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Chanel Forsström  Made in Sweden 🇸🇪 Stockholm School of Economics 🎓📍NYC🌍Represented by Silent Models NY | Le Management | Next Miami | The Squad Ldn

My minus whatever celsius smile!!! ☃️


Okeeey, so lets talk about the cons of the plant-based diet so far💭😅🙅🏼‍♀️*It can be tricky to go out and eat or at least more boring in some places, NYC is def better than Sthlm&Paris (Where I have been lately).. go figure *I feel annoying asking all these diet questions🤭Because everyone doesn't know what a plant-based diet means, so I have to double check everything *It’s quite boring not sharing the same food experience together with others.. I always have to change or have something else than most of the people in my company *I have only been invited for dinner at a friend’s place once so far 😂.. (maybe my diet is the reason🤬) but in that case I felt uncomfortable asking or bringing my own food, however, I asked about the food before and brought my own to add (in a regular takeaway box🙈 so no one would react) *Oh YES @babba.c , way less receptive to alcohol for sure🤮 Actually, I’ve been drinking less during the last 2 months, bc I feel so bad both physically/mentally the day after.. in comparsion to before🤨 or maybe my hangover-free-youth-days are just over😜*It takes time to discover what you can eat and find what you like, be aware of the ”cleanse” period that can be hard in the beginning *Due to lack of knowledge/imagination as a plant-based eater rookie, I had a lot of bad carbs at first, which didn’t make me feel great. Generelly you eat more carbs on a plant-based diet. Try to stick to the good ones! * I always read the table of content very carefully, a lot of vegan things (especially the substitute for dairy, meat etc) may contain weird stuff. The less processed, the better👌🏻Continue reading👇🏻

Making breakfast as fast as a 🏎.. ish! 👩🏼‍🍳🥝🍌#overnightoats #breakfast #obsession

☁️☁️☁️ @danielwellington

A lot of people have asked me about the benefits that I’ve experienced from being #plantbased for the last 2 months💭😍 Here you go👉🏻 *I sleep better* The first 2 weeks were like going through a cleanse, I could feel how my body was getting rid of all the toxins from animal products 🤔 Once that period was over my energy has been more stable than before *I never feel crazy-heavy-full after eating 🤢, even though I consume the same amount (calories) or even more *My skin has really improved! ✨ However, I’ve noticed that I react badly to soy products, so I have tried to cut that out..*My stomach is happier 🤸🏼‍♀️and I finally understand the importance of taking care of the digestive system, it is our second brain!! *I spend less money on food *I cook more at home and I have become more creative in the kitchen, which made cooking so much more fun *I have overall been healthier* I have discovered a lot of ”new” food that I love *I feel more fresh *The thought of dairy or meat/fish makes me feel a little sick atm (Yaay for the animals and my conscience) *My sweettooth is not gone 😋, but I don’t crave the same things as before. I have vegan chocolate almost every day and a couple of different healthier vegan pastries every week* My weight is the same as before. In the beginning I gained weight.. probably bc of the adjustment. For example, I eat a lot more carbs and less protein now than before👍🏻 #vegan #diet #challange #eatyourgreens

#missyou 🌇🗽💙 Can’t wait to go back!!! 🙏🏻⏳ #nyc #parkavenue

OMG, yummiest bowl in town!!! With my favourite foodie @foodjunkieblog💕 PS. Added almond butter & switched the 🍐 compote for raspberry🤤 #overnightoats #breakfast

❤️❤️❤️👨🏻❤️❤️❤️ #happyvalentinesday

Hey you #lunch B E A U T Y🧚🏼‍♀️ #plantbased 🌱 #promisethisdoesNOTtakeforever ⌛️ #swipe 👈🏻

.. and they need a silly storieoo📽🤷🏼‍♀️Happy friy♥️y ‼️💋🎶: Silly love songs, Wings🎙

Comfiest day with @frankdandyofficial !! 🍑🍉😍👍🏻

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