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Chai Lifeline  Chai Lifeline restores the light of childhood when cancer, life-threatening, or lifelong illness is diagnosed. US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Israel


Congratulations to this week’s Sunday Superhero, Eli Cohen. When Eli Cohen's neighborhood friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Eli had heard a lot about the energy and excitement of Camp Simcha. For his Bar Mitzvah project, Eli decided to bring some of that fun and joy to new campers before they ever step foot in camp. He created "Magic Boxes,” gift boxes filled with Camp Simcha paraphernalia and swag to get our upcoming campers into the Simcha spirit! The first shipment has already been received by new campers.

Thanks, Eli, for creating an incredibly inspiring Bar Mitzvah project. 📷 @chailifeline_midatlantic

Then and Now:

We’re so proud of our former client and camper @mushkaleah, who is planning to pay it forward by becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. Way to go, Mushka!
Here's her story:
Nine years ago today I was discharged from the hospital, in remission from the cancer I had just finished fighting. Chai Lifeline was there for me, and my family the entire time, and Camp Simcha gave me the fun I had missed out on and helped me get back to myself. Since then, I have donated my hair twice and ran the Miami Marathon with Team Lifeline. This Fall I am beginning nursing school and I plan to be a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. #cllthenandnow @chai_lifeline @campsimcha #payitforward #lookatmenow --- Post or DM your "Then and Now" with a picture and tag @chai_lifeline with the hashtag #cllthenandnow!

Chai Volunteer Spotlight Alert!

@julia.lasry is one of our @chailifelinemtl big sister's, and with 1 month in, here is what she has to say. "When I was asked to volunteer with @chailifelinecanada , I was apprehensive and unsure if I would be able to 'commit' to a family. After about 10 minutes, I became comfortable in their home, speaking with the parents, and giggling with Maya and her sister Erin...We quickly found ourselves doing arts and crafts, playing games, and watching their incredible dance performances.

Being involved with @chai_lifeline has allowed me to naturally create a friendship with a bright, charming, and kind seven year old, as well as with her family...I now find myself looking forward to the next time I will go over, whether for a family pool day or simply to spend time with "my litter sister." Julia, you have been such a wonderful addition to our Chai Family! #fightingillnesswithlove #happinessheals #hopeliveshere #friendship #bigsis #littlesis #family (repost: @chailifelinecanada, @chailifelinemtl)

Volunteers are the engine that drives Chai Lifeline. They change lives with their love, energy, smiles and determination to change lives for the better.
So who’s your favorite volunteer? How does he or she inspire you?

We run on Dunkin Donuts ....and Chai Lifeline Southeast. Families of Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital enjoying a Chai Lifeline brunch this morning !! (repost: @chailifeline_southeast)

#Repost @theyoel
Children are so pure. I love seeing children smile, especially when they're living sometimes a life filled with pain and illness. @achim_byachad - @chai_lifeline gather families that are struck with illness and provides them a weekend filled with joy and happiness for the parents and children. I'm proud to be part of that. (repost: @achim_byachad)

When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. Chai Lifeline has been a part of my life since then, and so has Camp Simcha. This August will be nine years since chemotherapy. Today and I am a multiple sport athlete and plan to go to medical school. Thank you for all you have done. #cancercantholdmeback #thenandnow #cllthenandnow

Thanks, @reagan_feld for sharing! --- Post or DM your "Then and Now" with a picture and tag @chai_lifeline with the hashtag #cllthenandnow!

A poem in memory of Hudis, a’h. Written by her sister Bracha Storch during shiva. May her memory be a blessing.

A lifeline is a rope…a chain…a ladder
thrown into the depths of hell
pulled back into a safety net
where there is air to breathe.
A lifeline is strong…sturdy…unbreakable.
A lifeline is a last hope…an only chance…a leap of faith.
A lifeline comes at a moment of despair
a moment of panic
a moment of confusion
and slows down time
so the path can be seen.
It is a painful path
a broken path
a path full of pitfalls and craters hidden under beds of green
but all along the way
the lifeline is there
ready to jump in
ready to provide a hand
ready to descend into the pit
and pull.
That is a lifeline.
Then there is Chai Lifeline.
And suddenly
there is a way to be more than
the only possible way.

Speaking with the Chesed Elective class at Ohr Chadash academy about Chai Lifeline, Camp Simcha and how anyone can make a difference!
#chesed #elective #campsimcha
#chailifeline #makeadifference (repost: @chailifeline_midatlantic)

Here’s to dad, our Sunday Superhero every week.

Happy Fathers Day to the best dads in the whole world – our own!

#sundaysuperhero #hero #fathersday #celebrate

Run. Walk. Inspire! Come learn about @teamlifeline in Baltimore on Monday, June 19 at 8:00 PM! Come hear how we can make a difference!
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Little Gabriel is not so little anymore!! This incredible warrior celebrated his first appointment at the Sick Kids Survivor / Long Term Effects Clinic. Flirting his way amongst all the nurses, Chai Lifeline Canada was fortunate enough to be there alongside with him and his family for this new journey in their lives. We love you Gabriel!!! #cutiepie #fightingillnesswithlove #happinessheals #hopeliveshere (repost: @chailifelinecanada)

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