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💥🔥Chance "Mongoose" Davis🔥💥  🦍Discovery Channel Survivalist - Naked and Afraid - XL 3 🇺🇸Former Army Ranger Medic - Post Military Consultant - 🔴Motivate⚪Inspire🔵Add Value

🚀Your attitude determines your altitude 🦍

Struggle breeds strength. #XL3 #nakedandafraid
Who's excited for Sunday's episode of the XL4? @nakedandafraidtv
Photos by @davidewestphotography

Happy Father's Day! I'm thankful to all the mentors and fathers I've been fortunate enough to have in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without men of character sharing their wisdom and offering guidance during my journey.

"Apple bottom jeans. Boot wit da fur!" 🦍🎧 This is usually the song playing in my head during long walks. It was my Ranger school song. This is during the @spartanrace beast at @wintergreenresortva a few years ago a week before going to the jungle with @discoverychannel .

@racingforheroes Racing For Heroes specializes in getting Veterans, military families, and civilian Patriots together for a glimpse into how motorsports is so inherently applicable as a highly effective form of recreational therapy for Veterans and supporters alike. Check out their website 🚘

#tbt good days with @ejsnyder333 @terryschapp @racingforheroes
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Get off your phones. Go play outside humans.
We've accomplished objectives, but there are still many ahead. We spent the night cooking burger and bacon from a #primitivefire with after a week of rain. We got to thinking about how disillusioning social media can become. The wilderness keeps us on azimuth. Reconnect with life and disconnect from distractions.
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Bison burger stuffed with sharp American cheddar 🇺🇸Thanks to @badger_claw_leather for my NEW Pack Grill and Waxed Canvas Pouch!! I picked this grill up at the #bladeshow2018 for upcoming trail rides, but decided to test it out. I'm extremely happy with the durability and convince.
Go check out their website for cool additions to your adventure gear.
#burgers grill #cooking #ammocan #America @ranger_webb @conwaycattlecompany @badger_claw_leather

Fact: in #virginia
We have 3 different types of snakes that can be solid black: Northern black racer, Eastern ratsnake, and Black eastern hognose.

How do you tell the difference?

If you walk up and it slithers away at a high rate of speed, supernatural like...that's a telltale sign of a Northern black racer. Hence the name.😏 Is it really long?🙋🏻‍♂️💪🤣🤣
Since racers taper off around 3 feet, the Eastern ratsnake will grow around 6 to 7 feet. The longest on record is over 8 feet!

Ratsnakes are also climbers. You'll see them in barns, trees searching for nests, and bedrooms bahahaha.
Since ratsnakes are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at twilight and at night.

The racer on the other hand is most active during the day. The Northern black racer is more aggressive and will likely tag you if you try to pick them up, though they're non-venomous.

In short... snake eating another racer. The one farmers and gardeners appreciate here in Va, the eastern ratsnake. I'm not a fan of cats, so they keep the mice away from my camper.😂😂😂 Whichever snake you see in our area, you know know not to call it s "black snake." See one, do one, teach one. Keep life simple and everything else will follow.

Add value. #mindset #perspective #mentor #veterans #nature #wilderness #snakes

Check out @ironmikenorton #businessisgood

95 percent of the kills and captures were by the warriors from the 75th Ranger Regiment. It's a legacy were proud to be apart of.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell

#Ranger #America #spartan #killermanssonsmc #warrior #specialoperations #Army #veterans #nothingisover

Awesome craftsmanship in their design and an amazing group! @fleming_knives #qualityoverquantity

Give the a follow!
#Repost @fleming_knives (@get_repost)
Hanging out with a whole crew of discovery channel stand outs!! I couldn’t get a word in edge wise!😂 whole lot of #flemingknives in that picture. It was great meeting everyone today!! #bladeshow2018 @melissabackwoods @chanceinaction @lukesoder @tealbulthuis_naked_and_afraid @james_exploring #discoverychannel #nakedandafraidxl #thewheel #forgedinfire

#NakedandAfraid #Tribe Linkup!

With the Captain @sarahdanser and @tealbulthuis_naked_and_afraid !

#bladeshow2018 was a blast and it was great to meet everyone!
Until next time friends! - Mongoose out

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