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David Chancellor  Photographer represented by @wearekiosk @francescamaffeogallery- 'handle like eggs'-monograph 'hunters'-contributor @natgeo iPhone diary/film work


fin, time passes too quickly...

a pony not taking me too seriously.

jelly fish, scotland

We alone can devalue gold
by not caring
if it falls or rises
in the marketplace.

Wherever there is gold
there is a chain, you know,
and if your chain
is gold
so much the worse
for you.

Feathers, shells
and sea-shaped stones
are all as rare.

This could be our revolution:
to love what is plentiful
as much as
what's scarce. ' - 'We alone' by Alice Walker.

#scotland #sea #jellyfish #conserving #stoppoaching

passing through a tidal pond, Scotland #scotland #landscape

looking at some very recent landscapes from late nights in Scotland #scotland #landscape

swan feathers.
Collecting these off the water reminds of my childhood, sticks tied to sticks, tied to sticks, until the flimsy contraption reaches out over the lake like a severed leg from a Louise Bourgeois spider and drags its prey to the shore.

Mute Swans typically moult in July or August each year, during which time they are unable to fly. Breeding pairs do not moult at the same time as they, and any offspring, would be too vulnerable to attack, so I have the next swans moult to look forward too ! They are unable to fly for approximately 6 weeks from the time that they lose their flight feathers to the time they have grown new ones. Swans hatch up to 10 eggs at a time with the expectation of losing several of them. It is not uncommon for all the cygnets to be lost to predators, nor is it uncommon for most of them to survive – it all depends on the location and the natural protection afforded them. As the parents grow older they learn from the experience of previous years. Currently one survivor on the lake. #loveswans #lovefeathers @kestinhare @natgeo


invercauld estate, braemar, scotland-from the series 'beast'
In the remote highlands of Scotland ponies are still used as they have been for generations, to bring the stag off the hill. In these parts the stag are simply referred to as the 'beast'. Deer stalking in Scotland is steeped in history. Wild red deer have been managed for sport and food in Scotland for centuries. There is no accurate information as to how long the area on the Invercauld Estate has been under deer; 120,000 acres of wild wild wonderland, it has always been considered part of the Royal forest of the Scottish kings, and has maintained the traditions of old, as illustrated in the work of Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873). #scotland #highlands #hunters #beast #pony #conserving #stoppoaching

flying south

sea of clouds

Photograph by David Chancellor - a leopard caught and killed in a poachers snare is removed by conservancy rangers, kisimi, northern kenya
When we were called to attend to a leopard caught in a snare at the edge of a forest we were not sure what to expect. Something often overlooked is the sheer amount of wildlife, particularly cats, accidentally caught and killed in poachers snares. The snare was clearly designed to catch smaller prey and desperately attempting to escape, the leopard had tried to climb a nearby tree, leaving marks on the tree’s trunk akin to those I'd imagine wolverine would leave if inflicted with the same slow death in a Marvel comic. The snare had tightened, and not loosened again, as designed, and appeared to have resulted in the severing of the spinal cord paralysing the leopards back legs. Dehydrated, and stressed, she sadly died shortly after we arrived.
Editing and applying words to images from recent work documenting community conservation in northern Kenya #withbutterfliesandwarriors follow more of my work and projects here @chancellordavid and @natgeo #africa #kenya #poaching #stoppoaching #stopthetrade #leopard #bigcats @hellokiosk @francescamaffeogallery

delighted that 'us all' zurich, switzerland, from the series 'handle like eggs' curated by the very talented Francesca Genovese @francescamaffeogallery has been selected as a finalist for the KLPA2017 @klphotoawards thanks to all those concerned; humbled to be included among such powerful and beautiful work. @klphotoawards @francescamaffeogallery @hellokiosk @artfuldodgersimaging @bwyanoleary @lisajchancellor @photolondonfair @filmsnotdead #handlelikeeggs #lovelosslifeanddeath

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