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(When you have nothing to post but then you find a cute selfie on your roll and you think ...hmmm...What witty comment can I attach to this photo that uplifts, motivates and inspires people so they don't realize I'm actually posting it just because I think it's a good pic on a cute outfit day and then you just decide to post the pic and be honest about the whole thing because after all...isn't that what's going on half the time on IG? Relate??

My sister and her family came to stay with us for a week. Nothing is more enjoyable than when family is easy. Easy to hang with, easy to please, easy to entertain, easy to be with. The only part that's hard is saying goodbye. Miss ya @jenellesummers

Just because I post a salad doesn't make me vegan. And nope, I'm not vegetarian or Paleo. I don't follow with precision the "rules" for the Whole 30, Atkins, Keto, FastMetabolism, Carb Cycling, Low Fat/High protein, the Mediterranean Diet or any other special diet for that matter. And I don't allow one-size-fits-all diets dictate what is healthy for ME.
I have a diet. And it evolves.
I read. I listen to experts. I pour over research. I exercise skepticism, keep an open mind and ask question. I talk to doctors.
You don't need a label, a popular diet trend or a tribe to validate your choice of nutrition. But we all need knowledge. We need to know how our bodies work, how what we eat effects us and how our body type, gut health and individual food intolerances influence our weight and overall health.
Don't go on a diet - Know what kind of diet works for you and know how it needs to evolve.
We were meant to train the same way everyday for years and years.
We weren't meant to eat the same way everyday for years and years.
If you're tired of cutting back and cutting back and you need a personalized approach - let's figure some things out.
Join me (Click on the link in my bio) or visit My next 5 week personal experiment program starts 4/24. (Don't take my word for it - Look for my my IG post labeled DietBetaTest - to read a bit more about how our first group did!) Live your best possible life - but don't do it by someone else's rules 👍🏽

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My first job was that of "Big Sister" and today I still take this position very seriously. The main responsibilities for an older sister is to be bossy, nosy, controlling, meddling and overprotective. However, responsibilities also require that the older sister be caring, accepting, generous, sharing, funny and good at braiding hair! Having so much fun with my little sister @jenellesummers and her boys here in Cali! And always working on being a little less bossy and better at braiding! God is good! Happy Easter to you and your family and don't forget sisters don't have to be yours via blood. We are all his children. ❤️

Swipe to learn more. Want to be a part of s citizen science experiment to find a permanent solution to weight-loss resistance? Click the link in my bio to learn more or sign up today at •

Next group begins April 24th. This group will start the actual diet (eating differently) on Monday May 1. This program runs 5 weeks. •

You must be healthy and have your doctors clearance to participate. Sorry! Not appropriate if you are pregnant, nursing, under weight, past or present eating disorder, extremely low body fat, under 19 BMI, Type 1 Diabetes, or have a heart condition. •
This is not a typical diet. You will not be given meal plans, food swaps, universal rules, portions or calorie recommendations. Instead, you will actually learn some science, fully understand metabolism, gut health and the effect of hormones on weight loss. You will be asked to learn and understand these things. You will be given everything you need to design your own daily menu, and develop a plan that works for you because you will be the designer and creator of your plan. You will be in charge of all decisions, all exceptions and your results! You'll be happy, fulfilled and satisfied. •
In my first test of 2,500 people, people lost an average of nearly 10 pounds in less than 4 weeks! •
It makes ZERO sense that all people can go on the SAME diet and expect the SAME result. Your diet needs to factor in YOUR body type, YOUR history, YOUR age, YOUR hormones and YOUR gut health. You need THIS!

Click the link in my bio to join my next test group!

Do you have this problem? I swear I am invisible to this dog - until the moment I start filming! #camerahog #rocco #piyo

It's that time of year. Listen - you don't need to KNOW your passion or find your calling to get started on your side hustle. Not sure what you would create? No idea what kind of business you have time for? How about importing your own journal, water bottles, jewelry, fitness tracker, or whatever little gadget you've fallen in love with. I'll teach you that you don't need a big monster master plan to start something. You just have to start. Watch this video and learn more or click the link in my bio to go there now!

WARNING: It's Sunday and I need to preach. Food Rules are for Fools. There. I said it. ❤️ There is no universal truth when it comes to nutrition. Some can live off bread, Doritos, beer and French fries and still look and feel amazing. Others can walk past a bakery and gain 10 pounds. ❤

I can enjoy a handful of nuts, while that snack could prove fatal to the little boy who lives next door. What is off limits to one can be enjoyed daily by someone else. This may be an over zealous undertaking on my part but I am trying to revolutionize the way we view nutrition as our individual path to wellness and weight management. ❤

At this very moment my spirit is dampened by the hundreds of women in my new nutrition program asking over and over again for the rules! "Can we eat this or that?" "When will you be telling us how much and when to eat and what we can drink?" (Wait, first you have to know I have made it very clear this was not going to be a program where I do the thinking for you) ❤

There are hundreds of diet books that will give you a singular plan to follow. And we have been conditioned to Believe that someone else SHOULD tell us exactly what to eat. We have been conditioned to believe that a singular plan will give everyone the same results. But isn't it time we recognize the fallacy in that thinking?
I know it's hard to admit that the body is complex, but how well has the alternative worked?
This is not a diet. It is a process of empowerment where you get to look at the science, test it for yourself and decide what's best.
It's not for people who love jumping from diet to diet and downloading the next new meal plan.
My program is not for you if you believe someone else should tell you what to do. This program is not for people who want to stand in line and wait for the rules to be handed out.
That would be too easy and I'm not about to compromise my integrity on that's which is easy. There are food suggestions and their are exceptions. This is not a diet. This is a journey to find your answers. You must be willing to truly understand how your engine runs if you're ever going to fix it.
I'm sorry that we have spent so many years believing

It's crazy to think that just a year ago I had a guest on my podcast introduce me to the healing properties and amazing protein source that is BONE BROTH! Now I can't live without it. But most people don't know how to make it taste delicious or don't have access to farmers or markets that offer bonebroth. While the best option is to make it yourself, that's just not realistic for most. And while there are many companies that offer bone broth- be careful to research the quality and purity of the bones their using for their broth. One I love for the convenience when I'm traveling or at the office is You can get it on Amazon, but if you'd like it faster and with a big discount - go to and enter TEAMJOHNSON (take a screenshot so you don't forget!) Plus all of my people will be getting a video from @bretjohnson11 with a couple of tasty DO-it-yourself recipes - don't worry...all the details of when, how much and "what if I don't like it" are coming to you each day! Xoxoxox. Leave me a comment below if you're one of my Testers! To sign up to get in my next test go to

The BOSS ladies! The ladies of Team Johnson. These are the boss ass chicks who run the show, tell me where to go, show me how it's done, figure things out, push the envelope, smooth out the edges, make things fun and get things done! They are the reason we (@bretjohnson11 and I) are able to live a life that we love, help so many and have a freaking crazy cool time doing it! These ladies know how to work hard together and play hard together. Whether we're flopped on a comfy couch at the office, all furiously pecking away on our laptops, running together by the ocean or flying through the powder on a mountain in Utah - this team goes all in! Ladies as we embark on another EPIC event next week for #marketingimpactacademyLive Bret, myself and @kevinrrichards want to take a moment to honor you for making it all happen and making it so fun! Without you there is none of this! We love you! @laurenrasky @kristtinboyd @allisoncall @soundridedotcom @jnprince @icyproductions @jessieschwartzburger

Living life to the fullest and just so happy to have this guy at my side! We ain't perfect - but we are perfectly imperfect for each other. Don't just Appreciate your differences - be grateful for them! XoXoXo

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