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Love to all of the people from Cameroon 🇨🇲

I used to be so sad, because I felt like I wasn’t really doing much in the world. I used to want to fight everyone, so focused on destroying and not creating. I used to care about what people thought of what I said. There was so much I wanted to say all of the time, getting into arguments for ego reasons. Now I do way more than I say. I am a lot happier because I know that I am positively affecting people daily. I read up on the racial dichotomy and learned to articulate myself, which made me less anxious that I was going to get into a debate with someone about race and know what I want to say, but not how they say it. How many people had that before?
Diet helped a lot, when I switched to a plant based diet I got happier. If you want to do it, just do it. I’m not about to be your nutritional consultant because I don’t have the time. Way more people have asked me for things for themselves, rather than how can we make a positive difference in the lives of others. Also I don’t have all of the answers, I don’t pretend like I do. I just know my heart is in the right place l, so I will do what is necessary for the children and people who want to support them. A lot of the time I am creating a plan out of thin air and then committing to it, its conviction that keeps me going not convenience. When the hype dies it’s just you and your team, once you take on the responsibility of human beings, you can’t just give them up like a bad project. This work isn’t for pictures, it’s to make a difference, the pictures help get support, but if someone gave me much money you wouldn’t really see me, I’d just make sure stuff got done, then you could come visit the projects. I’d never do the work of the people in secret, because people need to see examples of good work. What’s going on in my life? Jamaica, we are just about to get all of the stuff from the contractor for the complete cost of the school, the roof is still being fixed, taking longer than I would have liked. I will be fundraising privately and publicly for the project soon. Ghana, we have secured some major money for the school, we will have the build of our pan African technology school underway very soon. More below :)

Nah but he makes us sound stupid. Nah but for real, why are men always so disrespectful to women, thinking with their dicks all of the time. I would never shout a woman down off the road, or stalk her while she is out living her life. It’s weird. It’s rapey. Rape culture sexualises women as objects for sex. So men will be aggressive or passive aggressive to women just to get their attention. Then if they don’t the response they want, they will be more aggressive and even violent. How about don’t set yourself up for rejection. Contrary to psychopathic belief, women don’t walk around all day thinking about randomly meeting a guy and having sex with him. Just think of you mum or sister and how you would want them to be treated. Men treat the women in their families and close friends as Queens to be protected, but treat all other women as prey animals to be hunted. The cognitive dissonance is massive and people with cognitive dissonance need therapy. They definitely don’t need to speaking to the subject, that they maliciously involve in their spiritual battles... Men are watching too much pornography, especially young men, they are forming their opinion of women, based on some male conjured fantasy, that has nothing to do with real sex. You don’t go around pretending that what you see at the movies is real, yet men be thinking of women a fantasy projection. Also imagine if you were judged to the same standard by women. It’s a particularly sinister power dynamic, based on profit and control of women sexually and spiritually. I’m not saying that some women don’t just want sex and enjoy a none emotional physical relationship. What I am saying is, it’s dangerous when you generalise women based on male fantasy. I have had friends who are porn stars, sex workers and most were abused as children and have been raped many times. Also family members and friends who don’t sell their bodies. Rape doesn’t discriminate. Many women don’t come forward & speak about it because they fear for their lives. How about this, treat women how you would like your family treated and these sort of low vibrational interactions will go away, so there can be more peace and balance on earth.

Why are we human beings tolerating this, or the racist judicial & prison system... @undocumedia

Peace @amaalnuux

Today is the Independence Day for Africans and indigenous people in the USA 🇺🇸 153 year and if you watch Thirteenth you will see people are still enslaved.

In case you didn’t smile today :)

Volume up! Why did I think it was ok to go walking by the countryside in Ethiopia at night. They chased me. I’ve never been so scared, in my life, tears left my eyes.
I got away just, I stopped to record because it was dark and wasn’t sure where to run, I needed to calm myself so did that, I wasn’t trying to get a last video for the gram. They were so close and I had to run up the road at them to scare them, then run off. Olani is so sweet, now she thinks every time I go to Africa I might get eaten lol. I told her it was just my silly mistake.

Like this so everyone sees it! Always name and shame them, the courts are more lenient on child sex offenders and paedophiles, than they are on people who grow and sell cannabis... I don’t believe in the system. “A paedophile caught with more than 137,000 child sex abuse images has been spared jail after telling a judge he wanted to start a family.

Richard Arrowsmith, 41, faced up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing indecent images and videos of children at Derby Crown Court.
The married man admitted to downing and viewing the pictures and videos for "four or so years" but said he had never distributed them or made any himself, the Derby Telegraph reports.

He was arrested in February after police received information that an IP address linked to his Sky account had been used to download the images. A computerised police scanning system identified at least 10,000 indecent images and videos from Arrowsmith's seized devices.
However, a large number could not be categorised due to the sheer amount of files, including 4,336 videos and 137,000 images.

The court heard there were 400 videos in the worst category, Category A, another 255 in Category B and 186 films and 851 images in Category C.
Arrowsmith was sentenced to 10 months, reduced from 15 months due to his guilty plea, suspended for two years.” (Independent)

Now we are so scared of feeling, we make fun of having feelings. We actually joke about what makes us human. I suppose sometimes we are ridiculous, but what is the point of life without feelings?
You opened your heart to them, and the broke it, they might as well have kicked you in the artery. You were hurt for a long time and have trouble trusting people now. That’s fine, in order to rebuild we must break or destroy what was already there. You need to make sure that you protect your energy. Don’t be letting just anyone inside of you, don’t just be going up inside of anyone.
But don’t stop feeling, because your last relationship made you lose faith in humanity. Don’t blame men, don’t blame women, just be honest you didn’t trust your intuition, at the time it was exactly what you wanted, you got in the relationship because you were lonely... Etc. Everyone has their part to play, but don’t forget your worth because you made a mistake. From pain comes wisdom.
You need to love, you can’t stop your feelings. We’ve all pretended that we don’t care. Kidded ourselves into pretending it’s just sex, or really liked someone but pushed them away because we are scared of being with them and being hurt. Stop it, love is life itself. Don’t kill yourselves trying not to feel because of ego...

This is not a comedy, this is for real... he watched too much avengers & is starting shield #thisisamerica Why aren’t you doing anything about children being locked in cages?

Real talk @mickey.factz

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