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Chanel | Coach & Athlete  @audaciousathletes & Coach. CPT, CSCS & FN Specialist. @paragonfitwear code CHANEL @legionath 8-WEEK TRAINING 💪🏽 PROGRAMS 🔽

💎 The chase for diamonds continues......and when someone says all the right things to get in your head.....YOU CHASE HARDER.
This was the last set of bottom half’s to failure. After 30+ minutes of leg Press sets.
There truly is nothing comparable to training with @herford_rise. It’s supernatural; especially when he knows exactly what you want out of it.
Always a painful pleasure, friend.

Find those who believe in you 💯 percent and keep ‘em in your corner. Not many people I’d trust behind me with 60s over my face. But @herford_rise ’s got my back. They give out PRs like candy @riseathleticclub. If you don’t believe me swipe right.
Wishing the happiest of Birthdays to fellow coach and truest friend @herford_rise. Welcome to the 30s bro - it’s pretty dope here not gonna lie.
Shout out to new Laydee 👯‍♀️ friend @brittany_z93 for getting through that killer delt workout with me.

Don’t forget tomorrow @riseathleticclub It’s going down with @brittanylauzon. Meet us at 2pm and then open gym at 3pm!!! It’s gonna be seriously 💩 🙄

🔅Mornin’ Beautiful Humans 🔅 poppin’ on here to say that the support for this phase of my diet is Sooooo overwhelming and appreciated.
For those OGs who have been here for awhile y’all truly know how relieved I am that things are working in my favor. Still slow 🐢 and steady but that’s just what my body prefers.
I also feel morally obligated, as a coach and advocate of not dieting year round; that I am beyond my body’s natural set point.
The images that will grace my feed from this point forward showcase my body in a fleeting light.
This look should only be #Goals - if yours is to compete - because I truly won’t hold on to the look. That is never my intention.
Social media is funny 😆 because it’s very surface level. I won’t gloss over the fact that there are new people here ( Hi 👋🏽 Welcome!) who may simply be here because of a photo they see of me at this stage of the game. Some will read these captions; and some won’t.
Such is IG life. But again my conscious weighs heavily because this isn’t a look I would strive to walk around with all the time; nor would my genetic disposition allow. #IMissSushi.
The protocols in place for me to get here are also beyond what I would ever suggest as a coach; unless you were to be stepping on stage.
Lots of time, effort and commitment will continue to push me further into a a more unrealistic 👽 look.
(Dear 32 year old face please find any collagen in this body and utilize it).
Dats all my audacious friends - just doing my part to keep my integrity as the professional I strive to be day in and day out.
Bout to pack up for this group workout with my @riseathleticperformance friends. Wish this dieted bod good luck. Immmmmmm need it.

💎 Chasing Diamonds continues.
If know me; you know I refer to the sharp glute definition of a fully conditioned bikini competitor as DIAMONDS back derrrr.
I’d like feathering too; but that’s outside the bikini lines - but HEY; one can still dream 😏right?!.
This weigh-in marks the lowest point I was ever able to achieve in a 25 week deficit in 2017. The year that told me something was up internally.
I only lost 9 lbs during that time and it was emotionally and physically draining to be in that place.
Now this deficit has NOT been all puppies and rainbows either y’all. No deficit for stage-level leanness will be *NEWSFLASH* this issshhh is HARD AF for 98% of the competitors. WE DIG.
However, the overwhelming increased response my body has had and the biomarkers this go round are truly an emotional breath of fresh air. Progress has been slow, but steady. I’ve lost a total of 13lbs thus far (swipe to see some comparisons from start to now) in 14 weeks. My density is staying around in all the right places and I’m learning how this new shape is going to be best presented on stage.
I finished a little PREP UPDATE vlog yesterday to really dive into the details of my current state. I cover the topics I feel everyone wants to know so STAY TUNED.
Just need to find some quality WIFI to upload. Yup, minimal technology at my Mamas house; I’m lucky to get client programs uploaded via my 3G hotspot 🤦🏽‍♀️. But it’s been nice to check out from scrolling and check in with myself and where I’ve come thus far - AND get hella jacked for what’s still to come as I keep digging for diamonds 💎 💎 ..... I know diamonds are mined for but you get the metaphor 😂😂 #SocksAndHeels.
Coach @scoobyprep1_ifbbpro.

🛑 STOP thinking it’s always about how much you can lift AND instead think 🤔 about HOW MUCH YOU CAN CONTROL.
All this week my @audaciousathletes #BetaCrew are focusing on some motor movements in our program with 2-SEC HOLDS at the peak contraction.
The first video here you see how I’m completing the neutral grip pulldown with a longer pause of 2-seconds at the bottom of the contraction. The I release the weight continuing to stay in control for 1 count.

When executing this technique I often reduce the load slightly from my typical tempo sets. I also suggest when counting through the contraction I count twice the number I’m on - 44, 55, etc so I can stay mentally connected to the 2 count hold.
Here’s the remaining movements in this #PosteriorChainGang ⛓workout footage:

2️⃣ Single Arm Cable High Rows.
3️⃣ ISO Kneeling Leg Curls.
4️⃣ Hip Thrust on Leg Curl.

