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Thanks @thepowermagazine and the people who helped me out from @thesupertraininggym for shipping this magazine all the way up to Canada 🇨🇦. @bryce_tsa got me interested in powerlifting, and through coaching from @thestrengthathlete and @aydin_tsa has helped me get stronger. Thought it was awesome to see someone who inspired you from following them on YouTube, to get on the front cover of a powerlifting magazine. Felt right to have a place on the wall of the home gym. They were also kind enough to throw in some meathead millionaire bucks, couldn't not have @marksmellybell big beautiful face on the wall too. Some hang their first dollar, I hung my first 3.

When Bae gets you dat new new for your birthday <3 had to drill a hole in my inzer to make it fit, so it was time for an upgrade. No more Mr. Muscle, we wearing XL now. @maria_wiemer @innerstrengthproducts @sbdcanada

First day working with @the_muscle_doc getting me aligned and more efficient in my warmups leading up to heavy sets. Rediscovered my groove for squats and my nagging shoulder issue virtually gone, was able to keep my shoulders back and elbows down. Best thing I've done for myself has been focusing on mobility and stability, just as much as gaining strength.
First week of doubles@7's, did a feeler set to gauge strength. 380flew. Next week⬆️ weights are absolutely flying this cycle


All time best achievement unlocked! Front squat PR 315lbs x2. Makes it even sweeter that it was an rpe7(ish), starting to move some untouched weights in this program now :D 👌🏻

Weights are moving this block. 360 for 2 sets of sixsixsix 🔥😈 can't wait to get some RPE work after these %s so I can let'er BUCK

Changed my flight to get a longer layover in Calgary so I could get a lift in and meet @calgarybarbell ,got to witness some big weight being pulled. awesome gym and environment to train in.

Best 3 lifts from the Bent Iron Blitz
First meet is in the books
9/9, 27 white lights
PR's all around 35lb meet PR

Feelingfeelishfelinefeels fuuuuuuk megusta fourforty atnine <3

405x2@8 (95% of previous max)
Gaining some confidence under the bar and starting to realize progress after an awesome volume phase. Beginning to move some decent weight. 405 was my max a few months ago, now it's a feel good double ehhhhh

@aydin_tsa Bruhhhhhhh srs 🙌🏻 #squat#powerlifting#thestrengthathlete#gym#gains#progress#booty#prs#fitness

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