fine arts.
#CVC #GotriCamp #ArtCompetitionAtGotri

Date : 18th February, 2018

Day started with prayers followed by exercise. After that school going students were grouped as per their standard and taught from text books. Non-school going children were taught separately by Volunteers.
After that, handwashing was done and Dairy Milk was distributed among kids.
#CVC #SamtaCamp

[2/2] Here's the video of our Gorwa Camp Picnic. It was a fun-filled day for all the kids. Heartily thanks to everyone who made it possible !! #GorwaCamp #Picnic #1stYearAnniversary
#ChangeVadodaraCampaign #CVC

[1/2] Here's the video of our Gorwa Camp Picnic. It was a fun-filled day for all the kids. Heartily thanks to everyone who made it possible !! #GorwaCamp #Picnic #1stYearAnniversary
#ChangeVadodaraCampaign #CVC

Date- 18th February, 2018
CVC Karelibaugh Education Camp

Camp start with the prayer, followed by exercise and pledge. Then they were told the importance of prayer. Afterwards attendence was taken. Then students were grouped as per their standard and taught from text books.

#CVC #KarelibaughCamp

Date: 18th February, 2018

CVC Manjalpur Slum Education Camp:

Camp started with prayer & exercise. Students were bifurcated for teaching gujarati kakko.

1)Toddlers : Puzzle games, kakko & body shapes.
2) 1st & 2nd standard students: Gujarati reading and Hindi.
3) 3rd to 9th standard students: Maths tables & English words.

After studies, game played by students to arrange Gujarati alphabets in row which were made from thermocole sheets by Volunteers. After that, biscuits and pencils were distributed.

#CVC #ManjalpurCamp

CVC Gorwa's Annual day picnic! All set for a ride in the joy train

CVC's Gorwa Camp is celebrating its 1st Anniversary with the students! Here is a glimpse of the moment from our picnic

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