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Chain of Hope Jamaica  Building up Cardiac services and treating children in Jamaica and the Caribbean with heart disease. #mendinglittlehearts


Smiling faces as we get ready to fly 6 week old Baby Kalilah to the UK for urgent heart surgery sponsored by Chain of Hope. Kalilah was born with a complex congenital heart condition, Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) and will undergo corrective surgery in London at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Baby Kalilah is being escorted to the UK by one of Chain of Hope's medical volunteers, Dr Dall with Dr Linton from the Bustamante Hospital for Children and is accompanied by her Mum Felicia. We are happy she will get her heart mended for Christmas. Let's wish her good luck! #chainofhope #mendinglittlehearts #children #cardiac #charity #Jamaica @chain_of_hope

Meet Kayla, our final patient on this two week medical mission sponsored by @chain_of_hope in partnership with Gift of Life International and Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation. Kayla has recovered well since her heart surgery with Chain of Hope Volunteer Surgeon Dr Egil Seem and will go home to her family in St. Ann with a mended heart for Christmas. Thanks to the incredible team of volunteer Surgeons and Nurses who travelled from the UK over the last two weeks to join the cardiac team in Jamaica as we performed the first of many life saving cardiac operations in the new dedicated cardiac unit at the Bustamante Hospital in Kingston. #mendinglittlehearts #chainofhope #children #cardiac #Jamaica @gift_of_life_international @shaggyandfriends @direalshaggy @rebeccapackerburrell @emmascanlancoh @3775hess @robraylman

This week we mended more little hearts in the new dedicated cardiac unit at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston. Yesterday Annissa (pictured here with her Mum) went home after her successful heart surgery by the Chain of Hope missions team in partnership with Gift of Life International, Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation, Digicel and Sagicor. #children #cardiac #charity @shaggyandfriends @gift_of_life_international @digiceljamaica @sagicorfoundationja @rebeccapackerburrell @emmascanlancoh @direalshaggy @chain_of_hope - #regrann

Our partner in the first ever cardiac unit dedicated for children in Jamaica @direalshaggy visits the new Cardiac ICU and gives little Shaquale a hug before he goes home following his heart surgery with @chain_of_hope last week... this week @chain_of_hope have flown a second team out from UK and Norway to support the local cardiac team at Bustamante @theserhajm @gift_of_life_international @digicelfoundation @sagicorja @lucyossack @alexandramusic @usainbolt @jesslemariepires @adrianlouison @rebeccapackerburrell - #regrann

Tajarie's heart mended!
After being flown to the UK on the 18th of November to have urgent interventional cardiac catheterisation, 7 year old Tajarie from St. Ann is back in Jamaica with a mended heart. Intervention was done at The Harley Street Clinic by Dr Robert Yates sponsored by @chain_of_hope - Tajarie and Mum later enjoyed a few days of recovery in London with the Linnekar's our lovely volunteer Host Family. #chainofhope #mendinglittlehearts #children #cardiac #charity

After his Open Heart Surgery just 48 hours ago, little Shaqualie is up and having a little wander round the ICU. What an amazing week mending little hearts with the amazing Jamaican Cardiac team and @gift_of_life_international @shaggyandfriends @rebeccapackerburrell @direalshaggy in the newly opened Jamaica Children’s Heart Centre. Thank you to @digiceljamaica @shaggyandfriends @rotaryinternational @gift_of_life_international and Sagicor for partnering with @chain_of_hope to make this Centre a reality for the children of Jamaica ❤️ - #regrann

Our first patient in the Jamaica Children's Heart Centre is going home today! Justin smiles as he says goodbye to the amazing team at Bustamante hospital for Children and the @chain_of_hope team. A huge thank you to ALL partners who made this possible @digicelfoundation @shaggyandfriends @gift_of_life_international @rotaryinternational @sagicorja @lucyossack @rebeccapackerburrell @diane.edwards.5059 @direalshaggy @paulrossilee @niomslon @usainbolt - #regrann

@Regranned from @shaggyandfriends - It’s amazing how much good work can be done when the right resources are readily available. Surgery being done by COH team including Director Dr Roger Irvine in the new operating theatre in the Jamaica Children's Heart Centre.
We are happy to have partnered with @shaggyandfriends @chain_of_hope @gift_of_life_international @rotaryinternational and the @digiceljamaica Foundation - #regrann

@Regranned from @chain_of_hope - Little Shaqualie is the 4th patient to be treated this week on this very special mission to the Jamaica Children’s Heart Centre. Here he is with his lovely Mum and the wonderful Dr Cleopatra Patterson, Cardiac anaesthetist and integral part of the local Jamaican Cardiac team. A huge THANK YOU to The Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation @direalshaggy @rebeccapackerburrell and @gift_of_life_international @digiceljamaica @rotaryinternational and Sagicor for your partnership and investment in this project. We are delighted to see this brand new Heart Centre come to life with you all.

13 year old Justin smiles as he makes history as the FIRST patient to be treated in Jamaica's first ever dedicated paediatric cardiac unit!! Local team members Dr James and Dr Patterson stand by Justin's bedside and say the staff are 'thrilled' to finally have a facility where the cardiac kids of Jamaica can be treated. The new unit has been built with the funding from Digicel @digiceljamaica Sagicor Sigma run, @sagicorja @chainofhopeja and @chain_of_hope ...Shaggy and friends @direalshaggy @gift_of_life_international partnered with @chain_of_hope to equip this important building which opened for its first activity today #partners #cardiacsurgery @usainbolt @shaggyandfriends

Testing Testing! Chain of Hope Biomedical Engineers conduct tests and checks on the portable echo machine donated by @chain_of_hope to the Jamaica Children’s Heart Centre. Proud of the partnerships with @digiceljamaica The Shaggy Make a Difference foundation @rebeccapackerburrell @direalshaggy @gift_of_life_international Sagicor @sagicorfoundationja and Rotary International.

#Repost @chain_of_hope
The Jamaican Cardiac Team are leading a simulation workshop alongside Chain of Hope volunteers to test equipment and infrastructure in the new Jamaica Children’s Heart Centre. All of the equipment has been purchased and donated by @chain_of_hope @gift_of_life_international, the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation @direalshaggy @rebeccapackerburrell and Rotary International. @emmascanlancoh

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