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@chakabars here for the people  ❤️🖤💚Turn on my post notifications Free thinker, studying facts/history+Knowledge of self&Unity is key, let's build a better future together #lovearmy


So we are out here right now, if you want to volunteer, or heal or just need help, or you are a victim of #grenfelltower then come here and get whatever you need. We are at Acklam village, Ladbroke Grove. #therealcommunity #onevoicecommunitycollective #grenfellhealingzone
Come and meet some of the volunteers who have been working day and night and if you are working for the people come and get some free vegan food. Respect ❤️

So tomorrow, we are organising the man dem for the benefit of the area and the people most affected by what happened at #grenfelltower 2-4pm come to Tavistock please.
If you have muscles come and put them to good use. Respect. For details of location Dm @jay_spartanfam @coupe_dc @e_spartanfam @jsbodyworksuk

Don't judge yourself by standards that don't serve your soul... #chakabars I not saying what men and women should and shouldn't wear, I am saying naked or not, the likes don't validate you. I have been topless since I was a yout, I don't care who likes it...

Why are you always sad?
You have money, not much but enough.
You have food, whatever you want to eat.
You live in a house, it's small but it's yours.
You have clothes, so what if they aren't designer.
You lost a loved one, we all did, but they wouldn't like to see you unhappy, the energy from their soul is still there, they live on in your heart.
You are scared of death... Why?
When it happens it happens, concern yourself with loving and living.
Don't die having never lived.
You don't get on well yyyftytwith your family... You will eventually, or you won't but your friends are the family you get to choose.
You are trying to become more spiritual, but aren't sure where to start... Cleanse your body and mind of negative energy, meditation will help, so will eating healthy foods, stop taking poisons.
A poisonous body is a poisonous mind.
If you are single you are single for a reason, just as when you get into a relationship you will have your reasons.
Remember your happiness starts with you.
Not with your relationship.
Not with your friends.
Not with your job.
But with you.
Things outside of you won't fix things on the inside
You are loved, by others but not by yourself, start by loving yourself and be happy, because you are alive when many others died for the opportunity to live... #chakabars

There is so much to do, all in good time.
#repost @cassie

Consistent #tbt

London based Ghanaian artist 🇬🇭 Blessings @dreph_ your work is amazing! @theyoungempire_

Grand rising Queens and Kings ❤️🖤💚 #chakabars

Woman on the left: "I see you are asking people questions, but can I tell you something?" Me: Yes of course.
Woman: "To be a woman is to be an object of beauty but a force of creation. We always get told what we can't do but never what we can. It's crazy because without women there would be no human life but we just get told to look pretty and shut up, this needs to change." #Africanhumans Share these pictures please, I don't take them for me! ❤️

Me: So who is the best at football?
Both of them together: "He is!" Me: But really though?
Dark blue shirt: "We both win when we play sports together, why do you always have to compare... it's not about that." #Africanhumans

Me: What is the meaning of life?
Boy: "Having fun with my friends and not getting in trouble with my mum!" #Africanhumans

Just be the best human you can be 🌞

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