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Not a bad place to be on a Friday night. -- Were out here until 12:30, trying to catch a few fish and win a little money.

Hair cuts, gum balls, and lunch in downtown Greer today. -- I love spending quality time with Elijah and making a few father and son memories.

I love these two with all my heart and can't wait to meet our second son. -- Eleven more weeks and we'll be a party of four!

So you know those random people that are obviously trying to scam you when you're selling something online... They're obviously not that smart. But hey, they're honest!
A check to M. Pence has been mailed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and should be arriving today.

You've never seen someone knock down a shed with their shoulder? Then you've obviously never seen @teamrubicon at work.
I've had the honor to watch them first hand after the earthquake in Haiti, multiple tornados, floods, and even Hurricane Sandy. I can tell you that this photo is an accurate depiction of who they are as an organization and their work ethic.
Why am I sharing this?
Because someone might be searching for an easy way to help after disasters or empower veterans to continue serving and if that's you, I want you to take a few minutes and check out @teamrubicon on social media. -- I promise it's all you'll need to be inspired by what they're doing.

Everyone has their own version of a perfect day... This is what mine looks like. #family

The correct way to start Saturday. #hotnow #doughnuts #krispykreme

I'm not sure who enjoyed yesterday afternoon the most... Elijah and his cousin or their great grandfather. -- Watching them chase each other, wrestle, sitting in a rocking chair, or doing yard work... You'd never know there was 80 years of life and wisdom separating them. They act like best friends!

I met @brianpreston right after he started a company called @lamonluther... Named after his grandfather and the signature you see on this breadboard.
Brian started the company after a series of events took him from being a successful home builder to emptying his savings account during the recession, almost losing everything, working on staff at a church, volunteering, taking food to a few homeless guys, and eventually hiring one of them to help build some stuff in his garage. At the time, he had no idea that the company would become what it has.
Today, Brian has a team of craftsman that include refugees that fled their country after converting to Christianity, people who've spent time in prison, and homeless guys who let drug addictions control their lives... But you wouldn't know it walking through their shop or sitting around one of the tables they've built. At the shop, their past doesn't define their future. They are all craftsman full of hope and they build incredible products.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Lamon Luther is a team of people who were given a second chance and they're being led by a guy who's passionate about creating stories that change people's lives. The exciting part? We all have the opportunity to be a part of Lamon Luther's story... We can help Brian in his vision of employing 100 people and empowering them to live a better life.
If you've never followed @lamonluther on social media, I encourage you to spend a few minutes on their page. Share it with your friends. Buy something from their website. And who knows... You might be sitting around one of their tables at the new @mercedesbenzstadium while watching the @atlantafalcons. -- I'm proud of you Brian! Thank you for lunch today and spending time with me and @codybridenbaugh.

Mother's Day? I think it should be Mothers Year... Because every moment of every day, for every year of Elijah's life, I've watched you love him with a mother's heart. -- You're an amazing mom, beautiful.

...look closely and you'll see a happy boy with his feet in the fountain. -- Greenville, you're awesome.

Katie and Elijah stopped by the fire station today and it's safe to say that Elijah loved it.

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