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Life is a bit unreal and surreal for me right now.
There are hardly words for me to put out into the world right now to describe the level of excitement, nerves, raging joy, and overwhelming sense of accomplishment I have already.
This entire prep - which I started out just calling a “diet” because I truly never thought it would come to a full blown prep - I woke up everyday thinking today is the day I plateau.
Today is the day things go south.
Today is the day I may have to reconsider my love for the stage.
I never stopped working for what I wanted but those apprehensions were always lingering. I fully believe a small fraction of doubt can go a long way to keeping your work ethic in check.
If this process came without a small bit of apprehensions I would have missed out on this exact feeling of being overwhelmingly speechless and so freakin’ proud of my damn self; and I haven’t even walked across that stage yet.
While most of you here don’t have this weird goal to walk across a stage in a bikini 👙 to be judged by strangers; just know a lil’ apprehensions make any goal getting accomplished that much sweeter. Be ready to prove yourself to your own damn self 👊🏽👊🏽
Swipeyyyy for a lil’ #TransformationTuesday from my meaty 🥩 arms to my now chicken 🍗 wings. Love them both the same!

Well never thought I’d say this but over 30 LBS down 🤨 Didn’t think it would come to this but I want to see a certain look to my backside 💎💎and it’s not quiet there so I forge ahead.
This weight / look is far and away from what’s realistic and I will never advocate that I’ll try to stay around stage weight - F THAT - I’m flatter than a flapjack 🥞 and I absolutely love my physique fuller too. I am just smaller now; not stronger or more worthy because I lost this weight.
It’s a means to the end I sought out. Just peelin’ more layers back to earn what’s mine!!
There is also NOTHING 🙅🏽‍♀️ wrong with having to lose 20-30 LBS to get on stage. In fact, this is the reality for most. If you want to put on quality tissue you’re going to have to get some fat tissue to support that growth. True story here - I gained much more than I expected and I still want more development in my glutes and hamstrings. So you’re girl may gain 30 LBS again if that’s what it takes. I’ll never fear what’s needed to improve.
But until that growin’ season comes immmaa keep on. Operation turn this UNIFORM inside out 😂😂

A day in my life; where the fighting never stops.
New Intro for the ‘Tube 📺 to go along with the release of today’s vlog all about my DEXA scan results. I spill the tea 🍵 on my body fat, lean muscle tissue, and imbalances.
🎥 @filmedbymiguel.
🔥fueled by @legionath.
Playground @katyhearngym.
❤️loved by @herschel_brown & @lou_e_brown - all that’s missing is a cameo from @jaredmcarter 😘.

🍂 Free Fallin’ 🍂.
Sunday day dates with my main man which means brewery tours ( agua for me), jammin’ in the car to @macmiller 😇, and watching him walk away 🤤 in that denim jacket.
Photo 📸 cred - said main man ❤️ @jaredmcarter.
Outfit deets:
Top @fashionnova.
Hat @express.
Sweater @lululemon.
Jeans @madewell.
Boots @sorelfootwear.

The leg day that almost didn’t happen. In my entire prep, I’d never 🙅🏽‍♀️ contemplated harder on pushing back a workout. It was a refeed day so I should have felt READY to go. But nawww, son. I spent most of the day in the car running errands / traffic and my tank still felt empty by 5pm when I needed to hit the gym.
YES - I’m human - I have these days. But the game isn’t over yet and these diamonds 💎 aren’t going to be made without a lil’ bit more pressure.
I did film the entire workout for a vlog but I snagged this lil’ douzzy for y’all to see this morning. Maybe light some fire for someone who needs it before a leg day that almost didn’t happen 😉 but they take care of their ishhh.
Reverse Hack Squat 1 + 1/2.
You guys have probably see me do this ROM / Tempo controlled aspect for Squats before. Thanks to coach @scoobyprep1_ifbbpro. But I decided these past two weeks to lay off the Barbell work to help my hip inflammation so I translated this motor pattern over to the Reverse Hack.
Holllyyy Hammies Batman!!
And I really dig the Glute activation and adductor firing I feel with the controlled 1/2 rep.
So essentially I drop back but rise only 1/2 way up. Then drop back down and fully rise.
That’s 👆🏽complete complete rep.
My goal across all sets was 8 and I increased weight as sets progressed. 5 SETS X 8 REPS.
Took 2 different shots so you could see depth from all sides.
You really want to make sure you choose a weight that allows full control - no bouncing / springing in the knees.
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😉 The Squat 1+1/2 is in PHASE 3 FYI. #ShamelessPlug

