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Download my Moving Meditation Podcast for free before it goes away! Link in my Bio of Search on Any podcast App The Chalene Show - Episode #259 - if you've listened - let me know if you'd like a whole series to be released?!!!

Hey! Don't you hate it when you have a really good day from a "diet standpoint" only to blow it when the sun goes down! Or, do you feel like your nutrition has been on point but for some reason you're just not able to drop those last few pounds? One place to make some simple changes without having to modify your diet is in the set up of your kitchen. The way you organize your pantry, food prep, and the tools that you have can make a huge difference in your success! My latest podcast offers my step-by-step guide to giving your kitchen a "skinny makeover it's free! Go to any podcast app and download The Chalene Show! Let me know what you think about this latest episode! #TheChaleneShow #skinnyKitchenMakeOver

So would you like more of these quick and healthy snack ideas and meals?

So excited to be on a live training this week with my sister @jenellesummers and countless others who have found success in online health coaching. Now we want to share this with those of you in the UK!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧We're expanding the incredible on-line health and wellness coaching opportunity to you! Join me in this live training to understand how you can take your passion for others and build a secondary income (or even a full time income). Learn more about what that's means and what my sister @jenellesummers and others do to live this life and help others in the process. To get access to that live training, please DM her here on IG. @jenellesummers
Building extra income doing what you love is not always easy. The key is having the right mentors and a system. And the only way to get started is to simply stop making excuses, find a great mentor and start! See you Thursday! Left is @jendelvaux center is @chalenejohnson and far right is my sis @jenellesummers !

PiYo with my sisters @jenellesummers @jendelvaux - in our hometown of GrandRapids - here to celebrate our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! Go Mom and Dad! Not many things last 50 years especially relationships. They've taught us persistence, respect, tenacity, unwavering love, and perhaps most important.... to have fun!

Details to be released August 28th! Get on the Early Notification list by adding your email at and if you have questions about how this all evolved, what's gone into the research and development of this program and what it means for our business and my future partnerships - I laid it all out in a two part story (an insiders perspective) on my Build Your Tribe podcast. It's honest. It's raw and I hope it inspires you to blaze your own trail! Download it now on any podcast App / then search Build Your Tribe - you'll see it as the two most recent episodes. If you've listened - let me know what you thought below or if you still have questions. But please be sure to listen to those episodes first :) #dietBetaTest #chalenejohnson

Please comment below if you think we need to bring back skating. Skating rinks on Saturday afternoon in middle school were LIFE! Shoot the duck, all skate, Michael Jackson, snow cones, and couple skate was like our Keep swiping - I grew up in Michigan and they were all the rage. We're rinks popular where/when you were in middle school? @chumplover @bretjohnson11

You clicked "turn on notifications" for my page and I want to thank you! I am blessed that you jumped on my last Live story broadcast. I promise I won't waste your time. I vow to start every Live broadcast by telling you what I'm about to talk about so you can decide to jump off or stay on! I promise to do my best to answer your questions Live, deliver tips, tricks and realness that makes life easier or more fulfilling for you! I promise that I will never take you for granted. I am blessed because of you! If YOU turn on "notifications" for my page, (three dots in the upper right hand corner) and comment on my last Live story #LiferAlert or comment #liferAlert on this post and all future posts so I know how to find you! I see you #lifer! I see you and I appreciate you!

Moments before sweats and uggs. Figured I better document the end of a crazy, intense, productive work week. •

This week was hella productive and I am so grateful to have the most amazing and ever expanding team around me to help us launch this new wellness program! One year of research, interviews, data, testing and collecting results from over 25,000 people. This thing is going to change people's lives, health, and end their struggle with diet once and for all! Thank you to @annemckevitt @ashleysweeneyrd @livingleanwitherin
@brookpow @bretjohnson11 @kevinrrichards @soundridedotcom @nutritionbyrobyn and every single member of this team! Wanna know more - And thank you for your feedback on my IG story today! It means a lot!

Do you listen to Podcasts? Do you know who this Podcast Guru is? Dancing on my MARKETING Impact Academy stage with the guy who got me into podcasting and who has since helped so many others launch careers in podcasting and helped thousands to create passive income. The host of SmartPassiveIncome @patflynn today has launched a course that until today was only available to my students. Now it's available to the public and it's time to celebrate! It works. Dude. It works and its simple and its time for you to launch yours. I can't think of a better way for you to stand out, to connect on a deeper level and build the trust you need with customers you haven't yet reached. Bret and I are incentivizing everyone who takes this opportunity to work with Pat by giving you enrollment to one of our most powerful courses - The Virtual Business Academy (yup - normally $500 and you get it for free when you click the link in my bio!) Doesn't hurt to learn more. If that little voice inside of you is saying "hmmm...maybe I should start a podcast", then it's time to act. You have 5 seconds before self-doubt talks you out of this! So count backwards from 5 ....and click the link in my bio NOW!

Are your IG posts working?
Let me summarize my post. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1. Avoid using the same basic message that EVERYONE else in your business is using unless you want to look and feel salesy and inauthentic.
2. Don't lead with the company or product, lead with you. When you post up pics of your company product or company name - you're just telling us you're about to sell us.
3. Don't worry about likes. Create curiosity and make questions or engagement your measure of success.
4. When every post looks the same and sounds the same (as everyone else you're following) even a great post turns into white noise. Consider what everyone is seeing in their feed and give them something that actually stands out.

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