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elizabeth chai ☕  coffee designer: making coffee look as good as it tastes // design, illustration, photography //↟pnw↟ #CrossCountryCamperCoffeeCrawl

@BuckmanCoffeeFactory + @CafeImports Two Brews & a Lie

Coffee Family, PDX. I feel loved tonight. Thanks @BuckmanCoffeeFactory for always being amazing for the Portland coffee community. ✨♥️✨

Gotta love some beautiful use of color in coffee. I love this Rainbow Strada at @NeverLab, and it was a treat to try @ActionSpronson’s roast on it today...right before running into him! ✨🍭✨

Constantly impressed by my friends & colleagues at @Sprudge. They wrote a book!!! A published book!!! Thanks @SuitcaseWine & @ZacharyCarlsen for the advance copy...I cannot wait to dig in. *Also thank you for your constant support and encouragement in my own creative and journalistic endeavors. 📚☕️🍎🐛🤓 #CoffeeFamblies

Sunday Morning // It looks & sounds & tastes & feeeeels so good in here. Never want to leave... // ☔️☕️🌾

Went to pick up a new coffee table in Vancouver, WA so I had to make sure to stop in to see my friend @Brian_Clemens at @RelevantCoffee! He’s been roasting & submitting coffees for some upcoming roasting competitions (*cheering 4 u!)

Working on a huge deadline project this weekend, & my roommate @ARose729 just knocked on my door with a coffee delivery...Right at the very moment I was dreaming of a hot cup of coffee. ✨😭✨
(It’s the @GenuineOrigin Guatemala Candelaria coffee I roasted at @CoffeeRoastersGuild Retreat - we still don’t understand how it’s so freaking delicious but it is.)

A photo I never posted from the @LaMarzocco.USA Seattle Preliminary: @GuavaGoddess competing in Brewers Cup. *Her performance was SOOO good, & she was less than 2 points shy of placing & being flown to Qualifiers, so I hope she signs up during open registration. 🙃

“I miss you and our brightness,” he said. 💙💚❤️

I’ve been friends with these ladies for God knows how long, & our lives have been intertwined with Minneapolis, New Zealand, Germany, Portland, Nashville, Des Moines, Florida, concerts, coffee, weddings, robberies, broken bones, flat tires, peeing our pants from laughing so much, fake & real arguments, tears, moving, road trips, grief, health & illness - so much life together & so many stories. Kristin got married today, & we only just realized the three of us have actually never been together in one place. ✨👰🏻+🤵🏻✨
cc @nathan_roberts

A beautiful woman & her ✨glow✨

A designer & his map.
#CoffeeDesignersGuildRetreat2018 🗺

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