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Post workout boomerang with #mylove #mypartner @bretjohnson11 #grateful on this Memorial Day to all the men, women and families who have sacrificed so much to protect and serve this country. Take a moment to remember the many who struggle in silence with PTSD and the lingering financial fall out that often occurs when families are split by distance. Lives lost in war are celebrated and honored - the ultimate sacrifice, but there are so many whose lives are destroyed by PTSD. Many estimate that upto 20 veterans a day take their own lives. The sacrifices our service men and women and their families make are beyond measure. We must find a solution to get our vets the mental and medical help they deserve. Too many are terrified of the possible consequences of admitting they need help. Bret and I donate to several charitable organizations that serve our military personal - but it's meeting and thanking service families in person that we find most profoundly rewarding. Take the time to write hand written thank you letters, get involved with an organization that speaks to your heart and if possible - offer your financial help. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. #pawsandstripes #woundedwarrior #vetransuicideawareness

Friends for almost 30 years. @brookpow Now that's cray-cray!! I never get to see her - (hope that changes soon) but I love this girl. But it's not the history or the length of time that should dictate how much emotion and effort you devote to a friendship. In fact, friendship should feel pretty effortless. Some friends you can go years without chatting and within minutes, feel a level of comfort that never leaves. While other people you can go a week and its simply strained and awkward. We weren't meant to stay invested in every friend we ever had. Sometimes - people grow apart or you just realize who they really are. It's okay to let go and you don't have to make it out to be such a big deal. This week on my podcast I offered 7 Clear Cut Signs to Know if it's time to end a relationship and how to do it! Take a listen - link in my bio and let me know what you think in your iTunes review :) oh and tag a homie who you plan to invest more time with because you know you have their unwavering love, trust and support through highs and lows!

Today On Snapchat my messages are about how TO BE ON TIME and HOW TO QUIT QUITTING! Add me! •

Don't you dare give up! I used to be a quitter. I would often set unrealistic goals for myself and the moment I realized my hard work was not going to result in accomplishing my desired result, I would feel defeated, exhausted, and give up. That often would lead me to my next pursuit. Only this time my confidence would be lower because I was building a track record in my mind of being a "quitter". I collected years of evidence that only lowered my confidence and confirmed what I believed before I even started a new endeavor… "I bet I won't be able to do this. I know I'll quit." •

Then I decided to lower my expectations of myself. I began setting more realistic and achievable goals. In most cases that meant focusing on results I could achieve on the journey; ways I could learn, gain and grow from as opposed to "end results". I could and did accomplish these things. That boost confidence! That feels good! When something feels good… We are less likely to quit. •

so whether it's a new business, your marriage, a new fitness program or your attempts to get healthy… You can learn to apply this mindset. Lower your expectations! Rather than focusing on some magical achievement, the finish line, and number on the scale… Learn to focus on that which you will achieve while on the journey!

Sometimes it's not WHAT we say, but what we choose NOT to SAY. #biteYourLip

I'm working on that part. I want the best for people. And sometimes what *I* think is the best - isn't in alignment with someone else's views, perspective or timing. In the past I've tried to argue, persuade, convince and even push people when they weren't ready or maybe just never will be. •

Daily I remind myself that it's a rather futile pursuit to try to convince someone to see things another way or to explain and rationalize things to someone whose mind is closed to it. When someone has made up their mind - Most of your words will not be heard and those that are will often be taken out of context. Don't take it personal. It's just their perspective. It doesn't make you right or them wrong. •
People will see things from their perspective and there's no changing that. So rather than exhaust ourselves trying to convince another or searching for the right words, the perfect argument, the most convincing points - sometimes it's just better to make a mental note and let it be. You don't have to love it to leave it. •

Rather than waste time arguing about what is "best" or what is "right" - just DO and be what is right. People will never agree on what is universally right - so just do what you know is good, what you know is right and worry less about convincing others to share your view. Practice learning when to speak your mind and when to bite your lip!
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Do you own one of these bad boys? I've been using mine for at least 10 plus years. It's so versatile and can we just all free that fitness equipment is more fun when it comes in pink??? So tell me what you'd like to see next??? Oh and tag a friend who needs some pink in their life!

