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@chakabars here for the people  It's better to do good :) ❤️🖤💚Turn on my notifications, tag your people studying history+knowledge of self&unity, let's build a better future together


I went to Yoga for the first time in a long time. Yoga is amazing and it helps the health of your joints and peace of your spirit.

It’s crazy how many Somali diaspora I have invited to Somalia, but they won’t come because they are scared... So they miss out on the beauty. If you want to build and be there for your people, you have to go where they are. This goes for all African countries. If you believe that you have the privilege to avoid being in the situations your people are in, then you see yourself as different. I will never not go to where the people are, wherever they are because I am no different to any African, anywhere 🌱🌞🖤

This made me smile :) Who would do this?

I wish y’all could come stay in the woods with me, or rural Africa, I find so much peace in Nature 🌱

Love and peace to all the people from South Sudan 🇸🇸 and to the people from North Sudan 🇸🇩

There is so much beauty in Somalia/land I’m so glad that I can be a part of showing that love to the world :) @caaisha.cuud
I will return to Somalia soon 🌱

The level of sexism that allows this to happen. If it was a little boy being raped there would be no jail sentence. When you have a platform, you should use it for good, as much as you use it for foolishness @kimkardashian help free this girl and let’s get Kanye out of the sunken place 😊✌🏾#freecyntoiabrown

Life is good, I’m going to juice for a month, I’m going to be raw vegan (no cooked food) until I’m 30 on the 25th of December, I have been Vegan now for 4 years. Respect :)

Most people are pretty obvious with their actions.
I rarely get my hopes up, not because I am a pessimist but because I am a realist.
Actions prove why words mean nothing, from relationships to work, from work to parties.
Intentions that aren't acted upon are just ideas, and ideas without action are just thoughts.
So if that woman you want to be with is messing around, it is because you aren't her priority.
If that guy doesn't call you for two weeks, he doesn't like you as much as you like him.
If that important meeting keeps on getting rescheduled, it means it is not that important to the other party.
If the government fail the people they are supposed to be representing time and time again, it means that they aren't really representing you, or they just aren't bothered.
The people who always text and call to ask how you are, these are the people who care.
The people who email you back straight away and the people who do things to help. These are the people you should invest your time in.
Remember your happiness starts with you.
Not with your relationship.
Not with your friends.
Not with your job.
But with you.
Things outside of you won't fix problems on the inside.
Love yourself properly and people will love you.
Don't chase after people who are running away, if it is meant to be it will be.
If not, there are plenty more fish in the sea x
Everything is everything :) Peace. #chakabars

This made me smile :) I love Thailand and Thai people.
I have been for a month, every year for the last 4 years, to do Muay Thai. Shoutout to all of the Thais in the world 🇹🇭 Not that you know me, but I love you 😍

You can’t be “woke” and talking sh*t about women... @omega_axsal Jheez, this give me joy.. Love hearing Sisters spit flames.. Mandem.. @ayeshakfaines said you can be Ike Turner Or Nat Turner’ 🙌🏾👑✊🏾
bell hooks says ‘in the conversation of race and equality all the voices are Male!’
The history of the oppression, destruction and demoralisation of the black African woman is alone enough to class them as the strongest group of people on earth for surviving, thriving and continuing to rise 🙌🏾👑✊🏾
I uplift women cause I understand her importance, even though society cannot. I feel her divinity, even though society cannot. I see her struggle, even though society denies it and I sense her return to the throne restoring universal balance... even if society tries to stop it..
Man came from the Triple darkness of a womb, a womb only a woman carries, it puts every woman on this planet in connection with each other and hands them a title no man will ever attain, for that they deserve the upmost where it is deserving...
From time there is no respect, homage or veneration to the location of your origination your bound to see the falling of a nation.....
It's in the liberation, enlightenment and the fulfilment of our women that the real revolution can occur...
When a woman is oppressed, so is her family and so their nation
I don’t know who said that, I know I didn’t make it up but I understand exactly what it means. Women are the bearers of the next generation, it’s in their womb that the future comes from, and nurturing begins in the womb. If women are continually exposed to a detrimental, stressful, unoppertunistic environment forced to accept mistreatment and misinformed about how to treat and fuel her body well that has a dominoes effect onto our children.
I’ll probably continue reposting this caption until it’s understood globally...
I create and share culturally historic & spiritually educational content to an exclusive platform called Patreon. Please check out and support www.Patreon.com/UneferAxsal
This full lesson is uploaded and available to watch online 🙌🏾👑

Am I the only one over here thinking that is #cesarborgia and Jesus couldn’t have looked like that...

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