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Allan Edward Hinton ✈  Quit the London office job, sold possessions and embarking on a life of travel & 📷. 42 months in. 📧 allanedwardhinton@gmail.com


Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are - Mason Cooley
Back at the #UrbanCabin with my friend @zobolondon thinking about how that, when not travelling, I always try to pick up a book to help keep me going until the next adventure. @MINI’s entry at Design week explores the unfortunate theme of closing London libraries and includes a book swap. It’s your last chance to see the space this weekend. Let me know if you find the book with my note inside it ;)
#MINILiving #LDF17 #Advertisement

Meandering through Omani palms in perfect light.
Feeling lucky to have experienced this resort, it truly is something special. Feeling unlucky that I misplaced a memory card with at least 35% of my photos from Oman on it. Can’t quite believe it. I’ve never done that before. However I still managed to have such a great time that I didn’t feel upset for long. It’s just a shame I won’t be able to share the first few days photos and I had one shot I was so super proud of. Grr. Has this happened to you before? I really need to get more sleep at night! #experienceoman #oman

After flying in from Oman I headed straight to my old stomping ground, London, on invitation of @MINI for London Design Festival. I had the pleasure of meeting the designer of their #UrbanCabin who discussed how the themes of shrinking urban spaces and the closure of libraries in London influenced the design. Inside the cabin is a bookshelf with a colourful array of books where you can swap one for your own. I walked away with travel guide to secret spaces in London. Do check this out if you’re in town for the fair. The copper and mirror exterior of the structure blends interestingly in with the surrounding buildings; some modern and reflective and others made of brick with deliciously decaying facades #MINILiving #LDF17 #Advertisement

Dawn high up in the Muscat mountains. Whilst staying at @anantarajabalakhdar we took a small hike through three traditional Omani towns. The one you see here being the third. Sadly due to natural resources drying up many of the families have had to move out and the villages are mostly occupied by farmers. It was still however fascinating to get glimpse into local life. The house tours really made an impact and left the whole group thinking about our own lives and led us to discuss and reflect on the topics of minimal living and if there really is such a need for us to buy and own so much unnecessary stuff. #experienceoman @experienceoman #oman

Wondrous, hazy and bright sunset at @anantarasalalah beach. From the mountains down to the ocean. What a pleasure it's been to get to experience Oman. Really looking forward to sharing images and stories with you over the coming days. #experienceoman #Oman #anantarajourneys

Early morning commuter. I'm going to be attending the MINI LIVING URBAN CABIN (16/9 - 24/9) at the London Design Festival so ahead of the event I'm revisiting my photos from my explorations of Milan during my last event with MINI at Salone del Mobile. As you may have picked up I'm a fan of getting to know and intensely examining a city's architecture, the environment and the culture and people that exist within it. @MINI's Urban Cabin excites me as it aims to show how innovation and modern design can optimise how we can live harmoniously in these densely populated areas. #MINILiving #UrbanCabin #LDF17 #advertisement

Single file. A row of buddhist monks walk in line.
I'm posting this photo from one of my recent trip to Thailand to help announce an incredible #competition in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand where up to 12 people will get the chance to win a trip to visit Thailand. All you have to do is follow the link in my profile, choose your favorite sense, and you could be in with a chance. Good luck! #6SENSESINTHAILAND

Anyone else here a kid/teen in the 90s? This scene totally reminded me of playing the original Tomb Raider on PlayStation 1. One of the levels was very much like Venice and you had could drive around in boats and jump through hidden doors. Well, anyway, it reminded me of that. 😬

Kinda looks like a toy town! 😀 --- winter, 2017

Dusk at one of my favourite spots in the Cinque Terre.

The was something quite otherworldly with visiting the little colourful island of Burano early in the morning during the fog and snow. Something I won't ever forget.

Venice. Up close.

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