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Change Vadodara Campaign  We are a team, desiring to bring some change! We are a Voice of effort!

Members of Waghodia Camp took a session of English teaching. Also snacks were provided at the end.

Date: 22nd May 2017

Event: Summer Camp "Skills for Adolescence" (day 2)

Change Vadodara Campaign in association with Lions Club of Baroda Main has organised a Vocational training camp for the students of CVC's SEC.
Day 2 involved explanation and training regarding the emotional, physical, social and educational changes that adolescents undergo. The teaching was based on verbal explanation and creative chart making on the same.

Waghodia: -The camp started with prayers and morning exercise. -School goers : number identification using the game Bingo and and some other games
-Higher standard students: basic English.
-Non school goers: kakko and numbers, "face yourself activity" was conducted which was really effective. -The camp ended with food distribution.

Gorwa: -The camp began with morning prayers.
-All the students made beautiful greeting cards using colourful stationary. -Chocolates were distributed at the end.

Gotri Centre: -The camp started with prayer & exercise.
-Standard 1-3: kakko -Standard 4-6: algebra sums and tables -Standard 7-9: textbook teaching and three digit multiplications, addition.
Blow painting by straw
-Food distribution was done at the end.

Manjalpur: -

Date: 21st May 2017

Event: Summer Camp "Skills for Adolescence" (day 1)

Change Vadodara Campaign in association with Lions Club of Baroda Main has organised a Vocational training camp for the students of CVC's SEC.
On Day 1, the students were taught some basic manners and maths tables with lots of game and good lessons such as how to eat and how to talk with one's parents and peers.

Also, -Toddler and middle age students: shapes and colours identification.


Meet the Team of Waghodia Centre!
Waghodia has a team with the most talented people in different areas.

Waghodia Team won the title of 'The Best Decorating Team' at 2nd CVC Birthday.
Centre Head manages everything in the best possible manner so that every education camp works efficiently.
Volunteers give their best efforts for kids so they learn something new and productive each time.
Photographers capture the efforts of every CVCian and even capture the best emotions of the kids, which inspires the volunteers to work hard for them!

Water - The most essential part of life.
In a burning heat of nearly 45°C and above, the water looks like a life line for us. Humans can get easily for free of cost with chill water even at a such hot weather. Have you ever imagine that God has given beautiful things around us to keep our world more beautiful with that things.
And its our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy as much as possible. As we need water to survive even they too need it. There comes day to suffer with the problem if they don't get enough amount of water.
Please place some water in a dish or a tub at your home, so that little birds can have some water. Save world from this summer!!

When a super efficient Camp Head, super enthusiastic core member and super kind social worker leaves, it is obvious that he will be missed badly!

Meet Patel - Camp Head Waghodia Camp is leaving for U.S.
CVC wants to wish him all the success in life and lots of happiness!

Change!!!! A belief of one heart and ignited fire of change in hundreds of hearts.
A positive vibe that was generated in one soul brought all the similar souls together.
A desire was all that was needed.
A desire that fought against all the odds, crossed all the hurdles and made the dream of a person, a dream of hundreds of people
This was how CVC was created!

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Date : 14/05/2017 Gorwa: -The started camp with prayer and exercise.
-Craft work: Made colourful butterflies with craft papers.
-Shared stories of Mother's Day and asked kids to wish their mothers.

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