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Do you listen to Podcasts? Do you know who this Podcast Guru is? Dancing on my MARKETING Impact Academy stage with the guy who got me into podcasting and who has since helped so many others launch careers in podcasting and helped thousands to create passive income. The host of SmartPassiveIncome @patflynn today has launched a course that until today was only available to my students. Now it's available to the public and it's time to celebrate! It works. Dude. It works and its simple and its time for you to launch yours. I can't think of a better way for you to stand out, to connect on a deeper level and build the trust you need with customers you haven't yet reached. Bret and I are incentivizing everyone who takes this opportunity to work with Pat by giving you enrollment to one of our most powerful courses - The Virtual Business Academy (yup - normally $500 and you get it for free when you click the link in my bio!) Doesn't hurt to learn more. If that little voice inside of you is saying "hmmm...maybe I should start a podcast", then it's time to act. You have 5 seconds before self-doubt talks you out of this! So count backwards from 5 ....and click the link in my bio NOW!

Are your IG posts working?
Let me summarize my post. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1. Avoid using the same basic message that EVERYONE else in your business is using unless you want to look and feel salesy and inauthentic.
2. Don't lead with the company or product, lead with you. When you post up pics of your company product or company name - you're just telling us you're about to sell us.
3. Don't worry about likes. Create curiosity and make questions or engagement your measure of success.
4. When every post looks the same and sounds the same (as everyone else you're following) even a great post turns into white noise. Consider what everyone is seeing in their feed and give them something that actually stands out.

I hope you do something every morning that pushes you, makes you better, gives you clarity and sets your intention to take on the day! For me that's my workout. I don't do it for a bikini or to impress anyone. I do it for me. This habit (and a few others I do every morning) are what I do to get my head right. This am I got to do it with 20k people who "get it". What sets your mind right for the day? Say hello and tag someone you know was in the crowd!

What was the best part of your day? And hey...if you're reading this and you're not in bed --- there's still time to create that moment. Heck...even if you ARE in bed and you're still awake, there's still time to create that moment (let's keep it PG kids!) MY TOP 3 moments (so far)
1. Meeting hundreds of women who have lost weight and changed their lives with my new diet program (a program that I can't even tell people the name of yet) and just hearing the confidence in their voices and their excitement to have other people try it! (Soon!) 2. Teaching a new routine to 4,000 fitness friends, all moving in unison, all moved by the music and the journey we all share.
3. Every time I got a hug from someone who had happy tears in their eyes. Happy tears are my favorite.
#comingSoon #WorthTheWait #gratefulHeart #happytears #fitfriends

Wanna watch behind the scenes - and btw, the best way to chat with me in realtime - then jump on Snapchat! I'm 👻ChaleneOfficial (no spaces). As soon as you follow me - send me a direct chat to let me know you came over from IG! Hope to see you soon! Off to New Orleans to see all my homies! I can't wait to see everyone of you! #PiYoNation #piyo

I go through seasons in my training and even in my nutrition. By that I mean, sometimes I'm really into cycling and then the next month I can't get enough PiYo, some months I go without any animal protein, and the next month I'm back on. I would say the one workout that is ALWAYS in my rotation is lifting. Everything is easier when you have strong muscles •

Change it up and keep it fresh! Do what sounds good to you today- never do a workout that you hate! Why bother when there is so much variety available?!! Changing it up (from my diet to my workout) keeps it interesting and keeps the body guessing. It works for me. Do what works for you! But remember that your health is a gift - and it can be taken away in a moments notice. Honor it! See you soon! #beachbodysummit2017 #beachbodysummit #piyo #piyoflip

(SWIPE To watch the WIPEOUT!

Fun on the Fourth of July. Found our old skates and now I've decided I need a pair of baby pink #moxiskates and a lesson from @candai stat!

You can't go wrong when you fill your heart with love, your days with music, your view with palm trees and your plate with plants!

Swipe Right for this quick core workout!! I honestly believe if you're doing functional training it's rare that you need to spend time just focusing on your core training. Once a week is all that I do but that's mainly because my daily training typically involves multiple muscle groups or full body training - as with PiYo, Chalean Extreme and Turbo! But honestly, it's such a cool feeling when your abs are sore! You with me??? #coretraining #coreworkout

Complete 24 min HIIT workout can be found on my IG story or on SnapChat 👻chaleneofficial - leave me a comment below to let me know what you'd like to see more of on my IG story? ❤️❤️ Thank you to my lovely assistants today @mindylawhorne and @mollytrichards

Tag a few #rideorDie friends. These rare gems are everything. You don't need many. You don't need to see them every week, month or even every year - but they're always near. These are the people who have your back because they care about and love you, not because of what you can do for them but because of what you mean to them. Blessed to have more than a few of them here with us in Maui - @christinedwyer @mindylawhorne @mollytrichards @drmcayla And blessed to have a few (who couldn't be here this week) - but who I know I could call on in the middle of the night. @locomonicagray @jenellesummers @jendelvaux @genelleseward @kafvtine @michelepark
Many times we worry about holding on to friendships simply because we've been friends for so long. The friendships that we need to hold onto are the ones that make us better, lift us up, fuel us and bring us joy. But joy doesn't mean it's always a bed of roses.
To be a true "Ride or Die" means Im not going anywhere and neither are you. You can't get rid of me. We'll work this out. We'all get through this tough time, this rough patch, this difference of seasons.
A true Ride or Die stands up for you when it's not popular. She speaks her truth when others prefer to reveal in the gossip. She takes off her hoops and defends your honor (even when you may never know she has done so!) Work on finding just 1 of these gems every couple of years and in as little as 10 years you might have 5 or so of them. They're rare. Don't rush. Be discerning. You will find your Ride or Die's - but only once you have truly become one yourself. Love you ladies! Tag your own #RideOrDie

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