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baby paraiso  asheville nc (& sometimes miami)


💕on the 20th i'm going to be in Miami for 22 days, i'll be leaving on the 12th of dec! if you'd want to hangout, book me + shoot don't hesitate to reach out in tha DM's. looking foreword to seeing all my Floridian homies soon 🌹

why do u think you chose to be on this planet


blood in the bathroom

happy Diwali + new moon in Libra focusing upon w/e it is that you want to manifest especially with: love, prosperity, beauty. mercury is in Scorpio and w...everything moving into that energy there is an emphasis of honesty & authenticity.
new moons mean new beginning, energies & a clean slate

my divine masculine is found within: pegging, body hair + odor and projecting my assertiveness

❣️always thoroughly clean your sex toys even energetically ❣️

🌕full moon in Aries 🌕
this full moon has a STRONG emphasis on relationship w/ the self and then progressively evolving with a focus on the relationship with others. exploring the shadow aspects of the self, owning and acknowledging the shadow to progressively be able to figure out and ask for what exactly our needs are! we have been evolving more and more into a space of authenticity and our shadow has been asking more and more to be looked at and acknowledged

also my regular snapchat is @euphoricbitch 💓

my left ring finger is crooked

New Orleans is incredible energetically with voodoo culture so deeply embedded into the spirituality there, this shrine of Marie Laveau was so powerful, it was a healing center where the chi within the place was so strong and transformative you instantaneously felt alchemized within stepping in. There was also a beautiful water fixture of Quan Yin, my patron goddess within the center. So much culture and different walks of life all interconnected & symbolically living together. @catsandcoronas, thank you so much for your kindness and willing to adventure all over and back into Asheville from New Orleans, you're incredible to roadtrip with & I'm so glad we finally got to meet after being internet friendz 💓

happy full moon in pisces & the end of mercury retrograde! ♓️
because pisces carries such an emotional energy, it's a really great time to be reflective upon your feelings. pisces energy is associated with spirituality, intuition, feelings, compassion, empathy and self sacrifice. with this full moon brings reflection on to the self so taking into account the inevitable need to self soothe and nurture to build a foundation for the self because without a sturdy foundation one cannot take care of others.
loving the self starts with loving yourself as a whole versus selecting aspects of the self to accept and aspects to deny. these aspects are like an astrological therapy session. Pluto is in Capricorn which will help make progressive changes that we want, Pluto symbolizing sex, death and rebirth. Venus is also in Leo which puts the divine feminine energy of love in a position where she is embracing an energy of vibrancy. with all of these harsh critical energies, Venus in Leo softens transcends it and creates passion versus dread and criticism. anything transcends with love versus fear and anxiety. 💓

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