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Channeling my inner David Attenborough.

If you don't know who that is. We can't be friends ;-). Drove to the outskirts of Tampa to immerse myself into some back waters using a canoe. Abundant wildlife, including crocodiles and sunbathing turtles, led me to attempt to take some nature photos whilst ambling along and enjoying moving a little slower paced and breathing in some fresh air. @visittampabay @visitflorida #unlocktampabay #lovefl #ad

The docked pirate ship signalled the end of Gasparilla 2017. The United States third biggest street parade which celebrates the legend of José Gaspar a mythical Spanish pirate who supposedly operated in Southwest Florida in the early 1800s. To say it was a wild affair would probably be an understatement. Dressed in themed attire and armed with a few cocktails I felt lucky to get to experience such a unique yet huge event. #unlocktampabay #ad #lovefl @visitflorida @visittampabay

Always fascinated by shells.

Heading back to a still-in-winter Europe certainly, and perhaps obviously, made me instantly miss Florida climate. I made the effort most evenings just before sunset to make a short drive to the east facing coast. Here I pulled into a car park by Whiskey Joe's (a nice place for a sunset view and drink) and I also visited pleasant spots at Cyprus Point Park and Picnic Island Park. All popular with local photographers and people looking to end the day in a calm and kind of romantic way!

Will be sharing my final @visittampabay and @visitflorida photos over the coming days. Feel free to ask if you ever want any tips on the area. #lovefl #ad #unlocktampabay

I was taking photos of this sweet vintage car and then the owner came over and after chatting for a bit he invited me to his studio. Just happened to be a rather well known artist from the area who my friend was just telling me about a few days ago! I love coincidence. I also love how open to chat with strangers Americans can be. Also perhaps after reflecting on the situation I appreciated how travelling has changed how I myself interact with new people. It was a nice start to the day!

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Those sunrise pastel tones.

Woke up super early and drove down Bayshore Boulevard to see downtown Tampa form a different perspective. It was definitely worth it.

Thank you to @hertz for being so kind in providing my vehicle for the week.

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Hi there.

Everyone was getting their portrait done against this Frida Kahlo flower wall so I didn't want to miss out.

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Cotton candy clouds.

A few days ago at dusk I wandering along the riverside in Tampa. The Riverwalk is kind of like Tampa very own Highline. A place to escape the city and relax... and apparently witness nice sunsets too.

The rustic bridge above is actually in use and as one train passes a day the bridge, by law, has to be manned all day. Interesting.

Lastly I highly recommend the restaurant Ulele if you're interested in this particular area. I went back a second time for their alligator balls (Hush Puppies to those from the US!) as they were that good!
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Morning rituals.

Even though it's Monday I'm up early and as per most days heading to a cafe. I'm a bit of a coffee addict. In Tampa there is a new and thriving coffee scene and over the last few days I've been to and recommend Buddy Brew, The Lab, Foundation and Caffeine and yet to try the one which, due to the name, would probably suit me most; Ginger Beard Coffee! I'm listing this as I did a fair bit of research and digging to discover these. So feel free to bookmark the post if you're intending to head to Tampa and you're a coffee fan like me.

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Sunday bask.

These three (one was hidden within the bundle) lemurs cuddling and soaking up the sunshine was without a doubt the cutest thing I saw today.

The staff member on duty at the time had said she'd never seen the huddled in such a way before.

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“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” Winston Churchill.

I think I have definitely found my favourite cosy corner of Tampa. Grabbing coffee and feeling inspired by being overlooked by some great characters. The whole space of this place is rather impressive. I am certain I will be back before I leave next week.

Today is Gasparilla festival and I will be out with my pirate hat on. If you're as intrigued as I am do feel free to follow along on the Stories I try to create today!

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Sunday food shop.

Another good thing, in my eyes, about going to Venice in winter is that there is an obvious absence of the huge swarms of tourists and you can start to more easily observe daily life of the locals. I believe that there are around 50,000 that live on the main islands in Venice. A tiny number when you think that there are over 20-30 million tourists that visit each year.

Muted, snowy, foggy Burano.

I woke up early and the sun was finally out in Venice so I made an Impromptu decision to jump on a boat to Burano Island. Within 5 minutes the boat entered the most crazy thick and freezing fog ever. The benefit of this was arriving to the island in very rare and unique conditions. It was rather wonderful. Walking around, almost alone, the colourful island covered in snow and surrounded by fog was truly unique and unforgettable.