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"It's never the wrong time to do the right thing" - MLKJR


Daaaaaamn Daniel, back at it again with the court-sides. @e40 @daboydame

A whole lot of innovation. A whole lot of disruption. A whole lot of philanthropy. A whole lot of resources. A whole lot of networking. A whole lot of passion. A whole lot of funding. A whole lot of freedom. +

A little bit of diversity.
A whole lot of underrepresentation.
Salute to all the bright minds out there who are working to be a part of the solution.

Entrepreneurs @E40 & @chamillionaire

I visited Facebook & Instagram Headquarters this week. A true chameleon knows how to blend in.

These gentlemen are real life super heroes because of the things they do when the cameras aren't on. All the time, and not only during #blackhistorymonth
@yourrightscamp #nola #knowyourrightscamp
Photo by @footcandles

The legend @snoopdogg was a surprise guest at the #UpfrontSummit and @shaq gave everyone a special shoutout. #convoz

(Part 2) We are capable of greatness. Don't let evil agendas turn us against each other.

#NormallyIjustmindmybusiness #igottimetodaythough

Don't let evil agendas turn us against each other (part 1). #imnotheretoentertainyou
#imjusttryingtoeducate #imjusttryingtomotivate

Part 2 of my response about Jorge Garcia.
Link in my bio #jorgegarcia

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