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Allan Edward Hinton ✈  Quit the London office job, sold possessions and embarking on a life of travel & πŸ“·. 40 months in. πŸ“§ allanedwardhinton@gmail.com


Medieval routes to walk the dog. Siena, Italy.

Good morning! Whilst in Italy I started a couple of random personal series. One was of people reading the paper in public and the other people with serious jobs on their mobile phones (there are so many uniformed people out there using their smart phone whilst at work!). Here is one of the shots. Street photography is one of the types photography I enjoy the most but don't tend to share them here. Trying to get better at that. Have a good day!
... for those interested I was using a 70-200mm lens at f/4 to get this shot. The lens is great for capturing people from a distance, so you don't disturb them!

Absolutely in love with the silhouettes that the unique tall Tuscany trees create!

I sat in this spot for a long time. Words are not needed to help sell Italy 😍

Florentian nuns πŸ™πŸ»

Italian courtyards. Hard to find. Worth finding.
I was taking photos of this spot with a curious local observing me. Eventually, rather dumbfounded by my actions, she came over and asked what I was photographing. After I explained why "come on, it's beautiful!" she told me how she was so curious as she was a resident of the block. She then took my arm and took me into the archway and explained where there used to be a stunning coat of arms style piece that used to adorn the entrance. Luckily it's just being renovated and will be back soon. Friendly people are everything. Ha. Thanks for your time nonna!

Italian cathedrals always take my breath away. I'd seen this one in so many photos and some say Instagram is diluting the travel experience but nothing quite beats seeing sights like this up close 😍

From early mornings to late nights in first visit to Milan. Continuing to take a look back at some photos I shot around Milan from when I was there for #Salonedelmobile with @mini. Here is their #MINILiving installation Breathe at night. Click on the link in my profile to see a great piece on this by @IGNANT who, to my great surprise, used some of my photos for their piece - thanks guys!


Super early morning wander around Milan hunting out nice light and visiting touristic monuments without many people around - totally worth it.

A rare and wonderful sight to see Venice so empty and still <3 #tbt from winter this year.
How is everyone? I had a wee break to knuckle down and do some work and get ready for some smaller summer trips and plan to escape to Asia and Australia on a big adventure for autumn and winter 2017. Very excited to be getting ready for another long trip on the road! Stay tuned.

When I left my job, just over three years ago, the first part of my journey was to South America [#sponsored] & my first excursion was a four day jeep ride through Uyuni national park in Bolivia. There are the well known salt flats here but I also came across other mind blowing sights within this journey. Including seeing new kinds of animals and different coloured lakes and also seeing Geysers for the first time. We did this at sunrise and the landscape was otherworldly. The steam shot do high. I was in awe!
Sometimes it's the smaller moments that have an impact too. Coming across this brave little VicuΕ„a one morning, when alone and taking a walk out of my tent, I was so fascinated by it. For a few moments it broke away form the pack stopped and looked at me. A small powerful gesture that made me stop in my tracks and think and appreciate where I am and where I was about to go. It's a moment I will never forget.
I'm sharing this story in collaboration with Delta Air Lines. Do you have any #TravelChangedMe stories? I would love to hear them!

Next time I come to the Cinque Terre I want to stay here 😍
Not just because it's pink but look at the forlorn looking owner there 😏

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