Finally feelin’ 🍂 FALL Y’all.
Today calls for a coffee shop ☕️ and a lil’ @kendrascott.
Yes, I meant that to rhyme 😉 but I’m working on a lil’ something for you guys there.
Planning some fun vlogs for y’all to watch here soon. Now if I could just find time to edit 🤦🏽‍♀️ then all would be right in my world....but truthfully all is hellllllaaa right in my world that’s why I’m just doin’ the YouTube thing when I can.
I’m wearing lots of hats right now and I just have to prioritize those hats that are of upmost importance.
Being in prep is a BIG MF hat so I have to make certain I don’t forget my human connections with Hubs 👫 and my loved ones. I refuse to seclude myself as little as possible. Then I’m doin’ the damn thing with all current clients. Y’all rock seriously! And make my days stronger, brighter, and more fulfilled.
I wish you all a beautiful fall day, with lots of productivity and personal connections!! That’s what keeps all right in our worlds!
**for all those who have inquired about coaching with @brittanylauzon and me, we trying to get through as many as we can daily. We 💯 appreciate your patience!!!

Physique update brought to you by @calvinklein. Could I be any more fitspo?? 😂🤷🏽‍♀️.
But for real if you ever pay full price for these sets, I’m sorry. TJ MAXX that issshhh for $25 for both, come on.
The days are dwindling down now and I’m no longer dreaming of the finish line but seeing it in ✨flashing lights. My turtle 🐢 shell could use some carbs right about now — but I’ll take the 4-pack I’ve got and run with it. I just say to myself, count ya blessings girl - for 33 your skin is doin’ Aiiigghhtt with this fat loss phase.

I haven’t hopped, skipped or jumped to build these glutes.
Just some heavy compound movements and some strategic accessory work.
If you want to build put some weight into things and stop all the bunny rabbit 🐰 nonsense.
Diet or surplus, I’m going to train as heavy as I can and if I work with a band it’s in a warm up or used for “burn out” and tension purposes only.
Here’s today’s Glute-focused movements of the #PosteriorChainGang day.
1️⃣ Smith Machine Glute Focused Sumo Squat. I’m sitting my glutes “back” into the squat rather than dropping straight down. Think of tapping those glutes in a chair behind you. Aim to bring the upper thigh at least to parallel with the floor or lower of the hip allows. DRIVE through the heel and mid foot while pressing thighs outward.
2️⃣ Reverse Hack Good Mornings. The stretch-focuses movement for the lower glutes and hamstrings. Knees slightly bent, neutral spine and chin tucked (hard to see here). Fall forward, controlled and until your torso is at a 90 degree drop with your hip joint. As you rise drive the glutes forward but don’t go to full hip extension or lock out those knees at the top.
3️⃣ Banded Glute Bridges. Band by @katyhearnfit (hey girl 👋🏽 hey). Drive through the heels, tuck the chin, and fire those glutes up stop before creating a curve in the low back.
I think I’m gonna feel these tomorrow - luckily I’m coming off some refeed 🍚🍚 days so I had some good fuel in the tank.
Glute pump still sub par 🙄 such is the diet life. We almost there lil’ cheekssss hold on for dear life!
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Determined to be the last woman standing.....up on that stage.
Hit a new low weigh in this morning; it was what I thought my stage weight would be. But after chatting with coach we both agree lines still could get deeper so we forge on.
I didn’t get into this bodybuilding thing to “dabble” in it.
It’s not about the experience, or getting my body to this level of leanness just to see if I COULD do it. I don’t need a contest prep phase to test my mental capacity - I know full well what I’m capable of.
I DO THIS because I am obsessed with bodybuilding, the history, the stage, the process.
BUT I’m also COMPETITIVE. I will never stand here and say I don’t do this TO WIN.
I didn’t dink around about my health last year I went full force in every measure to set myself up to BE HERE. There wasn’t a price tag for what it took, and there isn’t a price tag for what it will continue to take.
I’M ALL IN, Always have been, Always will be.
This leads me to something I’m truly passionate about, and luckily I have a freakin smart ass bestie 🤓@em_dunc putting something incredible together. She’s getting down to the nitty gritty here of competing. The realities, the expenses, the measures it takes, no holds barred. It’s an an anonymous google form / survey competitors can fill out about their contest preps.
She’s putting together the realities of it all for those who may want to “dink” around in this but TRULY need to see the entire scope. The link to the form is in her IG BIO.
I ask EVERY single competitor following me to fill this out. It’s our job to help those who are on the fence truly grasp what it takes.
The last question really hits home for me. “Would you compete again under all of the circumstances listed above?” And my ANSWER is, and always will be; HELL YES.
No matter the length of off season I need, no matter the depths of a diet I have to go or aggressive things have to get (shoutout to @laurinconlin’s Post yesterday - I’m loud about this SIDE of things). While I am still competing, I will always strive to be the last woman standing on that stage.