To join the fun over at the @Audaciousathletes IG visit my site and check out the training programs currently available. Phase 1 & 2 are all 8-week training programs and all purchasers gain lifetime access to the IG account with full movement library and complete IG highlights of training within those programs.

💛 to 💪🏽 on ‘em with a random photo just because it’s yellow and my travel 🧠 Brain put on the wrong colors today.....twice 🤦🏽‍♀️. #SOML #DoItForTheAesthetics.
Any who.
I figured it was an appropriate time frame to potentially re-introduce myself to the ‘gram.
Hi 👋🏽 I’m @ChanelCollette (shameless plug 😂).
• I’m originally from GA (back here working for the week).
• Earned my bachelors degree from the University of GA #UGA ❤️🖤 in 2008 from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Comm in Public Relations.
• I’ve been happily married since 2012. My husband will troll the comment section and I’m OK 😏 with that.
• Been in the fitness industry in some capacity since 2008. A certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist since 2009.
• Started competing in 2012 with @musclemania @fitnessuniverse and earned my pro card in 2014.
• Won my 3rd pro show in 2016 then gave up my card and title and crossed over to the NPC.
• Currently in a dieting phase to grace the NPC stage soon.
• Exceptionally proud to be doing what I love 💛 every single day. My clients, my @audaciousathletes, and my #BetaCrew are MY PEOPLE. Educating and interacting with y’all daily is the career I’ve built for myself bc y’all deserve the attention and support. I’M HERE for those that want to be bold, brave, and hella audacious in the gym & their lives.

Comment below anything you want to know about yours truly 🙋🏽‍♀️ or share a fun fact about you so I can get to know you too. 🤟🏽

🌀Fresh Hair. Bags Packed.
Heading to some Restorative Yoga @exhaleyogalouisville after my FB LIVE with my @audaciousathletes crew.
Anyone else get hella anxious before traveling?? SIGN ME UP! I made sure to wake up early, block out my day to accomplish all my tasks so yoga could be my wine down before take off ✈️ to ATL.
Doesn’t matter that I had my groceries delivered a day early 🤦🏽‍♀️ via @instacart. I thought I was truly on my game until that notification came through....saying they were delivered today. #ActingLikeIHaveMyIshTogether.
Braids by @jimise_childress.
Dress @express.

❗️The long, over-due @Lululemon SHORTS review is up on the channel. I cover my top 4 favorite pieces that I can training in comfortably; without feeling like I’m on 😳 display.
Which favorites should I cover next?!

Tiger 🏌️‍♀️ I’m Coming For You #PGAChampionship #SundayFunday with @jaredmcarter in his element.
He’s at least taught me a thing or two over the past 13 years.

This is a PSA for you all but also a mental check in for me too. Even those most objective and audacious 😉 athletes need some reminders.
My celebration 🎉 into the 130s was short lived. In fact, after I hit it I had the highest fluctuation I’ve had in over a month.
WEIGHT LOSS, particularly fat loss, in terms of scale readings is rarely linear. Fat loss is a stressor on the body and that can create fluctuations based on hormonal responses to stress.
Let’s think logically 🤔 for a second.
I didn’t gain 3 LBS of fat over night. That’s impossible in a deficit.
It’s a host of interactions truly.
Some of which could be:
1️⃣ Food Volume. Time you ate your meals before bed to time you woke up and weighed in.
I had the majority of my food later in the day - just how my schedule played out yesterday.
2️⃣ Sleep schedule variation. I have a slammed morning to get work done before @topgolf with Boo 😘 finally after his 11 day work streak.
So I went to bed later and woke up much earlier to get issshhh done. Already in and out of the gym on a Sunday.
3️⃣ STRESS. Earlier in the week I was much more stable. Then work pilled on, travel anxiousness for next week made for a crazy to do list now, so just a bit of a squirrel 🧠 brain over here.
So I’m truly still OK 👍🏽 and so are YOU. Scale readings are ever changing but this physique is changing daily now.
If anything, a day spent a bit more away from the computer 💻 (sitting hip flexion) and time spent with the love of my life ❤️ for the first time this month is exactly what this stressed out, squirrel 🐿 needs.

Ohhhh 🥜 NUTZzzzzz.....where...??!!

❣️I made a promise to @Kingcarnevale that I would post this ridiculous photo when I got into the 130s. Well here we are.
I keep promises with my frannnddss.
I’m also 💯certain this how you use the @arsenal_strength mono lift - to practice the human flag right??
NOTE I cannot do the human flag; like at all!! This is just Alex bringing out what he always does in me. Absolutely ridiculousness, but full belly genuine laughs 😂😂 Miss you friend and you won’t see this until your back to IG after your 30-day break from the ‘gram.

#BringOnTheGlitter@thedrybar @toofaced came thru in a week of chaotic twirliness 🌀 to make me feel spoiled and sparkly ✨.
All the #BarFlys came out in LOU to celebrate 🥂 the VERY limited release of the Dry Bar X Too Faced Glitter✨Spritzer. It’s a beautiful, light hold spray featuring specks of gold and silver. Smells amazing, per usual with @thedrybar, and makes me feel purdy, ohhhh sooo purdy 😘.
Swipe to see my gold-tribal inspired eye makeup done with the @katvondbeauty lightening ⚡️liner bc I tried to be extra 🤷🏽‍♀️.

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