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#repsformccarver figured I'd move some weight in honor of probably the strongest bodybuilder ever, still in a rest phase just trying to maintain decent weight and keep tight so nothing crazy here but got 7 plates for some good form reps and safely by strapping up as always with the best @cardilloweightbelts at the one and only @vanarchy_gym #npc #ifbb #bodybuilding #ripdallas #backday #strapup #cardilloweightbelts #teammetal

RIP @dallasmccarver truly awful news and the bodybuilding community is broken over this tragedy. I know many people will say he could have been the next Mr Olympia or he had so much potential in Bodybuilding etc etc but honestly that doesn't matter, this guy was 26 years young and his parents who loved him regardless of bodybuilding accolades have to bury their son which is something I couldn't imagine and probably the worst thing to have to do in life. The point I want to make is in the scheme of life bodybuilding isn't what's most important, LIFE is and FAMILY/FRIENDS are what matters whether your a sports star or not we all have loved ones and people who we share life with and care about greatly...My heart goes out to his family/friends and those loved ones who lost a great individual who's personality was as big as his physique #godbless #rip #dallasmccarver #bigcountry #keepinspiring #outgrowyourego #livelifeonyourterms #chasedreams #workhard #treatpeoplethewayyouwanttobetreated

Wife misses the goatee 😂😂😂 jk jk she's a beard girl. Blasting chest with good people @bigdaddymaxout @chrisowensofficial last year during prep, today's sad news got me thinking about how important each moment is and how blessed we are to have great people we care about it our lives and to be able to do the things we love each day....go chase your dreams, work hard and surround yourself with good people 💪#blessed #friends #family #bodybuilding #npc #ifbb #ripbigcountry

3 Time Junior Champ @ryan_latour_npc after smashing legs at the best gym around @vanarchy_gym took some check in pics 11 weeks out from #npc #newenglands #2017
21 year old family man who works hard in and out of the gym 💪#teamchainsaw #dreamchasin #bodybuilding #npc #ifbb #lightheavyweight

A must follow for anyone serious about their training👌
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While training with @dallasmccarver this week in Boca he had mentioned having some back issues/pain. The day we were scheduled to train back, Dallas said he hadn't slept well, and it took him 30 minutes to get out of bed because he back "was fucked" and in the worst pain it had been in. And while I'm not the guy that is going to diagnose and treat back pain based on the symptoms someone tells me (there's a name for those people: assholes), I asked Dallas if he was up for me trying some activations on him prior to training. He said he was down.
I explained the thought process to Dallas: that connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, discs), are essentially your bodies "backup plan", and that your muscle tissue is your bodies first line of defense for injury prevention. So, it's possible, that if you're experiencing some disc/back pain, that you have some muscles not doing their job. And that by activating the main muscles involved in spine/pelvis stability, maybe we could alleviate some symptoms.
After about 5-8 minutes of activations, Dallas said he couldn't believe how good his back felt. And even after training (and loading the spine/hips), he said "he wouldn't have believed his back could feel this could, after how bad it felt that morning".
So, for anyone else experiencing back pain (especially during lower body/deadlift workouts) OR that wants to potentially prevent back issues, I figured I'd share. I uploaded the entire activation sequence, with video, cues and thought process today on And named it the "Dallas back un-focker" activation program. Check it out! And enjoy.
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James' dinner, he asked for lobster with rice pilaf and a cheeseburger lol plus of course chocolate milk
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#truth 👍
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What a man good!!! Thank you @schwarzenegger couldn'thave said it any better myself!! #Repost @schwarzenegger
Let's commit to leaving the terrible ghosts of the past in the trash heap of history. Watch the full video on my Facebook page. @attndotcom

Life savers at work, been going with 3/4 length and no more thigh chafing #bodybuilderproblems
Conditions not too bad for off season taking a break phase👌 were part of the not fucking around crew #namethatmovie
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Hardest thing right now is going easy, like trying to go the speed limit in a Lambo lol but we're holding steady and following the plan💪 one of my favorite lat movements right here at the best gym in Massachusetts @vanarchy_gym
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Missing vacation, here's one of James holding up this giant boulder 💪 #stronglikedad #myboy #family #fatherson #newhampshire

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