Heard it was 👟 #NationalSneakerDay on the radio today. I have a feelin’ this is like #NationalDoughnutDay in that there are like 3 of these per year and it’s just a marketing thing I fell for today.
Either way, its an excuse to rock my @nike Air Force 1 sneaker boot and post a mirrored image just to fit the shoes in the frame 🤦🏽‍♀️.
I’m not even that tall and I still can’t figure out how to get the whole outfit in the IG sized frame UGH 😑 #MirroredImagesIGCirca2016

☕️ GIVEAWAY for y’all!!
I know it’s #PSL 🎃 season but it’s still like 90 degrees here in KY 😅 (more than slightly over it). So I’m still digging my daily protein iced coffee.
@legionath answered my prep dreams and released ☕️ MOCHA CAPPUCCINO ☕️ which has now trumped cookies and cream as my favorite WHEY ISOLATE flavor from Legion Athletics.
I wanna spread the MOCHA ❤️ love so I’m giving away a full size tub to one of my friends here.
TO WIN: • COMMENT your favorite coffee shop spot ( I selfishly want to visit all the IG worthy java spots around the world).
• FOLLOW @legionath because they have dope scientifically dosed performance supplements.
• WINNER announced TODAY 10/9 at 6PM EST.
For those who care 🤓 I prefer a WHEY ISOLATE because it’s the protein powder with the highest bioavailability.
What does that 🤔 mean?
Bioavailability refers to how easy (or difficult) it is for your body to absorb and use a specific nutrient. Isolates are highest because the nutrients are readily available you breakdown and utilize the proteins faster free of negative digestive feedback (for most). It’s 99% lactose free and typically easiest to track in my macros because there is trace carbs and fats so I can easily use it to hit my protein goals without being a master macro manipulator. AND the Legion products are free of artificial sweeteners and that’s another digestion plus 🙋🏽‍♀️ for me!
If you’re wanting try any Legion products you can support me through my link in my Bio 👆🏽and I’m always happy to answer questions you have about any products.

Still finishing every set as strong as I can and lifting the heaviest loads I can. Goal in mind is to keep every ounce of the 106 LBs of lean mass the DEXA says I’ve got.
For my heavy back day work these have been my 3 favorite GO TO motor patterns. Each week I might change the execution slightly with negatives, concentric holds, or drop sets; but every week these moves have still been programmed.
1️⃣ Seated Cable Rows - using the VBAR or Neutral grip attachment. These are one of my favorites to execute drop sets with bc I can quickly change the pin position during the set.
2️⃣ Assisted Pull Ups. I have no shame in admitting I can’t knock out high volume pull ups 🙅🏽‍♀️ but the actual movement and back recruitment is LIT during pull ups so I highly suggest getting some volume work in this movement. If you don’t have an assisted machine get some bands or have a workout partner assist at your feet.
3️⃣ TBAR Rows - this might be one of my favorite plate loaded back machines - ever. I like the options of various grips based on what part of my back I want to target. Also fun to execute drop sets with if you have a training partner to quickly pull the plates off for you.
Comment 👇🏽 your favorite back movement below let’s make this a great resource library for those who end up 📥 saving this workout.
For all my @audaciousathletes training programs visit

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