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Allan Edward Hinton ✈  Quit the London office job, sold possessions and embarking on a life of travel & 📷. 36 months in. 📧

Alone in the world.
This is the neighbourhood where my sister lives in Stockholm and although I've been a million times over the years I never tire of wandering around this beautiful place.

A favourite corner of Amsterdam. In the heart of the red light district.
The water is smooth due to shooting at a slow shutter speed of 3.2seconds @ 7f and with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens.

The whole of Venice is a piece of art. I adore this place so much. #tbt
I will be shortly making a blog post on travelling to Venice in Winter. Follow my Facebook page, the link is in my profile, for the next update.
Shot with a 70-200mm lens @ 116mm. 4f 1/640.

Good morning! Feeling like a rockstar in this room.
Snapping a picture, from the 6th floor, of the view overlooking Amsterdam. Thanks for the stay @siradamhotel. 🎸

Pink skies at night. Means it's gonna be alright. Right?
Made a last minute fleeting visit to Stockholm last week. In short my sister got rushed to hospital for an emergency operation. She was there for over two weeks due to the severity. Even though throughout the years she's been in and out of hospital and lived through painful periods I couldn't be more impressed and proud with her strength and determination to live each day without complaining or making an excuse (love you sis!). Other friends I know with Crohn's disease also seem to have admirable courage. It's not a common disease and sadly the cause and cure are still unknown. Much respect to anyone else battling with this disease. Lastly thanks to all the friends and family that have shown their love and support recently.
For those wanting to know where this shot was taken from its just outside Slussen metro overlooking Gamla Stan.

Isn't this the cosiest set of houses ever?!
What a great impromptu few days in Amsterdam I had thanks to @sirhotels who invited me to the opening of their new hotel in Amsterdam. Was a pleasure to bump into old friend's @cucinadigitale, @claireonline, @petitepassport and @sethcarnill and get to know @the_dailybren. Also it was my cousin who lives in Amsterdam's birthday weekend so I extended my stay to spend time with the family. I feel lucky to be able to live life so spontaneously. #siradamhotel #designhotels

Meep meep! Good Morning. Next stop:- Amsterdam! Commuting here isn't just by bike! #BoomerangOfTheWeek

Engulfed in a beautiful golden hour glow I @chaiwalla captured this gentlemen strolling the beach deep in thoughts.

So!...this is my final post on Tampa but I've just posted a personal guide, including extra photos, to it on my blog. Just go to the link in my profile. I'd love your feedback so please feel free to leave me a comment on my site and let me know what you think! #unlocktampabay #visitfl #ad @visittampabay @visitflorida

@chaiwalla here channeling my inner David Attenborough.

If you don't know who that is. We can't be friends ;-). Drove to the outskirts of Tampa to immerse myself into some back waters using a canoe. Abundant wildlife, including crocodiles and sunbathing turtles, led me to attempt to take some nature photos whilst ambling along and enjoying moving a little slower paced and breathing in some fresh air. @visittampabay @visitflorida #unlocktampabay #lovefl #ad

The docked pirate ship signalled the end of Gasparilla 2017. The United States third biggest street parade which celebrates the legend of José Gaspar a mythical Spanish pirate who supposedly operated in Southwest Florida in the early 1800s. To say it was a wild affair would probably be an understatement. Dressed in themed attire and armed with a few cocktails I, @chaiwalla, felt lucky to get to experience such a unique yet huge event. #unlocktampabay #ad #lovefl @visitflorida @visittampabay

Always fascinated by shells.

@chaiwalla here back in a still-in-winter Europe. Sharing this photo certainly, and perhaps obviously, made me instantly miss that sunny Florida climate. Whilst there most evenings, just before sunset, I would make a short drive to the east facing coast. Here in this photo I had pulled into a car park by Whiskey Joe's (a nice place for a sunset view and drink by the way) and I also made visits to pleasant spots at Cyprus Point Park and Picnic Island Park. All popular with local photographers and people looking to end the day in a calm and kind of romantic way!

I will be sharing my final @visittampabay and @visitflorida photos over the coming days. Feel free to ask if you ever want any tips on the area or go check out my “Guide to Tampa” on my blog! #lovefl #ad #unlocktampabay

I was taking photos of this sweet vintage car and then the owner came over and after chatting for a bit he invited me to his studio. Just happened to be a rather well known artist from the area who my friend was just telling me about a few days ago! I love coincidence. I also love how open to chat with strangers Americans can be. Also perhaps after reflecting on the situation I appreciated how travelling has changed how I myself interact with new people. It was a nice start to the day!

@visittampabay @visitflorida #UnlockTampaBay #lovefl #ad

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