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Chameleon Art Products  Design and produce a family of professional quality, innovative art tools that help you unlock to the world of color. #chameleonpens #ColorLikeNoOther

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need hundreds of pens to create amazing color tones, gradations and blends.
With Chameleon, our unique, innovative pens let you achieve multiple color tones and gradations using just one pen!
Don't believe us? Take a look at the fantastic work by Jedi Master @cdeakes_art using the 3 Chameleon Pens and 2 Color Tops in his Introductory Kit.
Feeling as inspired as we do? Tag a friend so they don't miss Craig's awesome art with our Into Kit. :)

We've got the coloring book for you!
Combining the very best of mandalas and animals, Mandalas Gone Wild offers you hours of fun and endless creative possibilities.
Not only does the book contain 20 incredible designs by an incredible artist and tattooist - @dinotomic
It’s also hard backed, spiral bound and printed on perforated high-quality poster board. Making the book great to use with your Chameleon products as well as a range of other mediums.
Pick your Chameleon products up today!

A master class from one hell of a concept artist!

If you love Dani's Warrior lady as much as we do then, you're going to be jumping in joy for this... You can color along with @pixelsuperhero using her full tutorial on our YouTube and download your free line art from our website.
Isn't Dani's work just amazing?! Share the inspiration by tagging your friends below. :)

After a trend which is relaxing, super fun to color, and looks amazing?
Then you're in luck as today's design trend is mandalas!
With @sine_art as our mandala guru, sit back and relax as she colors in her gorgeous mandala using her Chameleon Pens and Color Tops.
Want to dip your toes into the world of mandalas?
Check out the download page on our website, we've got some amazing examples for you to color including this one by Sine!

Color flawless skin with the help of a manga icon - @sonia.leong !
Learn from a pro on how to create amazing color gradations, tones, and blends on skin using only 2 Chameleon Pens.
Watch the full tutorial on our YouTube channel to catch all Sonia's top tips, tricks, and advice for coloring in your manga portraits.
Follow along with Sonia's tutorial by picking up your Chameleon Pens and downloading Sonia's line art from our website. :)

We're joined by tattoo royalty!
Check out a world class tattoo artist in action.
Today's trendy tattooist is the amazing @dehtattoo and we've got to say, her designs are just incredible. :) Want to see more? We've got Deborah's full video available on our YouTube channel.
Isn't Deborah just amazing?! Don't forget to download your copy of her line art from our website.

Who's seen the incredible work being created by the Chameleon community?
We guarantee you'll be blown away with everyone's work!
Check out this weeks' featured inspirations:

Make sure you check out more of their work and keep posting your Chameleon creations in our Facebook group and on #chameleonpens.
You never know, it may be you featured next week. :)

Want to get into fashion illustration... or simply want to create some cool fabric textures on your portraits? Then today's tutorial is for you!
Talking you through how you can create fantastic denim textures using only one marker pen, make sure you watch today's tutorial by Dave Antram.
Make sure you watch the full tutorial on our YouTube to learn all Dave's tips.

An illustrator you need to see!
Coloring in her timeless beauty we're joined by the amazing artist and illustrator,
Not only is her soft color scheme gorgeous but we also love how she uses the pens like a traditional marker as well as create stunning one pen blends.
Want to color along with Theavies? Download your copy of her Flower Girl illustration here:

It's the day of love and we couldn't resist sharing some of @candela_pajaro_tattoo love potion with you all.
So kick back, relax, and watch a Chameleon master at work! 
Don't forget you can watch Candela's full tutorial on our YouTube Channel.
Spread the love by tagging your friends in the comments. :)

What are Chameleon Pens and how do they work?
With all this focus on trends, we just had to answer one of our most popular questions.
To cut the long story short, Chameleon Pens are an innovative and unique high-quality alcohol-based marker that lets you create multiple color tones and smooth color gradations... Using just one pen.
You simply pop your Mixing Chamber on top of your pen nib and infuse. Then, watch in amazement as your pen colors from a hint of a tint, through the mid-tones and gradually back to the original color.
How amazing is that?! For more info on how our amazing pens work, head on over to our website.

Introducing a trend-setter, a design inspiration, and a self-taught artist... @mrasingh !
Not only does Amrit create some truly beautiful coloring books, he's also an incredible artist who definitely knows how to blow us away with his Chameleon Pens skills. :) Are you loving Amrit's amazing design? 
Download your free copy of Amrit's Otsanda the wolf over on our website.

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