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Chanel Collette  An Audacious Athlete & Coach. Y3T ATHLETE Paragon Fitwear | code CHANEL LEGION Athletics | buylegion.com/chanel ⬇️8-Week Training Community⬇️

In today’s episode of “Socks and Heels” we have some lightening differences brought to you by the time change and a completely worn off Arnold Weekend spray tan.
Now the logistics are out of the way. We’ve got a 2lb loss over the course of a week while not significant really in the grand scheme of a woman’s fluctuations; it is because I’ve been pretty steady and this essentially happened unexpectedly. There’s just been that shift in my body. I can feel it.
My diet coach @scoobyprep1_ifbbpro sees it. So we’re responding. My hormonal health is finally 🎉 at a place of optimal homeostasis. Therefore I am responsive to training and to slight dietary changes in predictable patterns. My weight loss even came during PMS so him and I are both pretty thrilled here. Time to continue to put in some work in this space and let my body do its thing HERE. I couldn’t be more relieved and proud of myself for continuing to place hope in an unknown space. I let go of immediate gratification tendencies, ate to perform, and rested to heal.
Also I gotta thank another individual in my corner @musculartherapy for helping me strand up straight again.....sheessshhh I had no idea I was putting some much work on my posterior chain that I couldn’t even stand upright (photo on left). Slowly we are getting my hammies to lengthen; while THEY GROW.
Happiest of Saturday’s my Audacious and faithful friends. You’re encouragement through this has continued to help me propel forward, seek what’s best for my body, and share with you what I’m learning through this. Every kind word, every heart ❤️ emoji, and every personal DM have never been unseen or not taken to heart. Y’all truly keep my Audacious vibes thriving.

SNS that I just got the cake 🎂 in the cover frame. But such is that gym solo life.
Y’all loved some of my accessory movements last week so here we go again......after I did alllll the squats (barbell & hack), leg extensions....then I was on to the accessory superset:
🔻 Elevated Split Lunges. Focus on the full stretch and pause at the bottom. Take it nice and slow and make those lil DMBs feel like 40s.
🔻 Wide Stance Sumo DMB Squats. I hold the DMB parallel to ground so I can reach a full ROM without it hitting the floor here (because all the boxes were taken to do elevated ones). Again I am pausing briefly at the bottom of the squat the driving up and pushing my pelvis slightly forward to squeeze the cake 🎂 at the top.
I’m determined to bring some diamond 💎 shaped glutes that could cut glass by the time I put on that sparkly bikini 👙 again. These movements aren’t magic - it won’t be just them that get me there. But day in and day out improving my training and my recovery I’ll build something I never thought I could actually have. #BuildWharYourMamaDidntGiveYa
Shoes and socks @adidasoriginals @adidaswomen.
Top @paragonfitwear (code CHANEL).
Pants 🙊 don’t wanna say because the logo is already falling off hahaha but I just wanted to wear a shade of red / maroon today😉

Dear Spring ☀️ Stop teasing me. Promise you’ll stay.
📸 @kingcarnevale my light finder. Also note to you sir I’m much better at photos pre workout 😕 Let’s remember this.
Outfit deets:
Crop @Adidas @adidaswomen.
Shoes @adidas.
Leggings @lululemon.

It ain’t over til the pumped glutes 🥩 sing.
I don’t post my rear often (1) because I refuse to practice the “booty pose” I don’t get it. I don’t want to break my hips (2) Because I KNOW it’s there and I don’t have to prove to IG every hump day it is 🤷🏽‍♀️...........
BUT YALL this lower body training in my @audaciousathletes PHASE 2 program is 🔥🔥 I’ve never felt this intense of a pump before. And this photo was only taken after 1 movement.
The principles I capitalized on here in this program is a movement focused on fully lengthening and stretching the muscle followed by a “pump” focused movement. This applies to many of the muscle groups in the program; but this glute day is gnarly Frands!!
Only a few spaces left for this 8-Week Training community where we run this ALL together! LINK IN BIO.
PS I’m also going to just wear Maroon all week to match the aesthetic of all my marketing materials. FYI everything designed by yours truly. I actually took graphic design classes in college but the focus was on magazine print work. My strongest project submissions were in the women’s health sector - go figure 😏