This is why PiYo works! While I'm not usually a fan of multitasking, but when it comes to fitness I'm all about it a move like this allows you to multitask your fitness work which saves you time and delivers better results. • The body was designed to work as an integrative unit. We were meant to use our upper and lower body at the same time. When we do this, it forces the core to engage and strengthen - rendering old fashion "crunches" a needless use of time. • Do exercises that force you to use your back and an muscles while you build strength in other areas. • In this example, I'm working the shoulders, gluts, core and triceps as stabilizers while actively strengthening the booty of the supporting leg and the quads of the leg that is extending and flexing. • Do 15 reps of each of these 2 variations, then switch sides. Too easy? Add ankle weights as this exercise gets to the point you can do 15 with ease! • Keep the neck and shoulders relaxed and focus on drawing the navel inward and upward! • What is your favorite multi-tasking PiYo move and why??? Or better it and tag #ChaleneJohnson with a hashtag so I can find you!

Reading comments from my students inside my academies is fascinating. Even without meeting these folks, it is clear, in their words, who will be successful and who will quit in search of another magical life line or miracle solution.
Our comments are self-fulfilling prophecy's. If we believe we are destined to fail, we will prove ourselves right.
I see comments like "this is my last chance" or "I hope this thing works because nothing else has." These comments tell me so much about your beliefs. They also tell the universe that you expect failure.
Comments, and thoughts make it easy to predict who will be successful and who quit, complain, jump to another "life line", self sabotage, or look for reasons to give up before they even start.
Ironically, I see the same types of comments whether it's in one of my business Academy's, or a diet program. It doesn't matter what we want to accomplish - success starts with mindset.
Mindset is easy to talk about but difficult to adapt. It's life changing when you do. Then things get simple. Not easy - but simple.
And you can.
And you will - If you believe it to be possible.
My good friend @DrMcayla Once told me that these negative voices are the voices of our early caregivers. We don't recognize them as our early influencers because we hear these self defeating thoughts in our own head and in our own voice, but it's not your words your hearing. These negative words didn't originally belong to you so you should give them back (or just leave them behind)
They never were your words. They don't belong to you. They don't serve you. Stop using them. Give them away. They have no value and they threaten your future - the future of your family. Those words rob you.
There is no finish line so stop sprinting towards it. Just enjoy the nice steady climb of your own pace upward and onward.
She believed she could do it. She said she would do it. And she did.#womentogether

Swipe Right to Left - Im kinda embarrassed to say we've lived 2 miles from this amazing Laguna hiking spot and NEVER hiked it before. We had the weekend off and thought we might fly up to Northern Cal, but instead vowed to try new things and new spots in our own little corner of heaven. Just goes to show you how beautiful your own backyard can be! So what is in your hometown that you haven't yet taken the time to try or visit??! Happy Sunday beautiful people. I'm so excited about what this week has in store for you!!!! #dietbetatest

Swipe RIGHT to LEFT for more. Sundays are the best day to plan for a great week! Schedule your workouts, do your shopping, create a plan of attack and use a journal or planner to track your daily progress. Keep track of your water intake, write out your top 10 goals, record your workouts, make note of how much sleep you get each night, create a reminder to call your Mom, schedule a check up with your doctor, pit gratitude in writing each day - put pen to paper and watch how your whole life begins to transform - one day at a time, one line written in your own hand writing. Do you use a SmartLifePushJournal or your own version?

#datenight -start with a good playlist - end with chocolate and maybe some other stuff. Swipe Right to Left for my Date Night Playlist. Do you do a date night? How often? How long have you been together?

On SNAPCHAT today I'm talking about how to end conflict with a friend, spouse, family member or online troll. It's really the same technique. There are two questions you can ask yourself that will make this process much easier, much happier and allow you to mend your relationships and move on. You deserve more peace. Watch my series this am on snap 👻ChaleneOfficial - take my challenge and let me know here if it works for you! xoxo #womentogether

Coolest thing happened to me this week! One of my friends @icyproductions @icyonly1 and her fiancé @ms_bluesky asked if I would be willing to marry them at their wedding in October! WHAT!!!??? I was over the moon and honored beyond belief to be asked to do something so special, so meaningful and so beautiful. I gave them my answer in cupcakes! #HeckYes!

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