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chalafigue  Figuring out the whole consciousness thing. model • entertainer please dm me for collaborations

Almost the weekend! I for one am actually working, doing photo shoots, all weekend but I am so excited because I love it! And I want to do more.
Here’s to attitude, determination and self belief!

Ps. I feel like a rockstar in this pic. A tribute to my first love, #jimmorrison

Floral summer swells
Hazy gazes in to each others eyes
You are enough. Choose you and be prepared to change.
Just like the seasons

Upside down. Inside out.

Shot from a thoroughly enjoyable and dynamic shoot just yesterday.
Feel free to come up with alternative captions! hehe

I see you looking at me. You see me looking at you.
I dare you to say something.

Cheeky & playfuL

Photographer @rolandkiss_
Thank you for a really fun #cinematic shoot

#januhairy was awesome and congratulations to all those whom experimented with changing their habits, standards and ideals to experience their bodies, unaltered.
Above anything I believe it is a choice. Thing is a lot of the time this choice is heavily influenced by archaic beauty standards and conventions. Though we live in a world where this some compromise around that and even I sometimes will remove my body hair for certain occasions. But it is always a choice not a given. Now if a lot of women out there end up with more time, money and comfort in their skin because they don’t fee they have to be hair free all the time, well that would be fantastic.
This photo was taken on one of the last days of summer, thank you @benhopper for your support, using your artistic talent to encourage change.
Big love everyone, stay warm.

Ps people that messaged me I will reply to you, just working on some things 😘

Please excuse the rather crude nipple covering but Instagram is still clearly not ready to #freethenipple.
I really enjoyed this recent shoot which gradually regressed from innocent fairy princess to fiery trix queen. Fun times!
Feel free to DM if you’d like access to some more exciting shots...

Peaceful picture, feeling like a fairy angel. So innocent tehehe 😇

Miss you @weavingair
Loving you sis and super excited for us to go on another adventure.
Vibing you safety and excitement out there xo

We are all beautiful, more than that which can be sensed through the senses. I have become so much more confident since I first stopped removing my body hair. Ultimately do what YOU prefer but know that to be a #woman does not mean you have to change your physical appearance, especially not to live up to the media’s rules.
#rebel #januhairy

Determination. You can fake it, you can be it, you can do it!
Everything will change either way, but the changes that I want to make, that I can make, well only I can. So #bettergetamoveon

Around this time two years ago, I had the truly amazing experience of hiking the first half of the #kalalautrail on the island of #kauai.
It was so stunningly beautiful that it made me think, ‘this must be what heaven is like’.

Happy new year and all that jazz people. Blessings on our lives, goals and dreams.

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