AU•DA•CIOUS : showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks 👈🏽 (that’s plural!).
Where in your life can you take risks to make you stronger, wiser, and just damn proud of yourself? For me, it was through strength training. I can’t tell you how proper training to make myself stronger; rather than smaller, changed my life. I’ve also had the pleasure of helping others do the same and you can JOIN US starting today in my @AudaciousAthletes PHASE ✌🏽Training Community.
ALL DETAILS of the community can be found in my latest YouTube video (along with a BIG ol’Giveaway!) and check out my IG STORY.
LINK IN MY BIO takes you directly too it!
▪️You did not have to do PHASE 1 beforehand. Think of these training programs as encyclopedias of progressive training. Each program is different in nature in terms of motor patterns used, rep scheme changes, and intensifiers used. Each program stands alone as a great 8 WEEK TOTAL BODY split for anyone with access to a gym.
▪️ALL LEVELS Welcome! Program designed to your RPEs (rates of perceived exertion) so YOU DO YOU. The amount of weight you use for each movement is negligible the idea is just to learn how to progress your training. Everyone will be stronger in week 8 than week 1 no matter what level of gym-goer you are.
▪️ ANY SEASON OF LIFTER. Off season or On season I lift traditionally the same. Tissue recruitment doesn’t change. You can design the split you need to complete this program whether you’re in a deficit or surplus. In the community I WILL help with this part for you if you are unsure!
▪️ There is not any nutrition information within this training program. Will discuss those details more in the community FB LIVES but I truly just want to focus, again, on making you STRONGER rather than smaller. But I can promise you body composition changes do occur 😏 and that’s the ultimate goal right?!?
▪️Please comment any questions you have below. Tag a friend. Do it together. Space is limited to 35 people to join us for an entire 8-Week Series!! LET’S DO THIS 🙌🏽.
OH and PHOTO credzz to @catandzachphoto. My entire aesthetic for this launch was nailed with your 📸 magic. TY ❤️

When everything (aside from an eyebrow pimple) is going perfect in your day; you knock out one helluva glute day for the books.
And practice some arm balances to get ready to show my skillzzz off to @kingcarnevale on Thursday.
Today’s first movement was working some volume work on Hip Thrusts.
• WORKING SETS at 225 for AMRAP. Goal was more than 8.
• LAST SET dropped to 185 (seen here). I’m working on my Isolation holds til failure. I did 5 reps. HOLD until I felt I had to release to knock out 5 more reps then HOLD til failure.
#SwipeRight for some arm balances but that glute 🍑 pump threw off my balance a bit; never got stacked properly #ToughLife but did open my hips up with this split variation.
Final video is when you’re Absolutely dead☠️ but that Early 2000’s Nelly beat drops 😂😂 #Hott$hit
Top @paragonfitwear Calabria crop. Code CHANEL for some savings.
Tights @lululemon. In movement 7/8 length.
Shoes @adidas ultra boost trail shoes.

MEAL PLANS vs. MACROS before all the internet weighs in on which one is better. 🛑 the reason for this post is actually bc it was one of the most requested topics for me to cover for an upcoming vlog.
Comment below any specifics you want me to address. Questions you might have 🤔 no question is a bad question and if you want it to be kept anonymous you’re welcome to send me a DM instead.
Also sorry for the unrelated photo 🤦🏽‍♀️ ( swipe right for a food related photo LOL) but this is one that didn’t make the “thumbnail cut” for the @paragonfitwear release video. I just have no other content bc I’ve been a hermit all weekend in preparation for my @audaciousathletes PHASE ✌🏽 Training community to launch. Frannndsss get ready this one is gonna be hella fun! I

Little Tubie 📺 Teaser because today’s the day frannndss. The @paragonfitwear Winter collection drops SOON!!! At 3PM EST to be exact.
This video is a clip from my full HAUL. Every item, every color, and almost every outfit combination available in this beautifully aesthetic collection. LINK IN MY BIO to watch before the launch!!!!
Comment any questions you have about sizing, options, and whatever and I’ll do my best to answer. I’m a size medium in all tops and size small in the leggings. I think 🤔 I nailed the spin #AmIRite ?? Hard to believe bc I’m the least coordinated person ever!!
❤️I love all of you who continue to support my fit wear obsessions and hugs and kisses to everyone who ever uses my code CHANEL at checkout to save on your orders ❤️

