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Allan Edward Hinton ✈  Quit the London office job, sold possessions and embarking on a life of travel & πŸ“·. 38 months in. πŸ“§

When I left my job, just over three years ago, the first part of my journey was to South America [#sponsored] & my first excursion was a four day jeep ride through Uyuni national park in Bolivia. There are the well known salt flats here but I also came across other mind blowing sights within this journey. Including seeing new kinds of animals and different coloured lakes and also seeing Geysers for the first time. We did this at sunrise and the landscape was otherworldly. The steam shot do high. I was in awe!
Sometimes it's the smaller moments that have an impact too. Coming across this brave little VicuΕ„a one morning, when alone and taking a walk out of my tent, I was so fascinated by it. For a few moments it broke away form the pack stopped and looked at me. A small powerful gesture that made me stop in my tracks and think and appreciate where I am and where I was about to go. It's a moment I will never forget.
I'm sharing this story in collaboration with Delta Air Lines. Do you have any #TravelChangedMe stories? I would love to hear them!

Next time I come to the Cinque Terre I want to stay here 😍
Not just because it's pink but look at the forlorn looking owner there 😏

Good morning!
Photo taken after having two amazing flat whites at @orsonerocoffee in North East Milan. Go there! Great coffee with a friendly owner.

Florence. Framed by nature.
If you go to Florence don't forget to check out the small gardens of Bardini overlooking the city. It's the little brother of Boboli Gardens and often overlooked. #wisteriahysteria

Spring in Florence. Pretty damn fine time to be there.
I became rather obsessed with this scene. I actually had a little crowd watching and then queuing up to take a similar photo! Ha. Thanks to the lovely Swedish family for entertaining me and allowing me to take your portrait @filippzorz. I must send you the photos! One of the most fun parts of travelling alone is the amount of random but fun encounters you tend to have with strangers. These moments don't seem to happen when you're travelling with another or in a group. For me anyhow!

Italian style resi-density 😍

Cinque Terre! It's even better when you see it up close.
And 10 times as touristic as you can imagine.
However I will add that it's touristic in terms of people but I still feel it's a very authentic place. There are still loads of locals living daily life. There are not too many tacky tourist shops. And before I went I imagined each location to be filled with big brand named hotels and so forth and that wasn't the case. So happy to tick this place off the bucket list. I'd been wanting to go for donkeys years. Years before even pictures started popping up on Instagram.

Dream ride. Seriously. That colour too. When I was 16 I had a scooter. It wasn't a Vespa but I still dream of owning one one day. There's something so liberating and fun about driving on these things. 😍 πŸ›΅πŸ’¨

Snapping lovers.
I've been single for three years. Does anyone want a date?

This bridge 😍
I think I could have found my new happy place. Spontaneously took a trip to Florence. Was meant to stay a day but stayed for three. This place is absolutely stunning, especially in spring. This bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, is as impressive and medieval looking as you can imagine. Extremely happy to have ticked this place off my bucket list.
I'm going to be adding the best sunset spots in Florence to my blog very soon. Keep your ears and eyes open for my notification of when its live ;) Also, on that note I'm up for my first ever travel blog awards with @flightcentreuk and I'd be so grateful if you gave my site a vote. The link is on my profile and the category I am in is at the bottom of the page under "Best Travel Instagrammer". Thanks so much in advance!

Finding interesting perspectives from high above central Milan to view MINI's Breathe Installation at #Salonedelmobile #MINILiving Sponsored.

Milan. A city of hidden courtyards πŸ˜πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸƒ

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