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Of coffees and baos #throwback

Congratulations 💐🎉 First among us to graduate! So proud of you ❤ Don't stress out yourself too much on work. Remember work life balance 😅 #throwback #baboons #accagraduate #first

And that's how you fake a candid 😂 #throwback

🌸🌭🍝🍛// One of the lessons that I have learned is to post nice and pretty pictures taken, before anything happens to your phone @narawithlove

17.03.2017// Thank you and goodbye 💕 #lastday #throwback

Every moment is the right moment to have bingsu. Because the weather is good, because the weather is bad, and because the weather is good enough 🍧😈

21.1.2017 // Yes. My dream finally came true. I got to watch @chiyeul7102 's live performance and meet him in real life. Many many thanks to my colleague who got free tickets for me and my friends who were willing to accompany me to watch this fan meeting/ concert. Thanks for driving me up all the way to Genting ❤ Can't believe I was THIS close to my idol 😍 I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life 💕
Warning: The following content contains of only fangirl elements

致列오빠, 谢谢你那么用心地准备了那么多好看的表演. 当你因为粉丝为你作的歌而感动得不停拭泪的时候, 我真心感到当你的粉丝是件多么幸福的事. 当你唱《改变自己》绕场, 站在你身旁的时候, 世上最远的距离已不再遥远. 因为我们都知道你最爱我们❤ 我知道你不是一般的人, 所以写中文, 你一样可以明白. 谢谢你, 亲爱的人 💕 #황치열 #黄致列 #hwangchiyeul #7102 #ten2

一群饿鬼 😂👻 Had a great time hanging out together after 3 weeks of hectic work life 💼

A well deserved break after the dreadful finals marathon with my pet flamingo #throwback

Some friends are like matcha and caramel. They may be completely different but they complement each other very well.

Done with presentation of the sem #throwback

How do you like your coffee? Credits: @karencyl_95

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