Fast Forward Time ⏰ Tonight and while you’re at it set the the clock for this @paragonfitwear collection. 3PM EST time the collection we’ve all been raving about is READY!
Y’all know my soul is “athleisure” #WhatIsAdultAttire and this collection is a solid new staple to my wardrobe. Solid colors.
High quality fabrics that can pass outside of the gym.
Designs that can be worn with all my wardrobe must-haves.
Black jeans, denim, neutrals....these pieces literally go with alllllll the things beautifully.
Full HAUL & TRY ON video releasing on my YouTube 📺 channel tomorrow to review before the launch!! 7:30 AM for dat!
As always a truly ‘preciate ❤️ all who order with my code CHANEL and get some savings for you too!! #SwipeRight to see the looks and what I do when I’m over all the pictures 🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️.

Get in on some of this ARM DAY action. Finally, Chanel, you’re sharing some accessory work.
I know I’m really bad 🤦🏽‍♀️about only sharing my compound lifts. I promise I do the little stuff too.
Better save this one 📥 cause it might be next year before you get another one.
Completed after Chest Movements.
1️⃣ Front Raise Plate Drivers. Raising the plate until your arms are parallel with the floor (typically my sight level is when I can see through the hole). As you raise alternately “drive” one hand from 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock, then 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock. This burn is gnarly.
2️⃣ Incline Prone DMB Reverse Flys. Notice how I’m doing “blocks” of different grip variations to maximize angles to hit the rear delts. Typically my “blocks” are 4-5 reps per grip style. For those with the fake boulders 😏 sorry - they migrate to your arm pits with this one.
1️⃣ Incline DMB Skullcrushers with neutral / hammer grip. Choose a weight you can maintain stability at both the elbow joint and shoulder joint. Keep elbows towards the midline of the body and prevent them from flaring out. Also don’t lock out the elbow when you drive the DMBs way from your skull.
2️⃣ Single Arm Cable Tricep Extensions. Aim to keep your elbow in close to the body as opposed to letting it travel in front; could still use some work here with this cue too. To keep tension in those horseshoes, You only need to bring the cable up enough until your forearm is parallel to the ground.
3️⃣ BLOOPERS bc getting BooButt @jaredmcarter to film is basically him in his own little world and I’m just chillin in it 😂😂 #WhenTypeAMeetsTypeB.
All movements part of the @audaciousathletes PHASE ✌🏽8-Week Training Community. Will be open for new Beta Crew members next week. STAY TUNED because there’s limited spots for Beta Crew members of the community!! #AABetaCrewIsLit.
Leggings @paragonfitwear collection releases 3/11 at 3PM est. I’m wearing plum in size small. Code CHANEL for some savings Laydees. And there’s Dude stuff too!
Top @lululemon.

Braided...... and Jaded because needssss 🍷🍷 red wine.
Been working my big ol’ tail off to get my @audaciousathletes Beta Crew their PHASE ✌🏽8-week training community. Issshhh is gonna be killer this go ‘round. If you’ve wanted to know how I’ve been training to build my backside - THIS IS IT. And immm run the program again fully will my Crew again!! Stay tuned!!

It weighs heavily on my heart to post today to recognize Women in all that we ARE and all that we CAN be. ❤️👯‍♀️ I’ve shaped my entire career on helping women to see in themselves what this women standing here in this photo taught me to see within myself.
Dear Mama, my success in my career; and the incredible strength I strive for other women to feel, is all because you instilled in me a relentless strength. You started with your decision to give me life on this Earth knowing that you would most likely be alone in raising me. You then decided you wanted the experience of having me safely in the comforts of your own home. (Yup that’s right she took all the measures for a home birth resting on her intuitions and knowledge that this was just the right way for her to bring me into the 🌎). Then you taught me to chase my education with a relentless pursuit knowing it would have an exceptional impact on my life as an adult that you were unable to experience.
Together we put myself through college debt free (with the help of scholarships) and to this day I still CANNOT BELIEVE we did that. Times weren’t easy but I remember you saying “Just Do It, Chanel.” (She still thinks @nike stole her life mission statement).
Today I celebrate YOU Mama; and every woman, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, that gives strength to other women. We need to stand together and continue to help one another tackle all that life has in store for us.
We are strong.
We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
Celebrate every woman in your life today. Tag any woman who you feel needs to know she is strong and powerful today 👯‍♂️🌎 #internationalwomensday

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