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Starting Lineup. via @playerstribune

For this level of #ShiggyChallenge access the Chamillitary requests the following from @tegacaypd

1. Presidential level escorts to every venue whenever we are in town.

2. A lifetime supply of get out of jail free cards for us to give to whoever we deem worthy enough.

3. A total of 1,001 bumper stickers that police will be informed are "you can't pull this car over" approved.

4. Last, you must follow @theshiggyshow and literally "laugh out loud" at every post he makes for the remainder of the year.

Thank you, we appreciate it.

It's great that Ridin has lasted so long and I'm humbled that it still brings so much joy to people (I can't count the number of #ridindirty memes of little babies or dogs on scooters in my inbox). I just want everyone to remember the TRUE meaning behind the hook. It's real out here. Salute.

#shiggychallenge #theshiggychallenge

Which rapper was the Entrepreneur in Residence at Los Angeles' largest VC firm @upfrontvc?
#imbusy #ridingdirty
Salute to @hqtrivia. Download today.

Investing means "spending what you can afford to lose." - Wise man.

Discussing world domination with the future rulers of the world @vidcon

Even motivators deserve motivation @kingjames


All we wanna do is win. @sacnina91 @1jordanbell @death_raoh

I'll give / let each one of my followers ___________ if we don't win game 7. #fillintheblank

Who's going to win game 5? @Therealtrillionaires & @Chamillionaire say the Rockets, @e40 says the Warriors. Join in on the @Convoz!

Game 5 here we come! Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @slimthug @ajohnson1500 @stickypromo @iceman_nick #clutchcity #houstonrockets

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